See the Stars at the Hollywood Wax Museum

See the Stars at the Hollywood Wax Museum

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As a resident of Hollywood, one question I am constantly asked from out-of-town visitors is where they can go to “see some stars.” Unfortunately, Hollywood celebs are a slippery bunch and no matter what hot spot you visit, you are not guaranteed to see stars. Unless, that is, you take a visit to the famous Hollywood Wax Museum.

Hollywood-Wax-Museum-4Why “Hello!” Mr. Depp!

Located in the very heart of Hollywood, just steps away from my favorite shopping mall, is the world-famous Hollywood Wax Museum. This popular tourist attraction is a frequent stop when visiting Los Angeles and was the first wax museum to dedicate its entire collection to Hollywood, celebrities and pop culture.

Best of all, these wax works of art are made to be interacted with and ready to pose with you for your close up! During my visit, I witnessed everyone from kids to adults striking their best pose and giving good face next to the figures of their favorite celebrities. And of course, I joined in the fun as well!


Upon entering the Hollywood Wax Museum, one is first greeted by an amazing collection of horror movie favorites. As a scary movie fan, I spent a lot of my time studying the wax figures and their surroundings while reminiscing over my favorite horror flicks.

Teen Wolf

You’ll also find a plethora of pop stars, from Beyonc√© to Madonna, as well as a few Michael Jackson figures. My favorite MJ was, of course, this fantastic replica of Michael turned into a werewolf from the most famous video of all time, “Thriller.”


For many visitors, it’s the movie stars they want to see, and the Hollywood Wax Museum doesn’t disappoint. From Lucille Ball and Clint Eastwood to Drew Barrymore and Tom Cruise, the Wax Museum has figures to delight movie fans of all ages and interests. You’ll even find the former King of Hollywood nightlife, Hugh Hefner, ready to welcome you to his bed and snap a selfie! How fun is that?


While I didn’t cuddle up to Hugh, I could not resist sitting a spell with Forrest Gump and checking out his box of chocolates. Other fabulous selfie opportunities include taking a ride on the Titanic with Leo Dicaprio while shouting “I’m king of the world!” and taking a fighting stance amongst the three starlets (Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu) of the Charlie’s Angels movies.


Overall, if you are looking to spend some time admiring art (cause these wax figures are works of art!) or want to indulge in a little celeb worship, you can’t go wrong with a trip to this famous spot on Hollywood Boulevard. Whether you are a local or on vacation and checking out the tourist attractions, make some family fun and take a few fab pictures by stopping by the Hollywood Wax Museum.

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  1. You would have loved posing with the figures @Stef. I can’t believe I have never visited the Hollywood Wax Museum before, but I am adding to my list of places to see for all those out-of-town visitors asking for advice!

  2. There are way too many horror movies about wax works for a wax museum to be anything BUT creepy.

    Yeah, and I can’t see Bela Lugosi without hearing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” by Bauhaus in my mind. Am I the only one?

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