Inexpensive Home Decor Update: Etsy Art

Inexpensive Home Decor Update: Etsy Art

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Acquiring Art Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!

When the new year rolls around, I think that everyone looks toward making changes and improvements. Of course, this typically means changes in how we eat, exercise habits, and even beauty routines. I enjoy taking a different approach and use the new year as a time to re-evaluate my home décor.

Most of us would love to go all out and get new pieces of furniture or flooring, but these things are not always practical. Many of us are even unable to paint, as we live in rentals. So one of my favorite ways to re-decorate and add a touch of personal flair to my living space is to hang unique pieces of art. In my opinion, the best place to acquire affordable and unique pieces of art is Etsy. Here is a collection of some of my favorite pop culture art from Etsy.

I have always loved the look of vintage silhouette prints that people have of their families, but felt a little weird about having one done of my husband and myself. I also adore Star Wars, but am at an age where it might look strange to full-on decorate with movie memorabilia. These Princess Leia and Han Solo Star Wars inspired silhouettes solve both of these problems for me. They are vintage and yet also modern minimalist, while showing my love of Star Wars in a fun and subtle way. ($30)


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am a huge fan of The Golden Girls. I started watching the TV show with my grandparents in the 1980s, and still love catching it in syndication today. I feel that the show is one of the strongest examples of female friendships and the awesomeness of ladies over 50. This amazing Ode to The Golden Girls print gives me the warm fuzzies. The colors are vibrant and beautiful, while the ladies are featured in a classic scene eating cheesecake and drinking coffee. Thank you for being a friend indeed! ($35)


Wes Anderson is totally my jam. I am particularly fond of The Royal Tenenbaums. Obviously, I am nuts about the writing and the acting, but I am also utterly in love with the set design and costumes. Anderson has this lovely quality where he is able to create unique and beautiful worlds that don’t quite belong to any one time or place. Margot Tenenbaum’s look was particularly inspired in this film, which is why I am crazy for the Margot Tenenbaum paper doll print. Margot’s awesome vintage style lends itself very well to paper dolls. This quirky print looks great on any wall, but would be particularly cute by a vanity. ($20.40)

I am a huge history nerd. (One of my degrees is actually a BA in History.) This particular interest was not easily incorporated into home décor, that is, until a little Etsy shop, alternatehistories, came into existence. The shop owner takes famous historical images of cities, maps, monuments, battles, etc. and adds a cheeky “alternate historical” element. This is one of my favorite Cleveland-related prints. Weird and fun, right? Any way you slice them, these prints are always a conversation piece. ($20)

we heartsters – How do you get a new look for the new year in your home without breaking the bank?

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13 thoughts on “Inexpensive Home Decor Update: Etsy Art”

  1. I love the Star Wars prints! I have the trio of Stat Wars minimalist movie posters in my living room. I love them more and more each day.

    Now I am planning on getting the cameo prints for my bedroom!

    1. I love the artist who does the Star Wars prints. He does a lot of great work! I adore the cameo prints. They really pop on the wall, especially with a great set of frames.

  2. Every single one of these looks are to DIE for–I bet your house is the coolest! I especially love the Margot paper dolls (I want that new-ish “The Wes Anderson Collection” book so bad) and the Golden Girls print.

    A billion years ago, I saw an easy DIY where you print out designs on individual dictionary pages–I’m a big book nerd and love Nabokov, so I think antique butterfly illustrations would look so pretty on vintage dictionary entries for my office. Seeing your great picks has inspired me to actually get around to making them–thanks!

    1. @amity Thank you!! I actually do own a few of the these along with a ton more eclectic goodies from etsy. Why be boring, right?

      I have the Wes Anderson book and it is fantastic!!

      That DIY sounds awesome! You should totally do it and write about it! Good luck!

  3. GOLDEN GIRLS!! @kellie76, you’re a woman after my own heart. “Thank you for being a friend….”

    I’m continually amazed at how awesome Etsy is. We bought a series of prints for our son’s room that I LOVE ( and then framed them ourselves with basic frames (bought from Michael’s with a coupon!) All told, less than $75 for wall art that I absolutely adore and is WAY more interesting than the standard trucks and teddy bears fair. Plus, we didn’t do more more decorating in general, since the prints were the focal point, so we look like we have excellent taste AND saved money! :-)

    I think you’re spot on with using art as a way to change up your decor. Something as small as getting a new picture and hen rearranging your furniture can make room seem new and interesting. I think it’s pretty universal in decor or or beauty or eating habits or even lifestyle changes—a little change can make a big impact!

  4. Love the Princess Leia and Han Solo silhouettes! You’re so right, I love making small changes and using quirky and unexpected artwork to mix things up. Not everything has to be Art with a capital A.

  5. Awesome pics. I think maps also make great decor and can range in price from free to vintage finds, etsy finds, or nice framed maps from online shops.

    1. Maps do make great art! I love to give framed vintage maps from where people grew up or favorite vacation spots. They make great gifts.

  6. Great post @kellie76 ! There are so many ways to decorate a home using stuff you already have. I like to rearrange furniture, accessories, pictures and even rugs from various places in the house. When you group different items together you often get a whole new look. I am always on the look out for great accessories and interesting objects. I like Etsy. But, it is easy to keep an eye out at estate sales, goodwill, TJ Maxx and Home Goods.

  7. Framed vintage maps found on Etsy are a great present @kellie79! I’ve only gifted that once but it went over really well – need to remember to do it again for the next gift buying occasion.

    I like to shop the rock poster art on Etsy for framing too! I’ve added two pieces of art to my decor that way – a Radiohead poster from my second fave Radiohead tour (a concert that would make a great wht story) and a Lucinda Williams date that happened on my birthday (which is another great gifting idea).

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