Le Métier de Beauté Best Friends Giveaway - one for you, one for her ($500 in products!)

Le Métier de Beauté Best Friends Giveaway – one for you, one for her ($500 in products!)

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A set of fabulous products for both you and your BFF

Le Métier de Beauté Best Friends Giveaway

Congratulations to Carolyn B. – she and her BF are the winners of this giveaway! This giveaway is now closed – Thanks to all who entered.

You and your best friend – the two of you go together like chocolate and peanut butter, rock and roll, Thelma and Louise. And we, the beauty obsessed we heart this (a site founded by two BFF’s), go with fabulous makeup like ice cream goes with cake. So today, working with the renowned, luxury line Le Métier de Beauté, we’re thrilled to offer our best giveaway yet! In honor of Best Friends Day (Sunday, August 5th), we’ve got a glamorous package of Le Métier de Beauté goodies to give away to YOU AND YOUR BEST FRIEND!

Le Métier de Beauté Best Friends Giveaway products

That’s right, win this giveaway and you won’t need to share with your best friend (though we know you would) as you’ll both win the following Le Métier de Beauté products:

Blushing Bronzed Duet in Traviata

Blushing Bronzed Duet in Traviata – Get ready to add another entry to the list of epic duos. The finely milled powders in Traviata complement each other in the best of ways. Use each side alone, or combine the subtle bronzer with the golden peach blush for a pop of warm color.

Blushing Bronzed Duet in Traviata swatch

Peau Vierge Anti Aging Complexe

Peau Vierge Anti Aging Complexe – Like your BFF this is one product you can NOT live without. On the surface, it’s a tinted luminizer that leaves you with the most magnificent pearly glow your skin has ever seen. But it’s also an anti-aging powerhouse containing Retinol delivered by what they call Syntoc Actif Complex (their patented vitamin E technology that brings ingredients to your skin faster and better). This is a game changer, people!

Collage of Peau Vierge Anti Aging Complexe swatch

Red Hot Tango Nail Lacquer

Red Hot Tango Nail Lacquer – Your go-to summer shade for everything from cocktails with the girls to a weekend getaway. And the formula is divine; glossy color and perfect consistency that applies easily and resists chips for days.

A hand with a red nail polish holding a Red Hot Tango Nail Lacquer

Precision Liquid Liner in Noir

Precision Liquid Liner in Noir – Through thick and thin, this will liven lids in a cinch. Even if you’re a liquid liner pro and your bestie is a novice, you’ll both love this for the same reasons: a beautiful, wearable black that is buildable to dark inky perfection, and an easy to use fine tip that flows instantly without any fussy pumping.

Precision Liquid Liner in Noir swatch

Leave a comment telling us ONE of the following things: the most fabulous beauty tip your best friend has shared with you or why the two of you deserve to win. Or, check out the rafflecopter form below (wait for it to load) for lots of additional ways to win.

Good luck best friends, from we heart this and Le Métier de Beauté!

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123 thoughts on “Le Métier de Beauté Best Friends Giveaway – one for you, one for her ($500 in products!)”

  1. my BFF and I compliment each other in the make up department – she wears bold red lips and i prefer accentuated eyes. why we deserve to win? well, why not? :D

  2. Jennifer Fitzgibbons

    The most fabulous beauty tip that my best friend has shared with me is to put a light line of white highlighter down my nose and blend to make it look not as wide.

  3. tip: minimalist makeup can be prettier than that which is fussed over and applied to perfection

    (Rust Hawk in my rafflecopter entries)

  4. I think my friend and I deserve to win these beautiful products as we have just completed a horrible, stressful year full of study and exams, and I think we need a little pampering after all our hard work!

    Thanks for the giveaway :)

  5. I have no Le Metier cosmetics and would love to try them! I have heard only positive reviews!

  6. My best friend and I learned how to use makeup together. She taught me that makeup isn’t a mask to cover ourselves up, but to help accentuate our own beauty.

