Etsy 4 for Friday - desk accessories

Etsy 4 for Friday – desk accessories

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After years of working freelance, I was recently presented with a full time opportunity that was just too good to pass up (somehow combining my loves and skills, in a fabulous artistic setting). I’m one week in and loving it so far! There are definitely things that I need to get used to (like having to put clothes on in the am, for example) but the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks (hello health care!)

One of the things I was most excited about, an office with a desk that I don’t have to share with my husband! I’m looking to Etsy to help me add some flair.

• I heart pencils! Something about the act of wearing down the lead and having to resharpen makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. Plus, people are less likely to steal them. Though maybe not with these adorable Washi-covered Pencils (washi is a Japanese paper). $9 for 10

• I’ve got a major thing for pen and pencil cups. Do you know how many times a day you reach for something to write with? Why not keep them in something that will make you smile? I love this Vintage Bowling Mug. I have no idea what a “turkey” is, but I’m sure I couldn’t throw it. And the wackiness of the mug says yes, I may be corporate now – but I’m still indie. $8

• Is it too early too start thinking about vacation? This San Francisco Map Mousepad will remind me where I will most likely be going on my next one! $12

• One of my favorite parts of my new office? A huge corkboard ready to cover with inspirations. How great are these Vintage Button pushpins? The pins may just be the inspirations themselves! $10 for 8

7 thoughts on “Etsy 4 for Friday – desk accessories”

  1. Squee! Love, love,love those vintage button pushpins. It’s all I can do not to start a weekend project to install a corkboard in my house.

    I need a original pen/pencil holder too – I’ve got a simple brown jar made for just that purpose – boring. Time to upgrade to something fun!

  2. Congrats on the new job @Stef !
    I’m a sucker for desk/paper products, and there’s just something about the smell of freshly shaved/sharpened pencils that I love. Add this all together and I’m head over heels for the Washi-covered pencils. Great finds!

  3. All of your office finds are fabulous, but the pushpins are really tempting me! I love buttons and I have a big corkboard in my office. And the price is right, too!

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