It's sweet to do what you love: My #SkinnyCowSecret

It’s sweet to do what you love: My #SkinnyCowSecret

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I used to end every night with a book. I’d wash my face, apply my multiple potions, grab whatever book I was currently reading and get at least an hour in before calling it a night. But as life gets busier, and I get increasingly more exhausted from it, I find I can’t do that anymore. Because within minutes of lying down, I’m out for the count. It took me reading the same two pages for about a month to know I needed to make a change.

So, did I give up reading? Abandon one of my greatest pleasures? Of course not! I just needed to adjust how I do it.

Now, every weekend for at least one hour I’ve got a date with my hammock and a book. It doesn’t matter what else I need to do, I always find the time to fit it in. One hour to sit in the sun, swing and read. Ahh…


Sure, I get less reading in every week, but I’ve made an addition that makes up for that: I add a sweet treat to my reading time. Saturday afternoons are calling out for a little indulging!


Lately, my treat of choice is the Skinny Cow Divine Filled Chocolates. They’re absolutely delicious: sweet milk chocolate with a smooth caramel center. You can savor them and let each bite melt in your mouth, or go ahead and pop the whole thing! There are three to a package so you have three chances to perfect your method.


If you don’t like chocolate, Skinny Cow has plenty of other treats (but please note, we may not be able to be friends if you don’t like chocolate). I give a hearty thumbs up to their ice cream bars. Or, new to the Skinny Cow family is their Iced Coffee in three flavors: Vanilla Latte, Mocha Latte and Creamy Cappuccino. They are incredibly tasty.

So, my #SkinnyCowSecret is to always find a way to keep doing what you love. And if you can do so while eating something delicious? All the better.

What’s your #SkinnyCowSecret? Direct Message @TheSkinnyCow yours on Twitter, and you’ll receive a sweet treat!

skinnycowlogoThanks to Skinny Cow® Ice Cream Bars, Creamy Iced Coffee and Candy, our secrets can all be a little sweeter. Follow Skinny Cow at:

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