  7. My best friend taught me that I COULD wear orange lipstick after all! I’d love to introduce her to LMdB in return!

  8. The best beauty tip i got from my best friend was to line my waterline with a nude liner to open up the eyes!

  9. My twin sister is my best friend. We share everything and love the world of makeup! It would be nice to have our own identical set of amazing Le Métier de Beauté products! Thanks!

  10. My BFF and me deserve to win because we leave far away form each other and I’m only looking forward to show her how much I appreciate her with little gifts. Besides I could use some LMdB to blackmail her into an unsheduled visit :)

  11. I have a makeup BFF, but we’ve never met! I don’t think she’s discovered LMdB’s fabulous products yet (but I keep trying) so this would be a great chance to get her into you!

  12. She introduced me to Japanese made eyelash curlers made spefically for the Japanese customer. They work so much better for Asian eyes!

  13. Hi, this is a fabulous giveaway! My best friedn and me both like the black eye pencil – it was my friend who taught me how ti smudge it nicely! THanks, Radmila

  14. Oooh, I pine for Traviata. Okay, best advice: if you make a mistake applying eye makeup, clean it up with a q-tip dipped in eye cream. Makeup remover can make everything run, but the eye cream will let you erase selectively (and it’s good for your skin!).

  15. My BFF is my sister.. We are so close.. :) The best beauty tip another friend gave me years agao was to always keep my face out of the harmful sun and wear sunglasses! So, I always wear protective polorized sunglasses and a hat!

    I’m reall loving the Blushing Bronzed Duet in Traviata –

  16. Best tip….for those of us that wear our hair pulled back or short, be sure to foundation on and behind your ears.

  17. The most fabulous beauty tip my best friend shared with me is the one I’ve been sticking to religiously: USE A GEL EYELINER! It makes a whole world’s difference to my eye shape (monolids), and I can’t imagine living without it!

  18. My BFF once let me know that my foundation was oxidizing. Only she’s not really into makeup so all she said was that my skin was orange, hah!

    Thank you & LMdB for this great giveaway!

  19. What an awesome giveaway! My sister relies on me for makeup advice and purchasing the new beauty products.. this will be perfect to share with her :)

  20. We both work as professional land use planners in a state where women in positions of power are often under appreciated and have to fight harder than our male professional planners colleagues.

  21. I think my best friend and I should win because mothers should deserve one of everything their daughters have. Plus, my momma went through nine levels of hell to raise me (I’ve only had Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, AND Asthma since I was three! Technically, I’ve been Epileptic since I was six months old!) My momma deserves some credit!

  22. The best beauty tip my best friend has given me, is to be positive and smile. A happy person with a fun personality and a positive outlook on life has a beautiful glow. Happiness can spread like wildfire!

  23. Always, always, always use a moisturizer with SPF protection underneath your make-up to keep your skin safe (and it helps avoid wrinkly, leather looks)

  24. The best beauty advice my BFF gave me: Always smile. It’s free and it looks good on me (according to her) :)

  25. My best friend and I deserve it because we have been best friends since the beginning of time…my mom and I. I love her, and she really is my best friend. My mom had taught me beauty and natural beauty. She has inspired me to be the woman I am, and I just want to share this gift with her

  26. My friend and I love experimenting with new products and would be thrilled to try these out.

  27. my bff and i deserve to win because we are obsessed with beauty and we have an every-other-month-ly beauty swap to share our favorite skincare finds.

  28. We deserve to win because I already love Le Metier de Beaute and I just introduced her to it and she is falling in love with it.

  29. My best friend Tracy and I are both makeup junkies. But she’s never tried Le Métier. Unless she wins the giveaway, she may lose the right to call herself makeup junkie.

  30. My best friend taught me a great tip to help lipstick last longer. After applying and blotting the first coat, place a single ply of tissue over your lips. Using a powder brush, dust a light coat of translucent powder over the tissue. Then add the second coat of lipstick. This tip is great for me; I love wearing red lipstick!

