Farmasi Review: 11 Top Farmasi Cosmetics Products You MUST Try

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Move over Sephora. We just found our new favorite place to shop for makeup.

You guys, I was recently introduced to Farmasi cosmetics and I.Am.Hooked!

This European brand is cruelty-free, vegan, and meets European beauty standards (aka bye-bye 1,300+ icky chemicals allowed here in the U.S.)

I have been so impressed with the quality of each product I’ve tried. They are seriously Sephora quality at Target prices (and what girl doesn’t love Target?!).

They carry a huge range of beauty and skincare favorites, but I narrowed it down to my top 11 favorite Faramasi cosmetic items just for you!

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Ready To Shop Farmasi Cosmetics?

All customers must make a free account to shop on the Farmasi website. Follow the step below to create yours.

Step 1: Click here

Once you have clicked the link above, fill out the information to create your free Farmasi customer account.

Step 2: Enter your name & address

Fill out your name, and address. If it will not let you enter your address or zip code click the box

Step 3: Enter Sponsor code 0122394

In the box labelled “Sponsor code” enter in the number 0122394 (it will popup with my business name MMC Media). You must enter a sponsor code to create an account.

Step 4: Shop for Farmasi cosmetics

Now that you have your account created you can browse the website or view our favorite Farmasi cosmetics products below!

11 Top Farmasi Cosmetics Products & Review

1. Farmasi CC Cream

Farmasi Cosmetics CC CreamYou guys. This one is fan-freaking-tastic. The coverage is flawless and feels so light on. The coverage is buildable so use only as much as you need! It has color correcting properties that help to even out skin tone while canceling redness and hiding blemishes. Trust me – you NEED this in your makeup collection!

If you lean towards the oily side try out their BB cream, which has a more semi-matte finish (but is equally phenomenal).

Farmasi Cosmetics CC Cream: $16.90

Farmasi Cosmetics BB Cream: $15.90

2. Farmasi 3 in 1 Face Palette

Farmasi Cosmetics 3in1 Face Palette

This palette comes with a bronzer for contouring, a highlighter, well for highlighting…duh, and a gorgeous blush.

I love that there are three amazing products in one sleek palette, which speeds up your makeup application process and comes in handy for traveling.

P.S. – the highlighter in this palette ALONE makes this purchase worth it.

Farmasi Cosmetics 3 In 1 Face Palette: $18.90

3. Farmasi Contour Stick

Farmasi cosmetics contour sticks

If the 3 in 1 isn’t for you then you have to try the contour stick. The stick is so easy to apply and the cream consistency allows a flawless, blendable application for sculpting out those cheekbones.

Farmasi Cosmetics Contour Stick: $13.90

4. Farmasi Creme Pot Shadows

Farmasi cosmetics creamy eyeshadow in the shade orange pop

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with any of these seven show-stopping shades. They are ridiculously pigmented and don’t smudge or crease.

Bonus: the creamy consistency makes them so easy to apply.

Farmasi Cosmetics Creme Pot Shadows: $12.90

5. Farmasi Concealer

Farmasi Cosmetics Full Coverage Concealer In The Shade Ivory

Ummm, the coverage on this is holy-amazing. With color correcting properties, this concealer is great for canceling redness, covering up dark undereye circles, and hiding blemishes. The light formula is easy to apply and blends well.

The Farmasi Concealer goes on as a liquid and dries in a powdery matte finish.

Farmasi Cosmetics Farmasi Full Coverage Concealer: $9.90

6. Farmasi Liquid Matte Lipsticks

Farmasi Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick

You know I love a good liquid lipstick. The lipsticks go on so smooth and their staying power is impressive (we are talking nearly all-day wear with minimal touch-ups).

Our favorite shades for the Farmasi Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks are Red Love, Brave, Wild Rose, and Mauve Pink.

They are so affordable I dare you to snag all four.

Farmasi Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lipsticks: $11.90

7. Farmasi Eyeshadow Palettes

Farmasi eyeshadow palettes with makeup brushes on a marble table

I seriously cannot even pick a favorite palette because they are all SO beautiful! With three gorgeous palettes filled with a total of 42 highly-pigmented, super blendable shades the possibilities are endless!

