Gloveables - do-gooders that help you look great

Gloveables – do-gooders that help you look great

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I’m going to make a confession. I’m a little in love with being a housewife. Not a Desperate Housewife, (though this product has been seen on screen on this very show) who needs all that drama and dying in your life? I mean being a Housewife; the 1950’s version that never really existed. I want my dishes to always be sparkling, my floors to shine, and my pearls and earrings to perfectly coordinate with my dress and heels as I vacuum. Of course, the fact that I don’t actually LIKE cleaning, have had to give up heels to an old injury and that even on my wedding day I didn’t match, doesn’t deter me. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Gloveables feed my need for Donna Reed-esque items in my life. I’ve seen their huge line of quirky but sweet colorful cleaning gloves online, but I thought they seemed too impractical to be useful. Their lovely coordinated ruffled fringe seemed nice, but wouldn’t it get wet and get in the way while doing dishes? Products that try to be cute and fun usually don’t work as well as the plain Jane ones, right? And having a cute pair of gloves just for cleaning seemed a tad wasteful, no to mention shallow. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

The adorable Gloveables ($13.99 a pair at Amazon) fit right in here at Green Monday. Grandview, the company behind Gloveables create products while making a difference and are do-gooders of the highest order. Working with a philosophy to supply lasting opportunities (not just a one time hand out) to the people of Choluteca, Honduras (one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere), Grandview have

“…evaluated(ed) the needs, resources and sincere desire of
the community workforce, (and) committed to building a wood
fabrication and sewing factory. Currently, the two factories employ about
200 people who are paid a premium wage. Most families have 4 or 5
children in Latin America, which means the factory helps close to 1,000
people directly, and thousands more indirectly through increased
disposable income spread throughout the city.

By purchasing many of these fine products, it helps guarantee the success
of the factories and their sincere effort to support their families.”

All of those pay-it-forward business practices results in the charming oilcloth fringed gloves the we heart this review team put to the test.

The testers received a pair of pink gloves in a brand new style, featuring pink tulips with a white bow. Right way I realized that Gloveables are better than the average drugstore cleaning gloves. The glove itself is thicker, and more durable, but not so stiff that it’s not useable. The inside is soft and feels almost suede-like.

Plus, the pretty ruffled fringe looks like it’s just fabric but is actually made of oilcloth, a durable laminated fabric that’s waterproof. The ruffles help extend the gloves a bit more to keep your arms dry. (Is anyone else completely unable to keep most of the water IN the sink while doing dishes?)

I used my Gloveables for dishes and cleaning (including the stove, oven, tub and fireplace –whew!) during our recent move, and I’m pleased to say they worked great and saved my manicure and cuticles from being completely trashed. Could I have used regular bargain bin gloves to get the job done? Sure, but they wouldn’t have survived the experience the way these durable babies did – saving me money and the environment a few sets of cheapie gloves. Plus, I wouldn’t have looking as fancy while scrubbing the oven.

Not only are Gloveables a do-gooding and good product, but they’re also pretty. I don’t mean just pretty, but A-DOR-A-BLE. I see them as being a great birthday or bridal shower gift that looks like it’ll just be fun, but turns out to be very practical. The range of colors and patterns will fit anyone’s style.

Want to continue the kitsch? Grandview and their industrious Honduran factories also make fabulous fabric and oilcloth aprons, bags and tablecloths. Plus, they have this genius little invention called a key-finder (if you are forever searching through your big old purse for your keys, make sure and check it out).

I can’t make any promises that Gloveables will make you love cleaning more, but they’ll definitely make you feel fabulous while doing it! Testers – did cleaning your home with Gloveables give you that Donna Reed feeling? And we heartsters, any tips on how you make cleaning more fun?

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21 thoughts on “Gloveables – do-gooders that help you look great”

  1. @Lyssachelle I’m so glad I’m not the only one that wants to be a 1950’s housewife sometimes! Sure, I hate folding the laundry, but I imagine myself looking so cute doing it all while baking the perfect cake, making a wonderful steak dinner, and throwing great parties. Stepford Wives (minus the misogyny) here I come!
    So needless to say, I was a little disappointed when the gloves came because I’m allergic to latex! Wah! They are so adorable, and I just love the ruffle at the elbow. Cleaning up can make you feel so ugly/dirty, what better way to fight that than a great pink gloves? I ended up giving my pair to my sister and she just loves them. She says that the weight is perfect, strong enough to withstand a lot of use but thin enough to use a little more fine motor skills and get in little detail spots while cleaning.
    With her raving review and my love of how they look, I’m easily giving Gloveables 4 stars.

  2. @brooklynshoebabe – It is a lot of fun. My mom even loved them when she wore them to help me clean, and she is not a fan of girly stuff. (I know, I know, it breaks my heart too.)