  31. My BFF and I are kindred spirits with a soft spot for beauty & skincare products — I would love to be able to share LMdB with her (since she would never indulge in such luxurious makeup). Every girl should have a piece of LMdB treasure in her makeup arsenal! xx

  32. She told me to focus on my best feature and let the feature shine – not the makeup. We play with cat tail liner techniques now.

  33. The best tip from my friend – use pink-coral bush for fresh look after night party

  34. My best friend and I love experimenting with new products and we are obsessed with make-up and nail polishes! *_*

    I hope to win… finger crossed! ;)

    FB: Francesca Biondina
    Email: redicopppe(at)inwind(dot)it

  35. Best beauty tip is to eat well balanced meals, exercise daily, and get plenty of sleep for a healthy glow and great skin!

  36. My gorgeous best friend told me to use some tinted eyebrow powder or pencil to fill in my eyebrows and it totally changed my face for the better. Lesson learned: always listen to your BFF!

  37. My best friend and I bonded over “What Not To Wear”. Since then, we’ve shared many great adventures together. We recently travelled to Paris together, and spent a fantastic vacation in the city of lights. Our French experience was an iron-clad marker of how wonderful our friendship is. It couldn’t be better, even if we were sisters. :)

  38. My best friend and I deserve to win because we’ve both been going through some tough stuff lately, and we could use a little beauty pick me up for sure! Thanks for another fabulous giveaway.

  39. This looks like such a great giveaway :) My best friend and I met in the first grade and growing up together is why we are still friends. We are nothing alike. She got married when we were 25 (we are almost 30 now!) and I feel like our lives are so different. She’s even planning on having a baby soon! I’m nowhere near that life stage either. However, even though we don’t see each other as much, we can easily bond on beauty. We get mani/pedis together or hold our own nail painting gatherings. I’ve been giving her green nail polishes (green is her fav color) for years now on special occasions. In the end, we’re just girls who love to still look cute!

  40. I would love to win this for my BFF, my sister, and I! We have been best friends since we were little. I am the big sister that shared everything with her. I, being the beauty junkie, introduced her to makeup and taught her how to use the different products. She would come to my room and rummage through my makeup stash trying on different things. Her first experience with the “Big Sis Makeover” was prom, I did her makeup for her then. Years later, she asked me to do her makeup for her wedding, which was an honor for me to do. And ten years after that, she had asked me to do her makeup again when she renewed her vows for their 10th wedding anniversary. I must mention that I am in no way a professional, I’ve never done makeup for others, I think it’s just the big sister trust she puts in me. Today, even as grown ups with teenage kids ourselves, we still do what we used to do when we were teens.. she still comes to my room (she drives over now, of course) and we sit on the floor and rummage through my stash of makeup! She loves to try on and stare in awe at the colors of blushes and lipsticks she never would have bought and worn herself. I let her pick out and keep what she loves the most. I’d love the opportunity to win this and share it with my best friend, my little sis. It would, for sure, make an amazing BFF moment for us!

  41. the most fabulous beauty tip your best friend has shared with you –

    apply deodorant on newly shaved areas to avoid ingrown hairs

  42. My best friend and I have been thru a rough past couple of years- our love for each other and makeup has alway been intact:) it’d be nice to spoil ourselves with these amazing products

  43. I would love to win this for me and bestie Holly. We have been friends since we were 5 becoming super close at 19. She has come back from NX where she is currently living for 2 months to hlp me with my wedding and be my maid of honour. Recently she put together a whole day of memories for me. Including giving me this beautiful box that was empty, every where we went had a emeory of us throught out the yers including high school, pubs, old houses and each place she gave me pics, trinkets, quotes and stories to fill the box with. At the end of it all i have a beautiful momento of our past together before i get married. She is the best and deserves a treat! Cheers K

  44. I’m the one that gives my bff beauty tips–before me she didn’t even tweeze her eyebrows. Or eyebrow. (that’s her joke, not mine–I’m not being mean, I swear)

    I don’t know that I deserve to win this, but my bff does.
    She’s been going through a rough patch for almost 2 years now—she moved to a new state with her husband and a few months later he got bronchitis and died from complications at the age of 41. Totally shocking and out of the blue. She had originally moved for a new job and to be closer to her mom, who is in poor health and has had several health scares/hospitalizations since my friend moved there. Since her husband’s passing, my friend’s life has been full of family drama and insanity of which I won’t share here. It’s novel-worthy.

