Hourglass Extreme Sheen lip gloss review

Hourglass Extreme Sheen lip gloss review

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I love lip gloss. I know what you’re thinking, “who doesn’t?” But what I must explain to you is that I REALLY love lip gloss. There are at least 40 sitting on my vanity right now. I won’t even tell you how many are stashed in drawers and cabinets. Honestly, I could probably paint the pout of every woman in California. And half the drag queens!


It borders on obsession really, as my friends can attest to. Here’s typical dialogue from a shopping trip with Tyna…

    T: What’s that in your hand?
    S: Lipgloss (said in a guilt-filled voice, because I know what’s coming). T pulls said gloss from my hands.
    T: Stef-you don’t need this! You don’t have a pink gloss at home?! You probably have 10!
    S: Not like this one! This one has gold micro shimmer in it. And it’s a pink that borders on nude, I don’t have one of those. Plus the opacity is perfect! Leave me alone, I’m buying it! I grab back the gloss and scurry away…

But while it may not seem like it, I am very discriminating. If it’s overly sticky, way too frosty or smells too much like food, it’s not the gloss for me. I also have different glosses for different reasons. Hanging around the house gloss (not a lot of color, bordering on a lip balm), Going out shopping gloss (subtle color, absolutely no stickiness), Night on the town gloss (deep color, lots of shimmer, thicker than day gloss). Are you starting to understand my love/sickness?

How exciting for me that we are reviewing Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Origami (second from right in the photo). Because not only do I love gloss, but I love luxury cosmetic lines. And it really doesn’t get much more luxurious than Hourglass- a beautiful and wearable color selection, unbelievably high quality and the most decadent packaging on the market. I already had an opinion on this self proclaimed crème-de-la-crème of lip glosses, which you will read in my review (here’s a hint, I think it’s heaven on earth). But I’m looking forward to see what the team has to say. Do you agree with Hourglass that “Extreme Sheen is pure luxury for the lips. Like nothing you’ve ever felt before?”

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  1. I thought I was addicted to gloss or chapstick until I saw the depth of Stefs obsession. I also have day and night glosses but I can’t say I ever thought of an around the house gloss. I just use my chapstick for that. So when I got the Hourglass Extreme Sheen lip gloss in Origami I could hear Stefs voice in my head as I applied and critiqued it. I am giving this gloss a 4 star review. I must say it is probably one of the best glosses I’ve ever put on my lips. It really has staying power, through drinks and dinner and more drinks. I like the texture and the colors are so rich even in the pale shades. I was playing at Sephora after I got the Origami color and checked out the others. It sounds strange to say a pale color is rich but they really are. They just give your lips this great kiss of color that lasts and lasts. I also like the smell, a wee bit of crème brulee and no chemical smell. Smell and texture are big for me. My main reason that it isn’t 5 star is the price. Yes it’s great gloss but these are hard times and I can get many other things at that price. I still think you should buy a tube to be fancy and let everyone envy you!

  2. When this little treasure arrived on my doorstep, I was jumping for joy. I’ve had a love affair with Hourglass glosses for about a year now thanks to Stef. For the record, I’m not a gloss fanatic. While I like it, most days I’ll pick lipstick over gloss. Most glosses are just too sticky or thick or shiny for my taste. Not true with Hourglass glosses. It has just the right texture, shine, and lasting power that a girl needs. In fact, it’s my favorite brand of gloss and can’t imagine my makeup bag without it. It’s 7:45 in the morning and can you guess what’s on my lips right now? You got it…HOURGLASS. I also want to give two thumbs up for this color. At first, I thought it was going to be too pink for my olive skin tone. It looks a little cotton candy pink in the tube, but comes out as this sheer light pink with just a hint of shimmer. Layer over lip stains for a more intense color or wear it alone for just a hint of color. I highly recommend Hourglass glosses and give them 5 stars.

  3. I think this gloss is the best. I agree with Hourglass, I do think it’s the crème-de-la-crème. I first tried it a couple of years ago, when the Sephora only shade Imagine was released (which is the only gloss in the past 2 years that I’ve ever reached the bottom of and bought again).

    Extreme Sheen does indeed have extreme shine. It’s uber glossy. Usually, that means stickiness. Not with this one. It’s also a bit thick, which I sometimes like in a gloss but a lot of times thick equals goopy. Not with Extreme Sheen, it’s creamy. It literally feels like you applied a creme on your lips. I do smell a slightly menthol-y scent, mixed with sugar. It sounds odd, but it’s like a minty cupcake. I’ve smelled this in gloss before, and I have to say-I like it. I’ve gotta track down exactly what the scent combo is.

    Ok, now on to the color itself. Origami in the tube is super cotton candy, as Tiffany mentioned. But on, it’s this sheer, baby pink, your lips but only better shade. I’d imagine it would work on anyone (so it was a great one for us to try). But I’ve gotta say Imagine (the Sephora only shade) is one of the prettiest colors I’ve EVER seen.

    Yes, this is pricey. All of Hourglass is. But in my opinion, it’s worth it. This is high end stuff and in this case you truly get what you pay for.

  4. I was so excited to try this lip gloss! I had seen Hourglass lip gloss at my local Sephora, but the price was a little off-putting and since I hadn’t heard anything about them, I hesitated to try something new. If you could see my lip gloss stash, you would understand my hesitation. While I’m sure my stash doesn’t come close to Stef’s, it is uh, respectable. I don’t NEED a new lip gloss, so to buy something I really have to WANT it. SThat being said, this gloss is divine! The texture is so rich and buttery, not a hint of stickiness. I love the slight hint of creamy vanilla instead of a chemical or flowery scent that some companies opt for. The shade, Origami, is a little pale for my taste. I’m very pale with dark hair and if I don’t have a fairly pigmented gloss on or lipstick, I look like the living dead. I was looking at the swatches on Sephora, and I think Primal may be my next purchase.

