Etsy 4 for Friday - Spring Fashion

Etsy 4 for Friday – Spring Fashion

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This week marked the first day of Spring (by raining nonstop in LA, but really, who listens when California complains about weather?) and like the whole country – our minds are filled with all things warm. Things like picnics at the beach, running in fields of flowers, laying on a hammock…all whilst being fabulously dressed, of course! So, let’s see what spring delights Etsy has to offer…

• Yes Pantone, I heard you – Honeysuckle is the color of 2011. Only problem? I’m not much of a pink girl. Maybe just one bold necklace to say “yeah, I’m fashionable, what of it?” This pendant is 1 inch wide and on delicate sterling chain. $85

• There’s one item I buy every year when the weather warms up; a tube dress. Living in the desert, I pretty much wear one from May through September, with flip flops around the house or with sky high sandals when I leave the house! I love that this is made with organic cotton, has a cute lil’ ruffled edge, and is made to order (in the fabric of my choice) with the measurements I provide. Taupe jersey cotton with spandex – here I come! $80

• I didn’t even know what an infinity scarf was, and now I feel left out! Imagine how cute this Leaves and Butterfly Print scarf, in one long beautiful lightweight loop, would be with scrunched up like a cowl neck with everything from t-shirts to hoodies. Why didn’t you tell me about these? $22

• Ok, I lie. There are TWO items I buy every year; above said tube dress and a new pair of vintage sunglasses. I, for one, am very excited that the eye wear trend is back to the ladylike cat eye of the early 60s. Don’t get me wrong, I proudly rocked gimongous 70s frames for years but I’m beyond bored with them (thank you, Nicole Richie). The thought of dainty little frames like these French Silver Ice Winged Cat Eye frames make me let out a huge ‘hell yeah”! (make sure to check out this seller’s shop for lots of beautiful choices) $124

7 thoughts on “Etsy 4 for Friday – Spring Fashion”

  1. I love the honeysuckle necklace! It’s a great way to put a pop of color on an outfit without it screaming, “PINK! I’M WEARING PINK!!!”
    I love Etsy 4 for Friday’s! Now I’m off to go explore all the shops…

  2. Oh I love honeysuckle…think it’s probably my favorite shade of pink. Adorable necklace you found. I’m so with you on tube dresses. I also love to wear them because they are so comfortable! Great picks @Stef!

  3. Awww, I love tube dresses! They’re so cute and simple. Sadly, I’m not *ahem* blessed enough to keep one up and still look like a girl. The girls get a little too squashed and simply retreat… Sad!

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