    Somehow through it all, my friend manages to keep her cool and maintain a level of grace that is nothing short of impressive. She is my hero.

    I think my friend could desperately use a pick-me-up–she gets a kick out of trying new brands, so receiving this set would probably delight her. She’s recently mentioned finally being open to dating again, so this would come in handy :)

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  47. My BFF and I probably haven’t had a chance to pamper ourselves in years. I hope that I would be able to surprise her with this.

  48. The two of us do deserve to win so we can have a beauty session and test these products out. I’ve heard very good things about this brand and wanted to try it out for quite some time. Here hoping I get lucky ;)

  49. my college roommate and i deserve this, after trying every cosmetic product on the planet-high and low-end!

  50. I learned about makeup from my friend Anne. Better late than never! But she tought me at 37 how to apply it and what brands worth buying etc… With that, it gave me confidence to apply it and feel and look beautiful! I a thankful for her showing me that because it doesn’t seem like it but a little makeup, goes a long way!


  51. My best friend is also my newest friend. We moved one year ago, and shortly after moving, my new friend, Gail, discovered that she had Stage 4 inflammatory breast cancer, very rare and often difficult to treat. She made it through 6 months of chemo treatments, continuing to go to work each day. But the best part? Her PET scan came back clean! And now she faces surgery, a double mastectomy, on Wednesday..plus, she still has to travel an hour away, every single day, for 6 weeks of radiation. I would love to be able to give her a “new you” look for when she recovers. She deserves it and I want her to know how much she is loved!

  52. I learnt a ton of beauty stuff from my BFF, before she came into my life I was really clueless and always underestimated my looks – I had huge issues with skin (had severe teen acne & large pores) and had an inferiority complex. So much so, that I would be scared talking to strangers and thinking oh god, they are looking at my bad skin! Kiyaan, my BFF taught me how to cover my flaws with light foundation and always keep a compact. She taught me how to highlight my eyes for both day and night =) She introduced me to MAC and nude lipsticks, which really suit me well!

    And yes, she taught me how to make a homemade scrub with oatmeal+orange juice (a natural toner) + yogurt (gets rid of excess oil) and use it once a week – it did wonders for my skin and acne scars!

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway, would love to win it for both of us and surprise her! She’s really so generous, so would love to give some of it back =) Fingers crossed tight!


  53. We would like to win Le Métier de Beauté because we both live in rural America and would never get to test otherwise. Thank you!

  54. Always, always use eyeshadow primer and finish your look with Urban Decays DeSlick setting spray. This advice, from my BFF, makes my make-up look as fresh at the end of a 12-hour work day as at the beginning. Thanks, BFF!

  55. Even at my age (proudly 37 years & only getting better with time) I am still learning. My best friend, Nicole, gave me some advice recently that I can’t believe I lived without about Eye Shadow Primer that you can use a concealer as a base or make your own primer by mixing a bit of concealer with moisturizer. You just need something with a sticky texture that will allow the shadow to adhere to the lid, then dry pretty quickly. Check out her blog at http://dizzynicky.wordpress.com

  56. Beauty tip: Use a satin pillow case. I hat getting those lines on my face from the pillow case and satin was recommended.

  57. we deserve to win because – I need pampering… has been a really rough couple of years following a car accident. I can not seem to keep my head afloat. I have made the really difficult decision to leave NJ and everything I know, and head to Florida where my best friend lives. She is going to give me and my kids (and two cats) a place to stay while I try to “re-invent” my life… she is awesome for doing this for me… so i would love to pamper her too.

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  59. Beauty tip- Apply mascara while looking down at a mirror held parallel to your nose. No idea why, but this works so well!

  60. My best friend has given my lots of great tips – I think the best one has been to always use primer under foundation!

