Kusmi Tea and their newest offering - Be Cool

Kusmi Tea and their newest offering – Be Cool

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I’ll admit it, I have a love for the finer traditions and some of those things that we just don’t do anymore in the 21st century. What ever happened to tea time? It used to be that at 4 o’clock the ladies came calling, dressed to kill (at least by Victorian standards) and everyone would settle down to tea and scones and finger sandwiches.

When I was young, preschool age, I used to stay with my teacher after school every day. She was from South Africa and it was at her kitchen table, usually on rainy days, that I learned to love hot tea. I used to beg my mother to have tea parties with me on my Wedgewood Peter Rabbit Tea set. Fast forward to 2010, and at 4 o’clock, rather than having tea I’m trying to beat the rush hour home and decide if I have enough will to battle the grocery store crowd for whatever ingredient I NEED to make dinner. But, I digress, back to tea…

According to Wikipedia, after water, tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world. So we Americans could do to learn a little bit from our tea-loving friends in the UK, China, and especially the Russians. This is where Kusmi Tea comes in. Pavel Michailovich Kousimichoff (say that three times fast!) founded his own teahouse in St. Petersburg in 1867, after many years of working deliveries in a teashop where he learned the art of blending teas. Fast forward 103 years and an expansion from Russia to Paris and beyond, Kusmi teas and their delicious secret blends are available for us Yanks to know and love today.

I got to try 2010’s newest addition, Be Cool, a blend of verbena, rosehip, licorice and peppermint for a refreshing relaxing blend. A $2 tea ball and a mug of hot water was all I needed to transform my bland bowl of granola and OJ into a well balanced refreshing way to start my day. I love how complex the flavor of this tea blend is –so much more fun to drink than boring old Lipton or even regular English Breakfast. And on a hot day, iced down “Be Cool” will make cool you off better than any glass of lemonade ever could!

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7 thoughts on “Kusmi Tea and their newest offering – Be Cool”

  1. I love tea, but I’m not a big fan of black teas. I much prefer herbal and green, the flavor is more delicate and it doesn’t stain your teeth as badly. Anyway, “Be Cool” sounds yummy! I love licorice in my teas, and the addition of peppermint to that sounds like a great way to relax on those hot summer nights. Now to convince my husband to let me buy more tea…

  2. I love tea too! I’m having some Kusmi Tea right now,Darjeerling vert- it’s yummy! I love black tea and white tea!
    “Be Cool” looks very nice!

  3. This sounds great! I love loose leaf tea. It is always 10,000 times better than tea bags. The best that I have found has been at Teavana. But I am always looking for something new. Kusmi tea sounds great. Thanks for the review.

  4. Oh what an excellent review! I was lucky enough to receive the Kusmi sampler from WHT a while back and I’ve loved their teas ever since. Just the name alone, “Be Cool”, has me drooling for this new blend. Yum!

  5. I was thrilled to test Be Cool as the sampler is one of my most favorite tea sets ever! It did not disappoint!! I was confused at first since it’s called be “cool” I figured it had to be drunk cold but it didn’t say anywhere on the tin, so I tried it hot anyways and it’s absolutely delicious! Well as Katie said it’s great both ways. I am so proud to serve this to company too. The loose leaves are beautiful in my open mesh strainer I use for loose leaves. They open up like flowers after sitting in the liquid. The taste is so refreshing and not too overwhelming with any ingredients. Normally I’m not a licorice fan but there is just the right amount in this. The tin is so pretty like all the Kusmi products. There is a generous amount of tea in there too! I totally heart this tea and this company. 5 huge stars!

  6. Oh this sounds like something I would love. I’m a big tea drinker. Mostly drink it over ice, but in the winter I usually like it hot. I will have to check this brand out. Sounds delish!

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