  • Iconic Palette (12 Shades): $30.90
  • Glam Up Palette (12 Shades): $30.90
  • Wanderlust Palette (18 Shades): $39.90

8. Zen Mascara

Farmasi zen mascara

This mascara is seriously the BOMB. It does such an amazing job adding length to your lashes and the silicone brush works to separate each lash for a defined look. It also contains Vitamin E to nourish and condition lashes. And guess what…it’s under $10!

Farmasi Zen Mascara: $8.90

Top Farmasi Skincare

9. Farmasi Age Reversist Skin Line

Farmasi Age Reversist Line with a white background

If you’ve hit the age of fine lines (or not so fine lines) and wrinkles, this one is for you.

Age Reversist turns back the clock.

Some of the key ingredients of this line are:

  • Laminaria Digitata – a green seaweed that helps to rejuvenate and extend the life of skin cells
  • Red Seaweed – helps combat free radicals while delaying signs of aging and reducing wrinkles
  • Salicylic Acid – reduces acne and helps open pores and soften skin
  • Sea Salt – returns electrolytes to the skin while providing deep cleansing
  • Retinol – allows for exfoliation of the skin and has anti-aging and antioxidant properties

Age Reversist Bundle: $215

*Products also sold individually

10. Farmasi VFX Pro Camera Ready Foundation

Farmasi VFX Pro Camera Ready Foundation

Searching for the perfect filter-free selfie? Meet your new best friend.

This foundation contains photo-filter technology to reflect and diffuse light, creating the perfect camera-ready face. The full coverage is sure to hide any skin imperfections and the natural finish leaves skin looking gorgeous and flawless.

Farmasi VFX Camera Ready Foundation: $29.90

11. Farmasi VFX Pro Primer

Farmasi cosmetic vfx pro primer

Ah, I couldn’t choose just 10. I had to add on one more bonus favorite. The list wouldn’t be complete without it.

Primer is a MUST. It makes your makeup go on smoother and last longer.

Farmasi VFX Pro Camera Ready Primer is a silicone-based primer that is good for all skin types. It goes on smooth and helps to blur pores and fine lines for a smoother makeup application.

It also has a matte finish to help keep oily skin at bay.

Farmasi Cosmetics VFX Pro Primer: $13

Farmasi Cosmetics Review

I have been so impressed with all of the Farmasi products that I have tried.

The quality of the products especially at the price point is astounding.

While they are already super affordable you can sign up as what they call a “Farmasi beauty influencer” for $20 and then you get 50% off all of your purchases forever.

I’m not lying, go check it out.

This blog post shows you exactly how to become a Farmasi beauty influencer.

Add the products you want to order to your cart before you sign up and then the discount should come off when you go to check out and pay your $19.99 fee.

Plus, if you love the products and want to share you get a custom referral link you can give out and earn 50% commission on any sales through your link.

Genius, right?

Will you give Farmasi make up a try?

Let us know in the comments which Farmasi beauty product interests you the most!

P.S. Are you in Canada? Farmasi Canada just launched!


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  1. This is awesome! I hear about farmasi cosmetics for the first time. I am sure it will be interesting for women to read about it.

    1. Farmasi products are amazing and affordable. Impressive quality, no harsh chemicals. I’ve never been an independent consultant before but I stand behind these products.


    Great reviews! Quick and to the point! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the products.

    1. Jaime Kilts says:

      I would love to try the bb cream, the cc cream and the stay matte foundation light – medium

    2. Hi Jamie!

      You can order directly through the links in this post or email me at hello@weheartthis and I can help you personally and color match you for the foundation. You may also want to consider becoming a “Beauty Influencer” which is a $20 one time fee that then gets you 50% off of the products forever.

      Here is the link that explains more about that program:

  3. Teresa Munsey says:

    Would love to talk to someone about starting

  4. What makeup would you recommend for full coverage. I am 58 and need moisture. So, I worried the vfx pro full coverage would look dry…does matte finish look dry?