  61. My best friend and I have both had a rough 2012. Well, hers was definitely worse than mine. She was widowed early this year.

  62. WE deserve to win because we are both crazy over makeups:)And if we win this ,this will make us so happy!

  63. the best beauty tip she shared was to put coconut oil in my hair for 30 minutes and then rinse and shampoo & condition..My hair came out so soft and silky i couldnt believe it :)

  64. beauty tip shared by my bestie: use toilet seat covers to pat off excess oil off your face :)

  65. Elizabeth Zaffirini

    My bff taught me about beauty blogs and YouTube makeup tutorials. I am much more creative now, and I have a lot more makeup!

  66. The best tip I ever received was to pinch my cheeks to figure out which blush is the best color for me. Now I know I won’t look like a clown if I wear it.

  67. my bestie told me to always wash my face before going to bed no matter how tired I am. That prevents breakouts and lets my skin relax at night.

  68. The best tip I received from my bestie is remove hair product build up with apple cider vinegar.

  69. Probably to check everything I buy because we both have sensitive skin. You never know what in a beauty product : )

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  71. would love to win this to share with my bff :) she lives in the UK but i’m hoping to see her soon

  72. I think it would be unfair for me to state why I deserve to win this very generous contest because I think everyone deserves to win. However, I would love to win this contest for my best friend since 6th grade and I because we have both overcome serious health issues and some very unhappy times in recent years. The best part about having a best friend is to have unconditional support when you need it most. When both of you are going through difficulties at the same time but can still come though it together because of the strength of your friendship, then that’s the greatest gift one could ever have. Both my friend and I love Le Metier but neither of us have been able to afford it in a very long time. To be able to win a contest like this, to be able to surprise her with with half the goodies, well, I’m not sure which would be most gratifying for me, winning the products or seeing the love and gratitude on her face when she opened the package. Thank you very much for offering your fans this very generous giveaway and Good luck to all!

  73. My best friend and I worked together for 4 years but now we only see each other on our movie night: we paint our nails and put on mud masks and never actually watch the movie because we’re talking over it half the time. We should win this for movie night!

  74. My best friend was the one who got me into makeup; that was roughly four years ago. Since then, we go on online makeup runs together, and we always drag each other out to test out new products and see what works for each other. All my new makeup experiences have been with her, so I’d like for this to be the next one.

  75. The best thing my best friend has ever taught me about beauty is well, all of it. Haha. When we met I had never even put on eye shadow before, and I was well into my 20s. She has helped me with everything and often does it for me, because I am all thumbs!

  76. my best friends best beauty advice is probably to love myself and take care of myself better..

  77. Sondra Christensen

    My best friend & I were roommates for many years, but then she moved to the East coast. (I’m still west coast) Whenever one visits the other, we ALWAYS make sure to squeeze in a Sephora trip or at least get to a dept store makeup counter. Most of the products in our separate stashes we can identify as, “this is the _____ that I bought when I visited you the summer of 20__”. We always keep each other updated with any new HG item that we find. I miss her. =( But it would be awesome to win this and be able to share.

    Thanks so much for this generous giveaway!

  78. My bff encourages me to try new products and the one that really changed my appearance – bronzer!

  79. My best friend is my daughter. She is 13 and she knows soooo much more than I ever will about makeup and hair – it must be this new internet generation. She is an amazing nail artist, she took about 45 minutes to create my nail art one day, I was so impressed!

  80. My BFF taught me years ago that high quality cosmetics , such as Le Metier de Beaute, are worth it as you need little product, and the power of less is more is stunning.

  81. My best friend and I went to SeaWorld and got soaked on a water ride. I foolishly wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara or eyeliner and ended up looking like Alice Cooper on a bad day. My BFF walked along side me without laughing hysterically and lent me a sample bottle of Bifacil eyemakeup remover to take off all my eye makeup. Best friend and best eyemakeup remover ever!!!

  82. We should win because she’s going to start teaching this year and needs a new professional look. As for me, I’m strictly professional, until the weekend it here!

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