How To: The Gift Wrapping Wrap Up

How To: The Gift Wrapping Wrap Up

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So how is that holiday shopping list going? Some of you (like Stef) have your entire list completed, while others (like me) are still frantically searching for a few good ideas. Yet once the stress of picking out and purchasing the perfect present has passed, there’s one more hurdle to clear – the wrapping.

I enjoy spending lots of time and energy wrapping my gifts, but I know it’s not for everyone. To help you get started, I’ve gathered three wht posts on the art of wrapping:

Looking to trim some money from your gift budget this year? Save on the wrapping, ribbon, boxes and bows (they can really add up). Check out our eight green, easy and economical wrapping tips and ideas: How to: Green Gift Wrapping

Here’s another stylish and eco-friendly presentation that lets part of the present be the wrap! Impress all of your fashionable friends and vintage fiends with a present wrapped up in a retro scarf (at left). We’ve got the simple and tape-free steps right here: How to: Scarf gift wrapping

Finally skip the store purchased gift tags and stickers this year and make your own. These antiqued gift tags (above) will add that final finishing touch to your wrapping masterpiece. And they would also look adorable tied with a ribbon to holiday baked goods and treats: How-To: Antiqued Gift Tags

Happy Wrapping!

we heartsters – what are your gift wrapping tips and secrets?

11 thoughts on “How To: The Gift Wrapping Wrap Up”

  1. As someone who learned ALL of her gift wrapping fanaticism from her grandmother, here are some of the tips I learned from her:

    1. Measure twice before you cut. Once it’s cut, you’re screwed if it’s too short. HOWEVER,
    2. Keep all of your paper that you cut too short. It may come in handy for those smaller gifts.
    3. If you cut uneven like we do, fold over the uneven cut using a ruler underneath as a guide to make a straight edge for that perfectly clean straight line.
    4. Rolls of paper come tall, so people are tempted to measure every gift so the roll goes around the gift. Try this: turn the roll horizontal, so you’re looking at the roll the way it was intended. Put your gift in the middle of that and use all of that paper you normally throw away as the stuff to go around the gift (I hope that makes sense.)
    5. Ribbon makes any gift look sophisticated. Even if it’s a simple loop around, it instantly spiffies up a gift. If you want to create a bow with the ribbon, measure around the gift where you want it, cut twice that, wrap the ribbon around the gift and tie it like you would a shoelaces. It’s a tiny bit hard, but it gets easier!

    And my grandpa’s favorite trick:
    1. Wrap using newspaper! He uses the funnies section as he knows I’ll take about 3 minutes undoing the present carefully so I can read the funnies afterward!

    1. @katezena – I love your Grandparents tips. They are spot on to what I have been taught. Personally, when I am shopping for wrapping paper . . . I like the thicker stuff. It is easier to wrap and has presentation.

    2. @hao9703 – I get paper that’s somewhat thick. I don’t get paper that’s $10.95 (heck, no. I’m not that picky), but I try to find paper that’s $2.95 that’s thicker than others. I usually try to be the one that hunts for paper because my mom has a habit of buying thin paper that’s also cursed (read below.)

      I have a roll here that is cursed. I can work with just about any paper (she who does origami with tissue paper), but this paper….this is evil paper. The other three are fine (the paper that is exclusively mine is godly), but this one is cursed. It’s ripped on me, crinkled, wrinkled, torn in middle of my wrapping a gift, the roll has hit me in face…..definitely cursed paper. I hate that paper. If I have to use that paper one more time, I will throw that paper across the house! I am a tape fiend as it is (as in the-one-corner-free type of person) and that paper needs more tape than that! Hate that paper.

    3. Thanks for chiming in with these wrapping tips @katezena! I’m a fan of comics as wrapping paper too – and I can’t wait to try the roll of paper measuring trick!

      One more tip for easy wrapping – double stick tape. I make loops with regular scotch tape sometimes, but double sided tape makes things much easier.

    4. @tyna – I never use double stick tape. I get it looks pretty, but it makes opening them too easy! I like making it hard! You know if I wrap a present because not only is it pretty, I only leave one corner with no tape! I like seeing people try to puzzle out how to open them!

      It’s hard to explain that one in words. Basically, I flip the roll horizontally and use the horizontal sides as the “side flaps” and all that extra stuff you normally cut off to wrap with. I tend to use that method with smaller gifts like DVDs, CDs and such as you can cut a long strip and use that strip multiple times. (Geez, if only I could make videos, this would all be easier!)

  2. I love wrapping gifts with scarves. That way the wrapping paper becomes part of the gift. Last year I wrapped some gifts with nice knitted scarves which was a little hard to work with, but a nice extra gift.

    1. @lipglossandspandex – You’re welcome. My grandma is a picky wrapper and so am I!

      To tell you the truth: I’m the creative wrapper. My grandma has one width of ribbon in one color with the matching bow. I have ribbons in different widths, colors and textures (I use ribbon for other things) and bows in different colors. It’s all what sparks my interest at that moment. This year it’s ribbon and little bows made out of the ribbon! My mom bribes me to wrap her presents and I always say, “No, Mom, you wrap your own presents. You are not spoiling Christmas for me!” I hate wrapping under duress!

  3. Great links to great ideas @tyna! I know everyone likes a good deal every now and then but I would rather DIY my own wrapping than buy cheapo wrapping paper. It usually tears in the worst way when I’m going for the big straight cut…or it will just tear somewhere down the line if it didn’t tear at the initial cut haha.

    1. @mandabear – Where are you cutting the paper, with what, and what kind are you using (thin or thicker paper)? Are you cutting it on carpet? It definitely tears easily on carpet and with a dull scissors (I switch between scissors and an X-Acto knife.) It’ll also tear if you put too much tension on it (some don’t realize how much tension they’re putting on until it rips.) I use thicker cheap paper over cheap thin paper so it doesn’t rip (you ARE allowed to open up the top of the roll a little to see the thickness; everyone does it!)

      I love that you DIY your paper though, like my grandpa. He uses the funnies section of the newspaper! It makes your presents stand out!

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