Eye Rock Instant Eyeliner Tapes - Review

Eye Rock Instant Eyeliner Tapes – Review

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For those about to rock, we suggest this shortcut

photos: we heart this

How about that expertly applied eye liner I’ve got on above? Think I rock? Nope, Eye Rock!

That intricate and perfect line is courtesy of Eye Rock Instant Eyeliner Tapes. “Wait…what?” you ask. Stay with me here.

Trends and Classic Eye Rock liner sheets

Sold in two designs (Trends and Classics), each come with a sheet of four different liner styles that can be easily peeled, stuck and rocked.

But don’t do what I did above – touch the adhesive side – it will lose some of its tackiness. Use tweezers instead, then stick to clean, dry skin.

liner from the Classic set

At only $6.99, these are a great way to play around with some wilder than usual styles. Perfect timing with Halloween just around the corner.

liner from the Trends set

Or, use them as a quick and easy short cut to the perfect cat-eye.

Now, are these as comfortable as traditional eye liner? No. But they’re also not as uncomfortable as you would think wearing a sticker on your eye would be. They’re pretty comfortable actually, I forgot I had them on after a while. They also say they’ll stay on for up to 16 hours. But, that is one long night out!

And when the party is over, just peel off and remove any residue with cleanser.

So how about it readers – would you rock Eye Rock?

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14 thoughts on “Eye Rock Instant Eyeliner Tapes – Review”

  1. These would be great for special nights out and especially Halloween. The one with the piece moving into the crease looks interesting. How does it feel when you blink? Does the sticker move with the skin easily or does it feel uncomfortable?

  2. I tested Eye Rock as well, and I did the exact same thing you did, @stef— touched them with my fingers and removed some of the stickiness! Oh well, live and learn. Even with all my fumbling, these looked like actual eyeliner once I got them on properly. They’d be great for anyone who finds it hard to get a perfect line or wants to try a crazy, exotic look (I’m thinking Halloween, too, @lucylemonade ).

    As for comfort… honestly, the feeling of a sticker on my lid drove me a little crazy. Yes, they’re pretty comfortable, but I was still aware I was wearing them. There’s no way I could tolerate these too often, but just for fun or for special occasions, they’re a really neat product!

  3. I agree @Stef – these would be AWESOME for halloween costumes! Usually we tend to put on a little more makeup than usual for Halloween and this can be done in a pinch so you can focus on the rest of your costume!

  4. Wow, that’s a pretty crazy (as in crazy awesome) look @Stef ! I’m pretty impressed with how well they follow the lash line, very little bugs me more than a big gap between the lashes and eyeliner. I’d totally rock these at a concert or for a crazy night out! Bonus- no smudging!

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  10. Those look awesome on you! I’m not sure I have the skill to apply them though, especially if I can’t use my fingers. I tried applying false lashes with tweezers the other day, and it was a bit of a disaster since I usually just use my hands.

  11. I got some with Birchbox one time but I have to say they were really uncomfortable. I could possible tolerate them for awhile on Halloween but they’d probably drive me nuts because I can feel them on. But at least they stay on.

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  13. Hm, and you know what? They don’t say if they’re latex-free which leads me to believe these are loaded with latex…..which I can’t have on my skin.

    Latex = RASHES. Icky, icky rashes.

    Which is a pity as these are sort of cool lookin’. *sniff*

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