Laura Mercier Foundation Primer Review and Photos

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Master the Art of Makeup By Starting with this Beauty Must-Have

All great paintings start with a fresh canvas. Every day, when we paint our faces, we are creating truly great and important works of art. I’m being totally serious. Your face is your calling card. It is often what people remember most about you. So it makes sense that we should honor these great works of art by properly preparing a fresh canvas – your face – with the help of Laura Mercier.

You may ask how I prepare my canvas. Well, of course I do the obvious things like wash and moisturize, but the other crucial step in my preparation is to apply a face primer. I feel that this is an often overlooked part of the process. Face primer can help your makeup stay in place longer by creating a smooth surface and giving the makeup something to grip onto. Face primer can also create a protective barrier for your skin as well as seal in any serums or moisturizers that you have applied prior to it. Primers have A LOT of benefits.

So know that you know you need one, which one do you try first? I am a little obsessed with these miracle workers, and keep searching for my Holy Grail primer. There are many different primers out there for many different skin types. I was quite pleased to receive the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer ($34) for testing.

This one is considered a classic in the primer world, and surprisingly I had yet to try it. According to the company, Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer has “vitamins A, C, and E that act as antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful, aging effects of the environment” while also being appropriate for normal to combination skin types.


I found that the Laura Mercier foundation primer truly does live up to its reputation as a classic. It has a lightweight and creamy gel finish that applies invisible. The primer helped to smooth my complexion without leaving any weird color behind. This means that your foundation color will be true over this. The primer felt comfortable, and left a slight dewy finish.

I feel that my makeup generally lasted throughout the day with this one, but I am extremely oily and required a small powder touch-up. I will likely repurchase the oil-free version of this product. I would absolutely recommend this primer to anyone with normal to combo skin, as it does the job and helps you to create the perfect canvas for your masterpiece.

Smoother looking complexion.
Longer wear for makeup.
Antioxidant formula to help protect skin.
The formula did not break out my sensitive skin.
$34 may seem pricey, but the tube contains 1.7 fl oz, which is significantly more than average primers.

Maybe not idea for excessively oily skin (go for the oil-free version).

we heartsters – have you tried this beauty addict favorite from Laura Mercier? And what are your favorite face primers?


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  1. I don’t do primers as a rule because they all seem to break me out—I might have to try to get my hands on a sample of this to see how I do since you had good luck with this, @kellie76. Great review!

  2. Funny, Just this morning, I use a little sample of Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer. Good stuff, I also have the primer, but sadly it’s almost empty! More good stuff!

  3. Ya know, you’re right, I overlook this step a lot and right after reading this I was reminded to go dig out a LM primer sample I had stashed away to try! Thank you!

  4. I tried this primer many years ago when I was a budding makeup addict. I’m not sure why I never repurchased but this kind of gave me a little nudge to give it a go (as well as other Laura Mercier products) again!

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