Last minute gift wrapping tips

Last minute gift wrapping tips

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holiday ribbon in a bag It’s a tradition in my family to start frantically wrapping presents…just about…now.

Here’s an idea for those that have already completed their annual wrapping and those that are searching for scotch tape as they read this post. Make this year the one that you save any piece of wrapping (paper, tissue, bows, ribbon) that could possibly be reused. Store everything safely and dust free (use one of those gigantic boxes left over on Christmas morning, a plastic bin or large drawer) in one place.

Keep adding to it as the year goes by, and voila! You can dig into your stash the day before Christmas Eve and start wrapping. Not only will you save yourself some dough (those cute little wrapping extras add up) you’ll save some trees at the same time.

That’s my selection of ribbons gathered over the year (above) pulled from the best wrapping storage space ever. Sure, Candy Spelling may have three rooms dedicated to wrapping, but I’m pretty happy with this set of long drawers (below) built into my apartment. I heart the Craftsman style!

draw with wrapping paper inside

I decided to use all of my collected ribbons and pair them with the few remaining paper bags in my house. If you have not been collecting discarded wrappings over the year, no worries. We have a few suggestions:

First, check out our Green Wrapping Guide for some eco-conscious ideas to wrap your gifts with style.

Next, we have a use for your thrift store finds! Make the wrap a present as well, when you follow our step by step guide, How To: Scarf Gift Wrapping. We promise your friends and family will fawn over this one!

plain box on a table Finally, a wrapping tip I’ve picked up along the way. You know those bulky boxes – the ones with wider lids than bottoms that can be difficult to wrap smoothly with one solid sheet of paper? Don’t even try to wrap it the normal way. Instead, go for the magical, as seen on television, presentation. Just wrap the lid and bottom piece separately so giftees can just lift the lid off – no ripping necessary! With some sharp scissors, a little bit of patience and lots of tape, you can create a reusable, gift box. This trick is simple but always brings the “oohhs” and “ahhs”.

Happy wrapping!

wrapped gift in brown paper with a silver bow

3 thoughts on “Last minute gift wrapping tips”

  1. Great ideas Tyna!! The Scarf wrapping is one of my favorites! I’m a big tulle wrapper…tulle and ribbons makes everything look happy :)

    Happy Wrapping to you too !! Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!!!!

  2. Or, buy those seemingly harmless large rolls of paper at Costco. We have two rolls of Christmas paper that I KNOW we’ve had since about my sophomore year in high school. And I’m nearly 24 now…yeah. Do the math. :)

  3. I totally just started wrapping! i’m the worst! and i kind of don’t care because its what’s inside. But that’s just me saying that to myself as i barely make the edges meet or i have an excessive amount! it looks bad! But i have been on the receiving end of a beautifully wrapped gift and i so so love it! I can vouch for Tyna because i’ve been lucky enough to get one from her! She’s an awesome gift giver! and a FANTASTC wrapper!
    btw-I’ve always loved the way the boxes are wrapped on tv and always wonder why they do that. i guess to save time and money?

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