G’Vine Tom Collins – Cocktail of the Month

tomcollins There’s no more obvious place to start our Mad Men themed week then with a recipe for an elegant, old-school cocktail. From AM office starter cocktails to three martini lunches to afternoon happy hours and beyond; rare is the scene in Mad Men that doesn’t feature a cool cocktail in hand of the major (and minor) characters. I love the scenes where there is an almost ritualistic approach to the art of making cocktails. This period was all about style and being able entertain in your home while offering a bar with flair (and technically perfect classic cocktails) was a necessity of any hostess.

GVineDuo-copyFinding the perfect recipe for our Mad Men influenced Cocktail of the Month was easy! While vodka martinis and manhattans are an obvious choice, we wanted to go with the more refined and elegant taste of a classic gin cocktail. So, we were ecstatic to check out G’Vine, a premium gin, recently introduced in the United States, that is produced in the Cognac region of France. While most Gins are made from grain, G’Vine is created from the renowned grapes of the area, the Ugni Blanc grape, and flavored with the vines flower, which produces a smoother and almost floral gin. G’Vine Gin also benefits from the knowledge of the centuries old, distillation procedures of the region. Small batches of the botanical infused gin are distilled numerous times The result is a fresh, complex gin that will add some suave style to any cocktail.

G’Vine offer two distinct gins created to echo the lifecycle of the grapevine:

G’Vine Floraison – During a small two week window in June “the vine flower blossoms to life for a few days only, before giving birth to a grape berry.” This precious period is named “Floraison” in French and the period is captured in this unique, delicately sweet gin. The floral spirits makes this gin beloved even by non gin-drinkers and will delight the gin coinsurer.

G’Vine Nouaison – The blossoming period is followed by the birth of a tiny green berry that attached itself to the stem of the vine flower. The Nouaison gin captures this period and the result is a rich and spicy gin, full of warmth and absolutely perfect for a dry martini.

We received both versions of the G’Vine Gins for our we heart this testers to review (it’s a hard life to be a wht tester). They will leave their thoughts and cocktail creations in the comments. In the meantime, we used our gin to create the perfect Mad Men inspired cocktail. We’re paying tribute to Betty Draper and her iron fist in a velvet glove/woman on the edge persona by saying “bottoms up” to the simple, retro-modern classic drink, the Tom Collins. Betty’s been known to order this drink at dinner or polish off a glass or two in her pine cupboard kitchen before the husband gets home. It packs a punch in the most understated way!

Tom Collins
(Recipe provided by AMC’s Mad Men Cocktail Lounge)

• 1 oz fresh lemon juice
• 1 tsp sugar
• 1 ½ oz of G’Vine Gin
• Lemon slices

Mix sugar, gin and juice over ice in mixing glass. Stir, strain in cocktail glass, with ice and top it off with soda water. Garnish with orange slices and a cherry.

Simple, huh? We added some early 60’s style by shaking things up in a vintage cocktail shaker and added a modern touch with G’Vines Gin. We found the Floraison added a fresh burst to this standard cocktail with a yummy floral sweetness and aroma. All you need to do now, is sit back, enjoy your cocktail and toast to Mad Men Season Three.



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10 thoughts on “G’Vine Tom Collins – Cocktail of the Month”

  1. stef

    I’m not a big gin drinker, I’m really not a huge fan of the taste. But in the name of science, I gave it a try.

    Turns out, I’m not a fan of bad gin. Good gin, like the G’Vne? I’m all over! We actually tested each kind, straight and in a drink, and did the same with a lower quality gin as comparison. There was no comparison at all! The G’Vine Floraison was really smooth and light, with the Nouaison packing a bit more of kick. But both tasted delicious, even straight. The lesser stuff, all you taste is juniper berry really strongly (like a whack over the head) and a medicinal kind of quality to it (precisely why I don’t like gin). But the G’Vine has made me a believer.

    If you’re a gin lover, you’re in for a treat. If you’re not, you’re in for a surprise!

  2. sherrishera

    I do like gin with tonic, but not on its own in a martini. Occasionally, I’ll mix gin with a juice, but, again, classic or not, I don’t drink gin straight.
    For this tasting, though, I thought the only way to test it was to have it straight. I didn’t even chill it. I know, the idea of it made me cringe, too.
    I had the Floraison and true to the name implication, is had a big floral nose without the astringincy associated with many gins (and vodkas). I didn’t smell the overwhelming juniper that is present in most gin, but there was enough juniper that I knew from the first whiff that it was gin.
    The taste was really smooth on the palate. It was kind of like sipping a cognac. I could definitely imagine this in a martini, but it seems sad– and a little bit wrong–to bruise this gin with ice. Maybe served neat, in a snifter, is the best way to go for this gin.
    Honestly, I never tried a gin that tasted quite this pleasant. There is no after taste, no throat burn, no regrets. Perhaps the grapes made it mellow (though if you’ve ever tried grappa I wouldn’t count on that theory). Maybe it’s the care and knowlege supplied by a region reknown for turning grapes to spirit (I’m going with that one). Those folks in Cognac know a thing or two about their booze. Five stars.