    1. Hey Sharon!

      Great question. My mom is about your age and she loves the CC Cream. I also know other women in their 50’s the love the VFX Foundation. If you are looking for more of a medium coverage and if you have dry skin the Luminous Serum foundation is wonderful.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about the Farmasi products and I would love to help!



    2. Kathy Mcintyre says:

      Is there a minimum order to get the 50% discount

    3. The vfx looks great the matte one u could use vfx pro pimer and look great

    4. Britta N Dolby says:

      I would recommend the vfx for full coverage it is amaizing! I LOVE IT! doesn’t look dry at all!

    5. Been using Farmasi makeup and fragrances for over 2 years plus skin care, hair removal cream, and several products from dr.c Tuna line for over a year. Trust Farmasi is amazing, I just learned about the incredible comp plan and joined in February! Totally addicted and extremely happy I joined! I get a discount and make a better side income than I ever thought possible!!!

  5. Kathy Mcintyre says:

    Is there a minimum order to get the 50% discount

    1. Hey Kathy!

      As a Farmasi Beauty Influencer there is no minimum to receive the 50% discount. Every order is 50% off retail whether you purchase 1 item or 1000 :)

  6. How much do you need to sell to stay active, and for how long once you sign up

    1. You have to order one item every six months to stay active. The order can be of any size (it can be a $3 bar of soap or a $5 mascara). As long as you do that your account will remain open!

  7. I just tried the charcoal face cleansing product. Absolutely love it. Will be using this forever.

  8. Veronica Ruiz says:

    I absolutely love Farmasi!!!

  9. Hello Beauties,
    Just a quick note…….I became involved with Farmasi just recently my friend introduced the later part of March. At first I was very skeptical and had good reason because of poor decision making in the past which involved prepaid phone calling cards through a company named STS. I lost alot due to their little scam and I mean I lost everything from my integrity within a very small community to my marriage so in other words I was left with nothing as were my kiddos. So you could imagine my fearful heart however I’m so happy that I was able to trust myself in my decisions and I had great faith and trust in my friend that I signed and invested that 20 dollar startup a decision which ill never regret. The company is amazing, family owned and they care about all their beauty influencer as well as the customers.
    Farmasi is the highest paying direct sales company ever to hit America. All the other companies out there can’t come close to what we make. Everything is transparent theres none of the hush, hush going on within the company it is all straight forward for the world to see. I see so many young women selling other branded makeup for let’s say you I’ve or MK, THESE LADIES SELL THOUSANDS PER MONTH without hardly making a thing for all the hard work they do. We are paid on a monthly basis we earn 50% commission on everything, 50% discount for product we purchase this company also gives cash bonuses, car allowance bonuses as well as free vacations they set all their influencers up with a free website for their customers to order from I hope you can just push away any negative vibes you might have on working in direct sells and give us a try I mean 20 dollars is nominal fee to startup your own business and you actually get some samples of the products, cell phone kick stands, reading material for training and the comission breakdown, super cute hat and five super nice catalogs listing our products. Happy makeup shopping yall

  10. I bought a tube of Farmasi CC Cream a month ago. After using it one time, I knew I never wanted to be without it again! The color, consistency, ease of application and finish are like nothing I have ever tried; I didn’t know makeup could look and feel so amazing. I can’t wait to try more Farmasi products.

    1. I’m so glad that you are loving your products! Thanks for sharing your Farmasi review :)

  11. Christine Rendessy says:

    Is the Farmasi makeup line the same as the Natural Beauty Line?

    1. Hi Christine. No, this a different line. Under the Farmasi brand, there is Farmasi cosmetics, Dr C Tuna (skincare), Nutriplus (health and wellness) and Mr. Wipes (home & cleaning). Let me know if you have any other questions :)

  12. Carol Warren says:

    I love farmasi foundations but I am having a hard time getting them. I would like to become a beauty influencer but do not want to put my SS# out there. Is there any other way to get these products?

    1. Hey Carol! You can purchase as a customer at the retail price if you don’t want to enter in your SSN. You only need to enter that if you want to become a “Beauty Influencer.” They need your tax info on file in case you start to earn commissions.

      Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you need help with a color match on that foundation!!

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