etsy 4 for Friday – Resolution: Get Fit

etsy 4 for Friday – Resolution: Get Fit

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It’s another Friday in this shiny new year and you know what that means – more resolution helpers. Every 4 for Friday this January I’m looking to the crafty site for finds to keep me (and the wht readers) from straying from four common New Year’s Resolutions. This week, a resolution that always tops the list – it’s time to Get Fit:

I admit, I wasn’t so sure about the look of these Black Arm Warmers at first – but boy have they grown on me! As I was writing this post, my mind kept wandering back to all the ways I could wear these sleek arm warmers…during workouts, under thin tshirts as an extra layer without the bulk, even just typing at my chilly desk. This design features two extra long arm warmers of stretchy cotton jersey knit and are connected behind the neck – various colors/sizes. $27.50

It’s no coincidence that during the most fit time of my life I was keeping an Exercise and Fitness Journal on my nightstand…and filling it in nightly. There’s nothing like a hand-written diary of your workout routines to keep one motivated (and for some reason, typing them on anything electronic doesn’t pack the same punch). This weekly journal tracks both cardio and strength training workouts, as well as weekly measurements and weight. Printable PDF $3.50

Long hair, short hair, doesn’t matter – it still manages to get in your face (and distract) when working out. The answer? This extra wide Moisture Wicking Headband in a cheery mermaid green. Measuring 5.5 inches in width and with an elastic back, it is sure to keep every last stray hair in line. Plus the moisture wicking material will keep sweat from dripping on hot days, while the extra fabric keeps ears warm during the cold. $10

There’s nothing as comfy as an old grey tshirt when working out. This vintage tee stamped Property of Beale St. is a soft light grey with weathered blue letters. While it refers to the street in Memphis, I see the name Beale and can only think of my beloved Big and Little Edie. $8

we heartsters, are you resolved to get fit this year? Share your work out plans and tips in the comments.

7 thoughts on “etsy 4 for Friday – Resolution: Get Fit”

  1. Love the arm warmers and the headband, they have both been added to my <3 list on etsy for purchase with my next paycheck. My goals this year are yoga at least twice a week (I've been 6 times so far!) and healthy eating choices. My hair is at the weird in between where I can't do a pony high enough to be out of the way when I lay on my back and long enough a headband doesn't really keep it out of my face either. I think I might go for the arm warmers that don't connect though, seems like that would work better for me personally, I love the rest of that shops stuff!

  2. I would use the headband too! My hair is always in my face! I think the arm warmers are adorable but my arms are not skinny enough to wear them though! I have goals that I started last year.. I’m sticking to them too..I love that over time you can see lasting results. Small as they may seem at first they add up. I go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday for my favorite Aqua Fit class..I’m planning to start a Saturday class too.. I love the water and it’s helping my lame back become stronger!

  3. The Exercise and Fitness Journal is such a great idea for staying motivated. I write my workouts on my calendar, but this journal would be a whole lot more inspiring. Great fitness picks, @tyna ! I never would have thought of looking on etsy for this cool stuff!

  4. Oooo, those arm warmers are PERFECT for my dancer friends! It would keep their muscles warm without restricting movement too much…

    And you know, the minute I saw “Beale,” I immediately thought of the Marc Cohen song, “Walkin’ in Memphis.” I should probably stop with the soft rock station on Pandora, huh? :-)

  5. I am working toward a better fitness level and a higher activity level. I love the Exercise Fitness Journal– it sure is more fun than the plan ole notebook I am using now.

    I am also working toward moving more toward a plant based diet. It is not easy to increase the percentage of plant based entrees in winter.

  6. Those arm warmers are SO cute!

    Rather than resolving to “get fit” I resolve to maintain or improve my current level of fitness. The Exercise Fitness Journal could really help me see where I’m improving and where I’m slacking!

  7. Love the headband! I like the width of it to keep all my layers off my face. I need to get motivated to lose the rest of my post pregnancy weight!

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