  3. Veronica Lane

    What a tester package I got from we heart this. Amazing beauty products (as always) but also Gin! I am a gin drinker, Gin Martinis to be exact (me and James Bond), so I was very excited. And that’s exactly what I did, poured myself an icy martini with a lemon twist.

    I can safely say, this is the best gin I’ve ever tasted. The Floraison was this kind of floral hint to it. Which may seem wrong, but is so right! It’s really mild and absolutely delicious. So good in fact that I bought another full size bottle!

    Really nice packaging too. A great brand all around.

  4. christy

    I always thought gin was ok, until I tried this… now I know it can be REALLY GOOD!! I am like Stef, I think I only ever had mediocre gin before and that’s way it was always a sort of an . . . eh? kind of drink but boy does good quality make a difference.

    I can see G’Vine as a reason for a major Gin Craze :) It’s seriously delicious!

    The Nouaison beyond good, and the Floraison equally amazing.
    I’d say if you plan on having any gin drink do yourself a favor and buy G’Vine, it’s seriously the fine wine of the gin world!

    As Sherri shera said, no burn, no after taste, just good smooth flavorful gin at it’s finest! 5 stars!!!

  5. Mike

    I also enjoy Gin. Specifically gin and tonics. I actually like the taste of the juniper berries, but like to mix it up a bit (pun intended) now and then by experimenting with the garnishes and flavorings.

    I also was able to test the G’Vine Floraison and Nouaison and must say that they were truly delightful spirits.

    In the straight up taste test, the Floraison had a slightly floral taste that was actually reminiscent of citrus. The Nouaison had a much spicier quality that reminded me of cinnamon or nutmeg. Both were tested at room temperature.

    For the mixer test, we used the Tom Collins recipe from the article. It was quite good. Very smooth and drinkable. Crisp.

    With the Nouaison, it seemed that pairing this with citrus would cause the two flavors to compete. In order to take advantage of it’s spice, it was paired with tonic water and apple juice. This was new for me, but the result was very good.

    If you’d like to try it:

    1 1/2 oz of the nouaison
    1 oz tonic water
    1 1/2 oz of apple juice

    pour over ice and stir. Sip and enjoy

  6. krista

    I’m typically not a gin kinda girl. When I think of gin, I imagine it being the kind of drink an older man in a sweater vest in a wood paneled living room sitting in an ancient recliner would adore. Don’t ask :) In any case, as my hubby said, we made the Tom Collins recipe with the Floraison gin and it was really refreshing. I think we added a little soda water to it, though. It almost tasted like white grapefruit juice. It was a really light flavor. The Nouaison gin had a little bit of a spicier flavor, so I talked the hubby into mixing it with some apple juice and soda water and I have to say, this will probably be appearing at my yearly Thanksgiving celebration that I host. It just tasted like Fall. I really have to say that I typically would shun any gin, but the G’vine Gin has converted me. It’s not your grandfather’s gin (see reference to sweater vest-clad gentleman above).

  7. Ooo The Fall Gin drink sounds fantastic!! I for one love gin, and have to try this G’vine especially the spicier sounding one.. sounds delicious!

    This whole post makes me think of two of my favorites… Edward Gorey and the band the Tiger Lillies, they did a song version of one of his tales about gin.. titled of course…. GIN

    Here’s the youtube! enjoy whilst sippin’ Gin and Juice for effect!

  8. I too am not a gin drinker but i tried this in a dirty martini and I loved it. If it had just been handed to me i would of thought it was vodka. I swear. I really really liked it. I’m saving the green bottle to try in a Bloody Mary. I just had a gin bloody mary at the sunset Marquis hotel. He didn’t tell me until i ordered my second one that it was gin and not vodka. I was shocked! I drank tons of them. So i think i have to agree with Stef, its not that i’m not a fan of gin i’m not a fan of bad gin!

  9. Thanks Veronica!! I adore that band! they are amazing.. & that song is too!!

    In honor of Gin, I of course had to go out and buy this gin and let me say.. I will never drink tanqueray or beefeater again. . . there’s no going back from this G’Vine gin.. so smooth it’s insane!!! LOVE IT!!

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