  5. Krista – we are the same person in makeup terms! I also am very pale with dark hair and so only stick the more pigmented glosses and l/s. I try to do the pale shades with really done up eyes – which is what I will do with this gloss – but still find myself always going back to the red and brown families. But, yes – Primal is the shade you’ll want to try! THat’s the one I got when I found out the Hourglass was Stef’s fav gloss – I knew it had to be topshelf if the gloss queen rated it number 1! And it is a beautiful shade – it’s what I always reach for when I’m going with reddish, burgundy, maroonish outfits. It does not go on as pigmented as it looks in the tube, but that’s typical with a gloss – maybe it would help if the company used a sponge applicator?? It helps though to use a good liner or of course putting it on top of a lipstick. Just by itself the color does stay beautifully put for a LONG time and is so creamy and not streaky. It helps my dry cracked lips too with this rough weater lately. The scent probably is vanilla! It put me in mind of Malibu rum, but vanilla’s probably more accurate – either way it smells divine. Finally, I love that it’s made in the good old USA!!

  6. I was so excited to try this too! I had never tried Hourglass before and I must admit when I saw the color in the tube I was a little apprehensive because it is so very pink. I tried it on anyway and to my delight it goes on with just a hint of color. What was so amazing to me as some of the other ladies have pointed out is the staying power of this. Gloss usually fades very quickly on me. I instinctually reach for it every hour or so to reapply, but with this one I realized I didn’t need to. I drank a bottle of water, had a snack and it was still on! I was amazed!
    The color and texture are both A+ for me.. I gave it 5 stars. It is by far my new favorite. I agree with Mel, the scent could be vanilla. It’s sweet but not an overly sugary sweet. Which is another bonus because it tastes good too!
    Being a fiend for not only products but packaging, I must comment on the sleek look of this too. Very elegant. I even love the font the company uses, it’s very deco which conjures up images of the glam of early Hollywood beauties. This would be the lipgloss I could imagine Ingrid Bergman reaching for!

    One last thing I love, the fact that it has a brush applicator instead of a the q-tip type applicator you find in many a lip gloss. The brush is more precise and allows you to be as light or heavy handed as you choose.
    Now I really want to try their lipstick, if this is that good I know their lipsticks must be amazing!

  7. Five stars from me for Hourglass Extreme Shine Lip Gloss! Like my other esteemed reviewers, I was impressed with both the packaging and consistency of this gloss. For starters, the tube has a nice heft to it and I like the shiny, metallic handle. And the small brush at the end is a very precise and usable applicator.
    The real star is of course the gloss. While the tube screams Barbie Pink, the color on the lips is very soft and pretty. I am the type that likes soft, natural lip colors (dark just doesn’t work on me) and the Origami color added some definition, shine and sparkle to my smile. The scent is sweet and not overwhelming at all (and I can’t quite put my finger on the scent but it is yummy – like a good baking smell).
    Finally, the performance of the gloss is top notch. Somehow, it is not sticky at all but still lasts and lasts! Right now, the only real splurge I can afford is on make up and I think an Hourglass Lip gloss is well worth the price. (Honestly, I can’t think of a better recommendation than Stef using a gloss until she reaches the bottom of the tube! Pretty high praise, I must say)

  8. Really? Am I the only one who smells a bit of mediciney/metholness? Kind of Carmex-y? I love it, whatever it is. I sometimes think I am a super smeller!

  9. I’m so happy stef and christy brought up the scent. After i first put it on and put the applicator back, i thought “this smells and tastes good”. Then i thought if i wrote that ya’ll be thinking i was sitting in front of the mirror chomping down on the brushy thing. I like the vanilla cake comparison. I do like it. i’m not a huge gloss wearer but i should wear it more. So like my other resolution that i’ve been keeping up so far, i am going to add applying lipgloss more often. And why not start with Hourglass. I really do like the consistancy, i hate sticky and this is not at all. At least on me, its pretty much nude with a light sheen so that’s perfect for me. I just put in my bag.

  10. I have a few items by Hourglass, but never have had their lipgloss.. Now I do, yahoo! This, Extreme Sheen lip gloss is NOT lacking in the high-shine department. Whoa Nelly!!.. That’s exactly what I uttered as I peered at my shiny lips in the mirror! They –meaning anyone within 100 yards of your frontal view will see you and your lips coming with this shine on! I am impressed and I am afraid I too am turning into a lip gloss fiend. I heard that Webster’s Dictionary the definition of Lip-gloss has a picture of Stef as illustration next to the description. This is so lovely on. It’s certainly as they say,” the crème-de-la-crème of lip glosses luxury for the lips. I loved their website at Hourglass. Its vibe is intriguing and eye-catching to say the least. Go there and check it out.. I also liked the color selections.. Looks like I’m sold, and so will you who loves lipgloss.. they make your face light up and you look alive even when your really pooped!

  11. Btw, This lovely number was a Christmas gift from Stef lip-gloss.. HA! Isn’t’ she funny.. She loves lip-gloss, and wants to share what she hearts! xoxoxo I love mine so much, it’s just nuts! Mine is in a very pretty pink, called “Origami” The only thing I am not thrilled about is the brush that it comes with.. The little bristles often times than not will Fray and you’re not able to put it on without it poking your lips. My solution is to snip off the wild hairs.. Problem solved!

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