Lash Filler 101: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking for a way to make your eyes look even more gorgeous? Do you want to make your lashes pop? 

The answer to both of these desires might just be lash filler treatment!

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If you’re interested in this beauty treatment but are unfamiliar with what it is and how it works, we’ve got you covered.

In this piece, we’ll talk about eyelash filler, what it is, its difference from lash lifts, and other pertinent information you need to know about this treatment.

Fast Facts

  • Lash filler is a treatment that lifts, curls, and improves lash health, resulting in naturally curly, thicker, and stronger lashes.
  • Unlike lash lifts, lash fillers work to repair damage and promote growth, leading to increased lash diameter and thicker, curled lashes.
  • Lash fillers are suitable for everyone with various lash concerns, including allergies to adhesives and/or weak, thin, or damaged lashes.
  • Be sure to properly prepare before the treatment and strictly follow aftercare post-treatment to ensure you get the best of your lash filler treatment and that the results last. 

What Is a Lash Filler?

A lash filler is a treatment that benefits your lashes in three ways: it can lift your lashes, add a curl to their appearance, and, most importantly, improve their health and overall condition.

This treatment uses a mix of hydrogen peroxide, thioglycolic acid, and other ingredients that, once applied, remain inside the hair to repair any damage and influence hair growth.

This formula improves the structure of the hair as it grows, allowing it to grow thick and curly afterward. As a result, you’ll be getting naturally curly, thicker, stronger, and longer lashes! 

What makes it amazing from other procedures aiming to enhance your lashes’ appearance is that this treatment also helps to thicken and nourish your eyelashes.

Additionally, it’s a gentle, non-damaging treatment, so you know your lashes will not suffer as a consequence of this procedure. 

How To Prepare for a Lash Filler Treatment

When preparing for a lash filler treatment, start by scheduling a consultation with the beauty center where you want the treatment done. 

This way, they can evaluate if you’re a good candidate for a lash filler or if another treatment is better for you. 

They can also discuss with you all the details of the treatment before your treatment appointment.

A woman getting a lash filler treatment at a beauty salon highlight the result

When that’s done, here’s a checklist of additional preparation steps to remember to get you ready for your lash filler appointment:

  • Ensure you remove all eye makeup, contact lenses, and false eyelashes before your scheduled appointment.
  • Refrain from curling your natural lashes for at least 24 hours leading up to the treatment.
  • Discontinue using waterproof mascara 48 hours before your procedure, as it can leave an undesirable residue.
  • Patients with an eye infection, such as pink eye, should wait until the infection has cleared before scheduling their treatment.
  • Skip caffeine and stimulants up to four hours before your lash appointment. They can make your lashes flutter. Plus, it can keep you awake and restless during your appointment. 
  • Come with clean lashes. Residual oils and makeup can hinder the proper application of the formula, so cleanse your lashes before your appointment. 
  • Avoid oil-based products near your eyes before your appointment. 
  • Wear comfy clothes. You’ll lie down for at least an hour, so dressing comfortably helps you relax and enjoy the pampering.

Step-by-Step Guide During the Procedure

Here’s what to expect during your appointment.

Depending on the lash filler products used and the professional, there may be some slight changes, but overall, the procedure remains the same.

Step 1: Cleaning the Eyelids

To make sure the eyelashes are clean, the technician will gently clean your lashes with a lash shampoo.

Step 2: Applying the Eye Shields

The eye patches or eye shields will be placed to safeguard the lower lashes. This helps prevent mishaps if some product inadvertently reaches the lower lashes. 

Technicians will choose the size of the eye shields that best match your eyelashes. It needs to allow at least two-thirds of the natural lashes to cover the shield’s surface.

Using a Fixing Gel, the shields are attached to the eyelid.

Step 3: Lifting the Lashes

Since the Fixing Gel dries quickly, the lashes will be divided into sections to make the process work effectively.

A small amount of Fixing Gel is applied to a specific section of the shield, and then the technician will use a Fillering Tool to lift the lashes onto the shield gently. 

The lashes must be pulled tight and directed upwards. Once done, continue with the other section.

Step 4: Applying Form 1

Form 1, with its alkaline pH, opens hair cuticles and breaks disulfide bonds within the lashes for later reforming. It is applied to the middle section of the lashes, and the roots and tips must be avoided.

The duration of Form 1 depends on the lash thickness. For thin hair, it can last six to eight minutes; for medium hair, eight to 10 minutes; and for thick hair, 10 to 12 minutes.

Step 5: Applying Fix 2

Fix 2 continues the process while closing hair cuticles.

This will take four to five minutes for thin hair, five to six minutes for medium hair, and six to seven minutes for thick hair.

Step 6: Applying Lash Tint

Lash tinting is an optional step, and you can choose beforehand whether to proceed with it or not.

A lash tint would be great for people who want their lashes lightened or darkened to match their hair.

The duration of the lash tint is the same as in step 4: for thin hair, it can last six to eight minutes; for medium hair, eight to 10 minutes; and for thick hair, 10 to 12 minutes.

