Latest Shopbop Obsession: Jump From Paper

Latest Shopbop Obsession: Jump From Paper

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Flashing back to my art school days, I learned A LOT about trompe l’oeil. The art technique translates into “deceive the eye” and typically referred to two dimensional works that appear to be three dimensional. Optical illusions, if you will. Dali was a fan, but the style had been around for centuries before college kids were smoking pot and tripping out to him.

“Tripping” is actually a great word to describe how I felt when I discovered my latest obsession on Shopbop; flipping the art technique on its head and making three dimensional pieces look two dimensional. The line’s called Jump From Paper and it does just that. I mean, truly it does!

That’s right, those seemingly illustrated bags above? Not illustrated at all. They’re photos of the bags themselves.


See? Mind blown right?

The line has been around since 2010, “inspired and designed by quirky kids of the internet age.” Perhaps the best part of all: they’re totally affordable! Especially for something that is literally a work of art.


The Stripe Tote shown above is only $89, the Travelers Backpack only $159.

And just as all good art inspires, a lil’ fashion house called Gucci’s spring 2016 ready to wear line is brimming with trompe l’oeil.


But you can be a Shopbop smartie and get the look for WAY less! Shop Jump From Paper.

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