    @mandaleem – Oh no! I’m glad your sister liked them, though! Plus, now she totally owes you something cute because you gave up something cute. :-)

  3. Gloveables are the kind of thing I’d admire in a store or online but never buy for myself. Now that I’m lucky enough to own a pair (thanks to wht), I wonder how I could have been so foolish? I can’t think of a better way to eliminate the tedium of cleaning.

    When I put them on for the first time, I spent a few minutes posing in them, admiring the pretty tulips and bow and the serious quality of the gloves. You weren’t kidding, @lyssachelle! These are durable, well-made gloves!

    After I got over how cute I felt wearing them (yes, I’m a dork), I got down to some serious cleaning. Even things I’d put off for ages (like scrubbing down the kiddie pool my big, hairy dog swims in) seemed fun!

    Now that I know what an admirable company Grandway is, I’m going to keep Gloveables in mind for gift-giving occasions. These pretty babies get a solid 5 stars from me!

  4. I am no Donna Reed by any stretch of the imagination. But I can say that I love using my fancy looking Gloveables from Grandway. I used them all over the place – like in the kitchen washing dishes, in the bathrooms and recently decided to take them outside the box.. Literally, out to the garden where I go through gloves like underwear and these Gloveables are holding up nicely.. They are flexible even though they look stiff.. They allow for movement and by golly, my hands are looking better then usual. I also agree that a lot less water gets in my glove with the extended ruffle area.. So purrty too! I was cracking up the other day when a neighbor waved to me while in the backyard watering the garden and had my gloves on.. I’m sure seeing my pink gloves prompted the gesture.. Happy cleaning and gardening!

  5. Ha – I’d make you wave and too @irene!

    I too can’t believe how something so silly can make cleaning a teeny bit of fun. Like the other testers, I got a little giddy the first time I put on my gloveables – even though their was nothing to be excited about, just cleaning.

    Normally, I will wear a pair of cleaning gloves for a few minutes, then toss them off because the are too bulky and/or water gets inside leaving a hot, mushy (eww) interior.

    The Gloveables work so well they actually stay on through out my chores. The oilcloth ruffle is ingenious – functional (helping to keep water out) and decorative.

    Add in the inspiring business practices behind the brand and I’m giving 5 stars too!

  6. I received a pair of these little pink gems. And I must say that I surprisingly adore them! I am not a fan of any kind of housework. But doing the dishes are likely my least favorite thing to do. This has since changed quite a bit since I started using these gloves. It is not a joke or an exaggeration-they truly make housework more tolerable and maybe even enjoyable sometimes. They are just so sunny and fun. You can’t help but smile when you wear them. They are comfortable. They protect your hands. They are easy to pull on or off. Gloveables are just perfection! And I have to admit that I probably never would have given these a try before. But now I can’t imagine being without them. They are a huge step above the gloves in the store. And it doesn’t hurt that they have such an outstanding ethical business point of view. 5 Stars for Gloevables!!

  7. I cannot tell you what a perfect tester I am for Gloveables… I always, always use gloves for washing dishes and cleaning. So when I saw that wht send these beauties to me I was overjoyed to try them out…!

    Well…they are not only the cutest little gloves in town but they really are the best. I’ve used every single glove out there and these stay put, keep the water out, are fitted enough you can grip sponges and bottles but not so fitted your hands can’t breathe.
    What a wonder Gloveables are! I’ve been using them for quite awhile now and they haven’t even stained yet.

    Beauty and braun!

    And they pay it all forward…I am head over heels for these beauties.

    Cleaning is instantly more stylish with them – but fun? Maybe! I try to make cleaning a bit more tolerable by breaking up tasks …one day clean the tub, the next do the floor, the next the sink etc. Then I’m never overwhelmed with a whole day or even half day of cleaning. I’ll listen to an audiobook I’m dying to listen to and that makes the time go by. I’m still not jumping for joy to clean my tub but with Gloveables and an audiobook you’ll never find me dreading it!

  8. Well, I don’t use gloves to do the dishes and I have a housekeeper to come clean my eensy-weensy apartment I share with my fiance, but I found a way to use these babies! Sooo adorable they made me want to clean (whoah)! Never touch bleach with a bare hand again. These even took the place of my gardening gloves a time or two. Every time I used them I felt like a Dick Van Dyke era Mary Tyler Moore: the sexy but ever-fashionable housewife of a bygone time. I love the frilly and oh-so-cute pleated fringe as well.
    Oh, these also are really strong…I don’t think I could tear these if I tried.
    Five stars.

  9. I am so excited that everyone loves Gloveables as much as I do! (Why is it that when we do a review and people like the product, we feel so proud, like we made it ourselves or something?)

    I’d really reccommend checking out the other products Grandway offers. I’m seriously in love with the key-finder and think it is imperative that I get one STAT.