A woman is applying tint to the client's eyelashes while wearing a blue gloves

Step 7: Applying Filler 3

Filler 3 separates the lashes from the Fixing Gel and nourishes them. Filler 3 will remain on the lashes.

Step 8: Removing the Shields

The technician will dampen the shield to remove it from the eyelid. She will also use a micro brush to help remove the stuck lashes on the shield.

Caring for Your Lashes After a Lash Filler Treatment

The good news is that there are no meticulous aftercare instructions after a lash filler.

Just keep these in mind once you leave the beauty center:

  • Do not wash your lashes for 24 hours or get them damp after the treatment. This means avoiding saunas, swimming pools, and steam rooms.
  • Do not apply mascara 48 hours after the treatment.
  • Do not rub or pull lashes after the treatment.
  • Use a gentle or mild foam cleanser to clean the lashes after 24 hours.
  • Do not rub or apply creams to the eye area for up to 24 hours post-treatment.
  • Avoid any sun or UV exposure for up to 48 hours post-treatment.
  • Brush your lashes daily with a mascara wand and apply lash serum to nourish your lashes. 

How Long Does Lash Filler Last?

The fantastic results from getting lash fillers can last six to eight weeks after the treatment.  

However, getting at least three treatments spaced out about four to six weeks apart is advisable for increasingly evident results.

Also, to keep experiencing the benefits of lash fillers, you can repeat this cycle about two to three times a year.

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Who Should Get Lash Fillers?

Lash fillers are great for anyone who wants to experience having gorgeous lashes.

Specifically, they are great for the following types of people:

  • Might be experiencing allergic reactions to lash adhesives from eyelash extensions
  • Want to try something different from eyelash extensions
  • Have naturally sparse, thin, or short lashes
  • Have eyelashes that are too straight or grow too downwards
  • Have weak, dry, crisscrossed, or damaged lashes

These individuals will see stunning and dramatic results from lash filler before and after the treatment.

Where Can You Get Lash Fillers?

It’s advisable to get your lash fillers done at a salon and with a trained professional like a licensed cosmetologist. Many salons and spas offer a popular Italian brand called Inlei.

Inlei’s Lash Filler System is one of the best lash filler systems available.

It’s designed to give your natural lashes lift and curl and improve lash health and condition using its own set of tools and products.  

Their lash filler kit includes the formulas to apply to your lashes and other materials that a professional needs to provide the treatment. 

Close up of beauty specialist in sterile gloves applying cleansing mousse on woman eyelashes with cosmetic lash brush.

Lash Filler vs. Lash Lift: What’s the Difference?

You might ask: is lash filler the same as lash lift? Or are eyelash extensions and fillers the same?

The short answer is no. Lash filler takes improving your eyelashes a step further and provides long-term benefits. 

Here’s a look at both procedures.

AspectLash LiftLash Filler
ProcedurePerms current lashes using a solution to deconstruct and reform them, creating a curlier, lifted appearanceEnhances lash quality over time, repairing damage and promoting healthy growth
DurationResults last up to eight weeksNoticeable improvement after about three treatments, with increased lash diameter and thickness
TechniqueTwo lotions applied: one to soften and break down lashes, another to reshape and set with silicone rodsThree formulas used: one to soften hair cuticles, another to secure desired curvature, and the last to thicken lashes
MaintenanceRequires maintenance every eight weeksLong-term improvement in lash quality
ResultImmediate curlier and lifted appearanceGradual improvement in silkiness and thickness, newly grown lashes appear more curled and thicker

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Shouldn’t Go for Lash Fillers?

Those who are pregnant or undergoing chemotherapy are not advised to get lash fillers.

It’s best to check with a cosmetologist or aesthetician to see if you are eligible for this treatment when undergoing medical treatment.

Also, it’s generally advisable to consult your doctor if you have any allergies to be sure you aren’t allergic to the lash filler ingredients. This will help avoid any undesirable reactions during and after the procedure.

Should I Go for a Lash Lift or Lash Filler?

If you have healthy eyelashes and aren’t necessarily looking to boost their growth or thickness in the long run, a lash lift may be enough for you.

With a lash lift, you get a prettier, lush lift and curl on your lashes as desired. The treatment ends there.

With lash fillers, you get the same luscious look and curl on your lashes but it also targets and helps improve the structure of your lash hair as it grows, promoting thicker, healthier, and curlier lashes as they grow.

So, if you want gorgeous and instant curled lashes and more long-term benefits, a lash lift is your best bet.

Is Lash Filler Safe?

Generally, yes. The formulation for lash fillers is non-toxic, and they have been tested and used with generally safe results.

However, like any other treatment on or near the eyes, there are potential risks, including allergic reactions or infections. 

To mitigate any risks, it’s always best to have your lash filler done by a professional and trusted aesthetician or salon.

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Lash Filler: Enjoy Longer, Thicker, Curlier Lashes From Within

The options for better-looking, luxurious lashes got even broader with lash fillers. 

You get to enjoy lashes that look gorgeous, longer, and more lush, and you can also help promote healthy and thicker lash growth.

So say goodbye to thin, sparse, or weak lashes, and say hello to a more beautiful, newer you!

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