Life Beyond Lipgloss - 07/19/13

Life Beyond Lipgloss – 07/19/13

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Normally, Life Beyond Lipgloss takes a look at news beyond the world of beauty, but this Friday we’re going to share how beauty and the beauty blogging world can make an impact in the life of others. As many of you may know, this week we lost Talia Joy Castellano, a courageous and inspiring thirteen year old girl who was battling two types of cancer, neuroblastoma and preleukemia.

Talia didn’t let her battle define her and spent her precious time sharing her talents in make up and nail artistry with the world. Today, her fellow beauty bloggers, inspired by Talia’s last Instagram post, a mint manicure image featuring the hands of Talia, her mother, and her friend Tammy, are honoring her life by sharing their own Mint Manis. Rest In Peace Talia.

To see many more Mint Manis from the beauty blogging community, head over to Nail Polish Wars where Nicole has curated all of the posts and images honoring Talia – Mint Manis for Talia Joy

While we are devastated at the loss of Talia, the fight against cancer goes on. We’re proud to announce that wht contributor Alyssa is making a difference. Alyssa will be shaving her hair on Septemebr 7th, St. Baldrick’s Day, and donating her hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Way to go Alyssa! Read all about it here – St. Baldrick’s – Going Bald for a Good Cause

We’re asking our readers to show their support to Alyssa by making a donation (even $5 makes a difference) to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. So if you have a few bucks this payday, please spare a few for this worthwhile cause. Thanks! – Alyssa’s St. Baldrick’s Day Donation Page

we heartsters – were you inspired by Talia’s fight and love of life?

photo: we heart this (Polish: In The Limelight from MAC Glamour Daze)

8 thoughts on “Life Beyond Lipgloss – 07/19/13”

  1. Thank you guys!

    I first found her when the clip of her on Ellen went viral, but her videos are informative AND inspirational. I really love all these mint mani’s, Talia was such a beautiful soul and the amount of love she’s been given today is so amazing!!

  2. The news of Talia was incredibly sad. But then I feel this sense of wow, this girl accomplished so much in her life. She really put her footprint down in not only the makeup world, but outside of it as well. It’s truly inspirational.

    @lyssachelle – you are AMAZING!

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