  10. I have the same fantasy as you @lyssachelle! I would so love to be the Donna Reed 50’s housewife…without all the actual work to keep the house that clean though! I also want kids that wear perfectly ironed clothes and don’t make messes. A girl can dream! I think these gloves look adorable. Might need to grab me a pair so I can fulfill part of my fantasy!

  11. I giggled when I found these in my box of treats because they’re so cute! My boyfriend teased me about them, but I think they’re awesome. They totally make doing chores more fun.

    I was wearing a 50s housewife looking dress the other night and I had to laugh because these gloves would’ve MADE the ensemble. But then I realized I’d look a little crazy going to dinner wearing rubber gloves.

    The only thing I wish is that they had different sizes. I have freakishly small hands, so these were enormous on me. But, I still love them! 4 stars from me!

  12. Washing dishes is my least favorite chore. Ever. I love folding warm fluff laundry. I love how my faucet and sink sparkle after a swipe of the sponge and some lysol. But doing the dishes is just not as fun as cooking. And DEFINITELY not nearly as fun as eating. But with CUTE gloves like those, I could certainly make it work!

  13. I would LOVE to be a 50’s Donna Reed-esque housewife!! I think there are more than a few of us out there…even though it hasn’t been “cool” to admit that for awhile now…I think the tide’s turning. These are outstanding looking and sounding from everyone’s reviews…I am very jealous I didn’t get to try them, but I can always order a pair!

  14. I loved this review, @lyssachelle! And I am right there with you when it comes to being obsessed with that 50s housewife that really never existed. I want to dust and bake in 3-inch heels and a crinoline slip, please! :)

    Sorry, back to these gloves. Oh MAMA are they adorable. I was actually scared to use them for the big house-cleaning that just so happened to take place about a week after I received these for review. But darnit, I felt like they were sent to me for a reason (to help me avoid procrastinating the much-needed cleaning of my house) so I used them and, quite frankly, was scared that I’d destroy them by the end of the day. But let me just say that I’ve used a TON of those cheapie yellow gloves over the years, and they do not hold a candle to these pink lovelies. Seriously, I can wreck the cheap yellow ones in a few hours. These pretty pink gloves lasted all day and still looked fab by the time I peeled them off my sore, tired hands. I actually got so used to wearing them all day that I hated to take them off.

    Considering that they survived a crazy head-to-toe cleaning of my home (complete with toothbrush-on-the-grout micro-cleaning) and I can still use them for daily dishwashing, I can’t give these babies anything but five glowing stars. And the backstory of the company makes me even prouder to wear them. Heck, who wouldn’t be proud to wear these?

    PS: I also agree with everyone who said that a lot less water gets inside these gloves due to the extra little oilcloth ruffle. That’s a genius design detail for sure.

  15. Before Gloveables, I had 3 pairs of gloves beneath my kitchen sink that I never reached for. They are either uncomfortable or ugly, which translates into no usage. But now that I’ve got these pretty lil’ gloves, I’m finding myself pulling them out for everything. They look cute, feel great and protect my hands and nails. They are simply brilliant! The ruffle does indeed act as an extra barrier for water, and my favorite part of all (that I don’t think anyone has mentioned)? The have a little round hang tag on them! So I put a nail under my sink and there they hang, ready for use instead of balled up in the bottom of my bucket.

    I am now obsessed with their aprons…

    5 stars, great products, good practices!

  16. I have to say that when I saw these adorable rubber gloves, they were packaged in a box of muff products (which I reviewed). Muff products and rubber gloves. Stef and Tyna have a weird sense of humor :)
    Anyhoo, these came at a great time. The hubby and I have recently relocated to New Hampshire from PA and I have had to clean our other house repeatedly for home showings and then for when we vacated the house and then I had to clean the new place. It’s been a month of constant cleaning. I swear these gloves are the only reason I have any hand skin left. I have very sensitive skin and my hands don’t handle scrubbing with cleaning solutions very well. These gloves are solidly constructed and very sturdy—the cute, ruffled wrist cuff is an added bonus. These gloves mean business! 5 huge stars from me!

  17. Here I am again, catching up…
    I have been known as a clean-freak by my family and friends, and I could barely contain my excitement when I saw the fab rubber gloves to review!
    I dashed through the house to fetch my cleaning organizer (I told you I was a cleaning nut!)and got to work.
    I was not as efficient as usual because I could not stop admiring my gloved hands! Not only are these Gloveables stylish and kitchy, they are some hard working gloves!
    @lyssachelle, thank you for the great review! I will absolutely be keeping Grandway on my list for upcoming Christmas gifts!

  18. Aww these gloves are so cute!
    I always wear gloves, especially when I gotta do the dishes
    the old-fashioned way, even to wash a single glass of water.
    Even my boyfriend has been wearing them while helping in
    the kitchen…

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