Free cheery little calendar - Thanks Mibo!

Free cheery little calendar – Thanks Mibo!

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Mibo-YearlySo Monday wasn’t so bad; you caught up with co-workers, cleared out your emails and made a number of chatty phone calls and poof! Workday number one of the New Year was history. But now a few days in, the harder work needs to be done, people are back to their cranky selves and Friday seems an eternity away.

How about a pretty little calendar to brighten your day? It’s productive (everyone needs a calendar after all) and free (so the boss won’t mind). And if you’re in a dreary little office, or (shudder) a cubicle, this cheery calendar will add a little bit of charm.

Early wht readers may remember Mibo Studio from last year’s darling, downloadable monthly calendar and happily Mibo is back at it for 2010! This year’s freebie (as seen above) is a retro tinged, yearly calendar with black and pink graphics and tons of style. Click here for information and to download for free.

If you want to switch it up each month, check out this gorgeous, page per month version. Each of the 12 illustrations are frame worthy (and would make a nice collage) or just have some fun figuring out creative ways to bind and/or hang your new calender! Click here to download your own for just $4.00.

While you’re there, check out the Mibo Studio blog and sign up for their newsletter to be updated on future crafty paper fun. Squee, like these sweet make-them-yourself paper owls – so cute!

8 thoughts on “Free cheery little calendar – Thanks Mibo!”

  1. OMG, this is adorable, and who doesn’t love free? I actually could not find a calendar I loved (and was affordable) for my kitchen this time last year for ’09 and I went a whole hear without a kitchen calendar. Thanks to this post, things are going to be way different for ’10! Yay! Thanks so much for posting this. :)

  2. I too am on a hunt for a 2010 calendar! You can never find them when you’re looking for them. I always see them back in september but that’s the last thing i’m thinking about! You think i’d of learned my lesson by now because here i am again in january looking for a calendar, again. I need a good one that has boxes i can write in for my store, otherwise this would work. At home i get the free one that our councilman Tom LaBonge sends us Hollywood residents every year. its a good one with all his pictures, but it has all the holidays listed which is also a very important feature for me at least.

  3. I always struggle with finding a great calendar too, so started to make my own with photos of my kids and birthdays of all my family members already on them. I use a template from and just insert photos. Super easy and makes great gifts for the grandparents.

    This free one is adorable and would be great in my office. I swear I need a calendar in every room. Thanks for the link Tyna! Their stuff is adorable.

  4. Those owls are adorable! As of late, I have become a little obsessed with owls. I’m not sure why, but I find them to be so cute. Now I want those little guys, and it’s even cooler that I can make them myself and claim to be crafty!

  5. I love those owls! I was going to say “hooters”, but this is a family show. You’ve also reminded me that I’ve neglected to get my 2010 calendar…time to download! :P

  6. Love the owls too.. I’m always reminded of my Mom.. She loved owls! I loved the site.. very sweet. I’m going to go back tomorrow and download away! I spent a good hour filling in my new calendar with important dates today… Let’s see if I can manage to stay on top of things better in 2010!

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