How do you cover nail polish boo boos? With glitter, of course!

When Revlon Plum Night met Milani Diamond Dazzle…

photo: we heart this

With a big night upon me, as well as a pressing need for a new nail polish, I rushed to Walgreens and found a great choice: Revlon Plum Night, a dark plum creme that borders on black. Perfect for dramatic winter night!

But as quickly as I rushed to the drugstore, I painted my nails just as much so. And if you look closely at the picture above you will see an ugly secret known to rush manicurists everywhere: bubbles.

There are many things that can cause bubbles; shaking your polish, putting on too thick of a coat, not letting coats dry between application, a room that is too hot, nails held too close to a fan. Seriously, what can’t cause bubbles? But other than taking it off and reapplying (which I’ve been known to do, often), there’s not much you can do to get rid of them. Except for…

Covering them with glitter! Nothing hides bubbles (or smudges, for that matter) like a good dose of glitter. Since reapplying wasn’t an option, I grabbed my Milani Diamond Dazzle a clear gloss loaded with iridescent glitter, and proceeded to not only hide my mistakes, but make my nails more fabulous.

I love Diamond Dazzle, the iridescent micro glitter picks up and compliments any color that it covers. I know not every drugstore carries Milani, but it’s well worth the search to find one that does. This polish has gotten me out of quite a few messy situations.

Of course, I could always slow done my application, but when fixing mistakes looks this good, why bother?

we heartsters, what are your favorite Glitter polishes?



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18 thoughts on “How do you cover nail polish boo boos? With glitter, of course!”

  1. tyna

    First of all, if I could paint my nails as perfectly as you do @stef I would be a happy girl. Even your bubble-y Before Mani is so much better then the best I can do.

    But the After Manicure – wowza! Love it. Especially how the plum base looks more like a midnight blue – very pretty.

    And nice tip about the glitter gloss – it does hide home mani mistakes (and salon mani chips!) I’ve been using this Stef tip for years to hide my polishing flaws.

  2. hao9703

    @stef – I always knew you were a woman of a many talents. Now, I can add another thing to the list. I love how your nails look. Sadly, I have to go for a more neutral look for work. (I work in a conservative good ole boy industry and nails that glitter would create some serious scandal.) I mainly stick with clear and nudes for my hands. This tip will be great for my toes especially in summer! (Those same good ole boys probably never look at my feet.)

  3. mandaleem

    I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one that does this! Smudge, imprints, bubbles, all of it- covered by glitter. Hurray! But I agree with everyone else- if my manicure skills were half as good as yours bubbles would probably be the last thing on my mind! Very nice. :)

  4. stef

    Aw shucks, you are all very nice! It’s true, I paint in between the lines pretty well, but 9 times out of 10, I screw up something at the end. I spend hours painting (really, hours!) and then I try to do something like put on socks. I baffle even myself. Glitter polishes have gotten me out of lots of messed up manis.

    @hao9703 – “Those same good ole boys probably never look at my feet.” You cracked me up with that one!

  5. kellie76

    I really like Northern Light Hologram Top Coat. The sparkles are so fine which makes it incredibly beautiful and unique. It really changes up your polish, hides those pesky mistakes, and helps your polish to dry faster. You can get it on Amazon or at Sally’s.

    I also like OPI Absolutely Alice for any blue polishes that I am using. It adds a gorgeous sparkle to any polish and covers up a myriad of sins!

    Great piece @stef!!

  6. Cori

    oooo pretty!

    I feel like one of those alien toys from Toy Story when they see the “Claw” and are awe stricken. I see glitter and and instantly want.


  7. You betcha I use this same trick! I have herniated discs in my neck, so between the pain and the meds, my hands can be pretty unsteady. This can make for bubbles and other flubs, but I love my nail polish! So I cover up my errors with glitter top coats, or I simply go for glitter, foil, or shimmer nail polishes. I hate cremes and jellies, love the look, but they show every mistake. I still try, but when I get the inevitable smudges or bubbles… glitter top coat! My favorite, since it is the absolutely most blingiest I have is LA Colors Color Craze in Star Light.

  8. krista

    I’m am so OCD about less-than-perfect paint jobs on my nails & I swear, retarded monkeys could do a better job than I do. I used to never paint my nails because it was so bad–dents, sheet marks, bubbles. Nail polish is supposed to make your hands look PRETTIER. The glitter idea is GENIUS!
    Also genius–remember this review:
    Changed my life. This stuff actually dries fast enough and smooth enough and lasts about 3-4 days before slightly chipping at the tips (some colors vary, but they all last longer than anything else I’ve used). I use this now for everyday wear, but their colors are a little limited, so I have to go outside that line every so often and the glitter polish will come in handy…

  9. mandabear

    @stef I’m always very impressed by your nail polishing skillz! Also, sometimes when my polish is just starting to chip a little and I’m super lazy, I throw glitter on top to prolong the manicure a little longer until I’m bored of it :) I guess it’s similar to what you do as too! And glitter LASTS.

  10. lyssachelle

    That exact same bottle of Milani polish changed my life.

    Okay, it just changed my nail polish routine. But seriously, I just invested in a couple of different colors of glitter to change it up, and now it’s like my entire polish collection is revamped.
    But as a nail polish junkie (probably about 50 bottles in my stash…I KNOW…) but a terrible painter, I LOVE this idea. I was only doing it to change the color, I didn’t even think about how it’d cover up mistakes!

  11. lipglossandspandex

    I wish my “botched” mani looked as good as yours! Bubbles on my nails definitely bother me, and glitter is a good cover up for sure! (Why didn’t I think of that before?!) I love my cheap Wet n Wild pink and silver glitter nailpolish.

    That new “shattered” polish by OPI would be a good fix too.

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