The Easiest Halloween Cocktail Recipe Ever

The Easiest Halloween Cocktail Recipe Ever

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Enjoy the flavor of the season with our Pumpkin Beer Cocktail

The leaves are falling, the stores are full of scarves and sweaters, and suddenly, everything has a pumpkin-flavored version. For me, the festive flavors are some of the best things about the season. Let’s face it though, traditional fall flavors pretty much all skew to the sweet side.

I love a good apple cider-based drink as much as the next person, but mix it with whiskey, the unofficial liquor of the chilly months, and you’re verging into umbrella drink territory.


The answer to balancing out that sweetness? Beer. In case you are not super in tune with the cocktail movement, beer cocktails (or “beertails” if you will) are a very real thing. The bitter bite provides some much needed contrast when you don’t want the harshness of acid from citrus.

Seeing as everything has a pumpkin spice version right now, here’s one more way to get your fix! Even if you’re not on the pumpkin spice train, the spice end is mellow enough to just round the cocktail out.

Makes 1 cocktail


2 oz Pumpkin Ale
1 oz whiskey
2 oz Honeycrisp apple cider

Ingredient Tip: Honeycrisp apple cider is great because it has a nice tart finish. If you can’t get your hands on some Honeycrisp, just go for the freshest cider you can find.


1. Pour all ingredients over ice and stir to combine.

2. Drink up. How easy is that?!


So cozy up and get in the spirit of the season with this refreshing beer cocktail recipe. But be warned, we can’t be held accountable if these start going down a little too smoothly!

we heartsters – Are you enjoying all things pumpkin this fall?

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Heather is a midwesterner living in Los Angeles and enjoys concocting weird flavor combinations and exploring delicious ethnic foods. She blogs at foodforfunandpleasure and knows her way around the spice cabinet like nobody’s business.

10 thoughts on “The Easiest Halloween Cocktail Recipe Ever”

    1. Yes! It’s delicious! I’ve definitely seen it at Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Ralphs if you live near any of those, but it seems to be pretty popular this year so hopefully you can find it easily!

  1. If you can believe it I have yet to drink a pumpkin flavored beverage this fall. I will be remedying that by trying this recipe over the weekend @heather. Three ingredients, one step – what is not to love!?

    Beertails are awesome – although the name is kind of annoying when you say it out loud – heh. I’ll stick with the more formal beer cocktail.

  2. NOM NOM! Thanks for this one @heather! It looks and sounds so yummy! l love BEER and I LOVE this particular Apple Crisp Cider from TJ.. It’s amazing.. But, my absolute favorite cider from Trader Joes is found in the refrigerator section- cold pressed apple cider- seriously the best I’ve had in eons, is insanely delicious.

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