Etsy - these costumes are only for the sexy people

Etsy – these costumes are only for the sexy people

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etsysexyFor today’s 4 for Friday we ponder what is it about Halloween that makes even the most demure gals want to whore it up? Including me. I’m going to skip over the serious, sad side of it (women objectifying themselves into what they think men want them to be) and go straight to the funny side. As women grew bored with the standard slutty fare (devil, cat, nurse…zzzz) costume companies began to make shorter, tighter versions of any old standard costume and voilà; we began to see such tasteful classics as Sexy Border Control Agent, Sexy Leprechaun and my personal fav Sexy Mental Patient. Although Sexy Taxi Driver is a close second, because I too have met some sexy cabbies in my life!

The costumes get more original on Etsy (would you expect anything less?) and are a less whore-y type of sexy. Less so than say, the Golf Caddy costume I found called the Ho in One. (Ha, clever…I think I just got sick in my mouth.) And in all truthfulness, the fab examples shown here don’t even use the word sexy in their titles. But let’s face it, these really actually are kind of hot…

Willy Wonka – Sexy…and crazy! Worth it alone for that awesome purple top hat. Plus, you’d get to eat candy all night. (oh wait, you’d do that anyway) $100

Pumpkin – The sexiest of all squash, really. $35

Hulk Hogan – Does it get any sexier than The Hulkster? I think not. Imagine how fun it would be to say dirty things in Hulk’s voice all night! $150

Zombie Girl – Mmm, must eat brains, sexy brains! I see years of sexy costumes with this beauty: sexy murderer, sexy homecoming massacre victim…$20

(thanks to Salt-n-Pepa for that awesome title!)

10 thoughts on “Etsy – these costumes are only for the sexy people”

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  2. I love the Whilamena Wonka costume – especially that you get everything you see for one price. The prop lollypop is a good idea because I would leave a sticky trail wherever I went with real candy (eww- that sure sounds dirty!)

    The bloody nightie is pretty great too. I think I’d use for a sexy Lizzie Borden outfit!

  3. Four amazing picks!! That Miss Wonka is wonderful.. and the bloody zombie nightie.. perfect!!!

    That Ho in one is pretty hilarious!! Great play on words

    Some killer Halloween finds Stef!!! :)

  4. OMG – these are priceless! My favorite part is reading the descriptions…the Ho in One wants to clean your club and balls, etc etc (not even sure I can say the rest on this site!). I would so get Sexy Leprechaun if only the pregnancy weight were off…darn – haha,yeah right!

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