I Heart Handmade - and we know you do too!

I Heart Handmade – and we know you do too!

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One of the best things about the internet is that indie no longer means local. Thanks to the magic of the web, independent bands can be heard far and wide, regional recipes can be shared across the land and craftsters can showcase their wares to the entire world. In fact, the problem nowadays is that there are almost too many choices and shoppers can be overwhelmed when searching for unique, handcrafted goods made with love. Enter i heart handmade

This online market of carefully culled indie crafts sourced from around the globe does the hard part for you! I heart handmade is a “seasonally inspired handmade market, featuring jewelry, accessories, home decor, bath & body products, cool stuff for baby and kids, eco-friendly goods, and lots more!” Check in at the i heart handmade market to see the Daily Featured Shop, including highlights from their collection and a bit about the crafter behind the shop. The market is a great way for shoppers to peruse the best that the handmade world has to offer. And if you are an indie business owner, the i heart handmade market is a fantastic way to get your goods out to some discriminating enthusiasts.

Once you’re done shopping, head over to the i heart handmade blog for posts “focused on fostering a creative lifestyle, with regular features on indie artists and crafters, cool and interesting products, good reads, giveaways, and helpful information about running an indie business.” Right now, you definitely want to visit to enter The Big June Giveaway featuring an assortment of items from the current Summer Market.

I’ve spent hours today strolling through the i heart handmade shops and, of course, had to share my favorite finds (pictured above) from the Summer Market:

• No color is more summery than yellow and I want to carry the ‘Yellow Bird in the Garden’ Tote Bag from Sheree’s Atelier all season long. ($40)

• Lean this charming clock/chalkboard combo on your desk for a pop of color and fun and so you don’t forget the important stuff, like picnics. The Mini Goals Clockboard can be found at Mary Kate McDevitt’s market. ($49.75)

• Or stash a teeny piece of art like the 5×5 Vintage Blooms print in a drawer and pull it out and just stare for a bit whenever you need a calming moment and/or visual inspiration. Check out the While Wandering market to order this stunning image in a range of sizes. ($10)

• If you plan on hitting the road this summer, document the journey with the the road trip journal from the handmade paper goods market of REDSTAR Ink. Filled with road travel images, pages for writing memories and adding photographs, plus bounded envelops for stuffing bits of memorabilia – speeding tickets, mysterious phone numbers and beer bottle labels. ($25)

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11 thoughts on “I Heart Handmade – and we know you do too!”

  1. I love the clean look of this site too. It really lets all the shops shine. And you KNOW we love their name and logo!

    They’ve done a great job gathering the best of the best, check them out!

  2. Thanks for the link and info. I love indie designers and spend a ton of time on Etsy. I can’t believe I’d not heard of this. Thanks so much for the info!
    XO Piper

  3. Just when I thought I had seen every indie craft site online you bring me this gem! Wow! As much as I love Etsy it can be overwhelming and hard to find the really good stuff because anyone can start a “store.” I think that a site that charges people by the week to keep a store up really helps get the serious crafters *and* helps keep out the “dead” and empty stores. I think I’ve found a new favorite! Thanks!

  4. It can be overwhelming sometimes, @mandaleem – and then when you find a store with no sales or activity it scares me off of buying. The markets at i heart handmade are actively involved in their business and working to get their goods out to us all. Plus they’ve been vetted by a panel of crafty experts at ihm – a win win for all of us.

    And I realized I am old, old, old reading this post this morning – I guess people don’t write phone numbers down anymore do they? heh – when Stef and I did our cross country trip many moons ago, we wound up with many a crumpled bar napkin with a name and number scrawled across it – a fun trip momento!

  5. This is so neat!I am an Indie girl through and through. I have a habit of spending an obscene amount of time trolling Etsy. It is really nice to be able to turn to a collective like this. Perhaps, it will help me to focus my searches for awesomeness!I am already madly in love with the Vintage Blooms print. I am a sucker for beautiful and unique photography!

  6. Such a great site… I love their logo too @Stef! It’s so cute. and of course their name :) It’s so nice to have so many handmade options out there! That is such a great go to site for handmade goodness!

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