Life Beyond Lipgloss - 09/13/13

Life Beyond Lipgloss – 09/13/13

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It’s Friday weheartsters – hope you all have an amazing weekend planned! This week at wht we obsessed over the latest nail lacquers in the moderncraft collection from OCC, found false eyelashes in a mascara tube with Too Faced’s Better Than False Lashes and slathered our skin with the heavenly scented body lotions from LUSH. But life is about more than beauty products, here are a few links that made us happy this week:

We’ve shared plenty of cat and dog images on the LBL, so this week we’re going with a cute bunny – wearing bunny slippers! For many more pictures to make you say “aww” check out this Buzzfeed collection – 50 Animal Pictures You Need To See Before You Die

Now that you squeed, get ready to cry. Refinery 29 has compiled a list of sappy commercials from around the world – just try to watch them all without shedding a few tears. – The 30 Most Cry-Tastic Commercials Of All Time

Feeling a little choked up? This sweet and funny obituary found at the Huffington Post will make you smile at a life well lived – This Incredible Obituary May Be The Best Thing You Read All Week

Finally, if you are the type to cure the tears with some junk food, the Delish reminds us that fair season is still upon us. Stef is hitting the LA County Fair this weekend and she says “I am so excited to eat my way through the fair! I hope these winners from the Texas State Fair Food competition make their way our west soon! – Deep-Fried Cuban Roll Takes the Gold at Texas State Fair Fried Food Contest

we heartsters – what had you crying happy tears, or just plain happy, this week?

3 thoughts on “Life Beyond Lipgloss – 09/13/13”

  1. I can only make it about half way through the sad commercials. The lump in my throat is making it hard to swallow!!

    And yes, I am on my way to the LA County fair right now. Old school we heartsters might remember that we were the very first official Fair bloggers:

    This year I’m happy to have no responsibilities other than to eat stuff, buy stuff and go on rides. Oh, and pet things!

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