etsy 4 for Friday – the vintage desk

etsy 4 for Friday – the vintage desk

One of the most used pieces of furniture in my home is my desk. It seems I spend half of my day sitting at it in front of my computer working or playing on the internet. The desk itself is rather boring – a plain light wood table with slim chrome legs – but the desktop is crowded with some of my favorite vintage objects. On it you’ll find a retro faux-wood mechanical pencil sharpener and a lovely Italian made glass paperweight mixed among papers, pens and the latest beauty products up for review.

So this 4 for Friday let’s go back in time and search for a few vintage pieces to add new life to any desk space:

Before we get to the accessories, I had to share this incredible Mid Century Double Pedestal Desk I discovered! This beauty in orange, white and brushed steel is the desk of my dream. This “Administrator Desk” by Alma features 3 small drawers on the right, 1 small and 1 large file drawer on the left and a long shallow drawer in the middle. Plus there are 2 pullout “typewriter tables” on either side above the drawers. $950

If you watch Mad Men, you’ll be amazed to see how common it once was to smoke at your desk. Add a bit of that retro feel, without the second hand smoke and fire hazard, with this Lucky Strike Cigarette Tin Desk Clock. Crafted from a re-purposed 1950s era “Lucky Strike” cigarette tin, this charming desktop clock will sit atop any flat surface. No need to worry about cords, as it runs on two AA batteries. $35

Every desk needs a little bit of kitsch, and this Vintage Ladybug Pen Holder sure fits the bill! The retro piece features a sweet and colorful ladybug with a flower bow on her head and purple heels on her feet. The conversation starting piece holds six pens in one of a kind style. $23

Fans of vintage wares, industrial style or ‘Office Space’ will all want this Brown Swingline Stapler. This hefty stapler is in traditional brown with a darker brown contrast on top featuring the classic Swingline script. The stapler has a fab vintage look and is in perfect working condition. $18

we heartsters – what accessories adorn your desk at work and/or home?



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3 thoughts on “etsy 4 for Friday – the vintage desk”

  1. lipglossandspandex

    We actually have a red Swingline stapler at my office! Everyone gets a little rabid when it goes missing… my mom actually had a grey/brown one just like the one in the picture. And I went to college in North Carolina, near an old Lucky Strike warehouse. This week’s 4 for Friday has gotten me so nostalgic!

  2. mandabear

    I lovelovelove mid century furniture. My roommate has a desk that is that style. He got a good deal from someone on craigslist. I would love one in that gorgeous color!

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