Life Beyond Lipgloss - 11/08/13

Life Beyond Lipgloss – 11/08/13

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We’ve made it to Friday readers! This week at we heart this we found out how Murad’s Pore Reform line can help our complexion, took a few selfies of our fab hair thanks to Dove Daily Moisture, and squealed with delight over MUFE’s Artisan Brush collection. But life is about more than beauty products, here are a few links that made us happy this week:

Our fabulous image this week, comes from what looks to be a fabulous book, Carli Davidson’s Shake, a hilarious collection of high-speed phtography of dogs in the act of shaking off water. My kind of coffee table book! – Shake: New Book Shows Hilarious Dogs in Motion

Here’s an interesting read from Slate on a backpack generational gap I’ve pondered a few times over the years – When Did Two-Strapping Get Cooler Than One-Strapping?

If you were a one-strapper, you also probably remember spending Friday nights picking out movies at your local Blockbuster. CNN takes a look at the rise and fall of the video giant that announced plans to shutter its doors this week – Your late fees are waived: Blockbuster closes

Finally, the sweetest story of the week is this heart-warming plan organized by the Make-A-Wish foundation to turn San Francisco into Gotham City on November 15th. It’s all to make the wish of five-year-old Miles, to be a superhero, come true. Check out the amazing activities planned and if you are near by, join in! – Miles’ Wish To Be Batkid

we heartsters – What were you reading about on the internet this week?

4 thoughts on “Life Beyond Lipgloss – 11/08/13”

  1. This picture slays me! As does the Batkid story. You can follow #SFBatKid all day on the 15th to be a part of the fun. I’ve been choking up all week at the sweetness of it all.

  2. Okay, I looked at this picture and thought the dog had been born that way and became sad but only for a moment as I read on.. That’s some crazy cool photography! Have a great weekend everyone! Get out there and live a little and do a little good to someone in need, it will make you feel better too! :)

  3. I love those Splash images! So funny! I keep getting excited by all of the new Catching Fire articles coming out with photos (totally geeking out!)

    The Batkid thing is SO CUTE! In fact, I saw Batmobile slippers at Target today, and got so sad when the kid’s XL was too small! I LOVE BATMAN! I wanted to have Batmobile feet! Who says adults can’t have cool slippers like that?

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