Etsy 4 for Friday - Road Trip

Etsy 4 for Friday – Road Trip

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Krista got me thinking in her previous edition of the Summer Movie Series, I sure love a good road trip. There are few things I adore more then an open road, a bag of snacks and good company, combined with the lone responsibility of getting “there”. Having driven across country four times so far, I know a thing or two about them as well. So, let’s look to Etsy for some necessities….

Going on a road trip with kids? Whether it’s cross country or cross town, you’re bound to hear the saying on this adorable key chain quite a few times. It’s hard to explain to kids that half the joy is the journey! The wood block is 3 inches long and sealed with acrylic. $4.75

The absolute simplest thing to make your trip (especially a long one) more pleasant? A pillow. It makes back seat naps downright cozy. I love this tandem bicycle pillow cover. And wow, would this yellow linen look fabulous in my charcoal interior car! 12 x 16 inches $22

I don’t care how much you love your companions, there is going to be a point where you are sick of talking. A game is perfect way to pass the time and fill the void. How great is this checker tote bag? Portable, dual purpose, totally cute AND the pieces are decoupaged with map paper! Of course, I only recommend this if there are more than two of you. Don’t try to play checkers with the driver. $24

I know these days a map is kind of old fashioned, what with your Onstars and what have you. But there is something fabulous about folding (and not being able to refold) an actual printed map. This replica vintage map of California roads (printed for cyclers in 1896) probably wouldn’t help you much on your trip, but it would be awesome as a framed souvenir. 16 x 22 inches. $30

7 thoughts on “Etsy 4 for Friday – Road Trip”

  1. I love using a hard copy of a MAP- Love them- to touch and feel them is to know them..And speaking of road trips. I can relate to the adorable key chain completely.. When we were young kids.. heading to the Jersey Shore from up north (Maplewood)as soon as we left the driveway we’d start singing a very annoying song to our parents. “Hooray hurrah we’re almost there” repeatedly.. and it drove my Dad nuts! Great pics @stef!

  2. I love the “Are we there yet?” keychain. I said that phrase a lot as a child whenever we moved, went 1.5 hours away to go hike in the mountains, and when we traveled to my grandparents. I still use this phrase, only now it’s on a trip to my doctors! When it takes an hour and a half to go to your doctor, I just have to say, “Are we THERE yet?” because my butt really starts to hurt!

  3. Ooh, I like the map! While I never use one in the car anymore (though I keep one in the trunk, just in case) I love to decorate with old maps. The best one I have is a giant old school map depicting Russia as the USSR, etc. I love it!

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