Life Beyond Lipgloss - 05/03/13

Life Beyond Lipgloss – 05/03/13

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Hooray for Friday! This week at wht we took a look at L’Oreal’s Visible Lift Color Blush, swooned over Too Faced’s Air Buffed BB Creme and talked about our favorite perfumes past and future. But life is about more than beauty products, here are a few links that made us happy this week:

It’s prom season! Even though I’m well past my prom-going days, I still love to see the kids in their gowns and heels flooding my Facebook stream. Even better, I love seeing celebs – like Ellen DeGeneres at her 1976 prom above – looking dated in pictures of proms gone by. If you do too, Flavorwire has a collection of amazing photos you don’t want to miss: Awesome Photos of Cultural Icons at Prom

I guess it’s only fair to share my own prom photo with all of you. To get a glimpse of Stef and I in our 80’s glory (plus a peak at a few wht writers), check out this classic post: Weekly love list – Prom

Of course, I can’t let this post go by without at least one mention of Mad Men. While Jon Hamm is mostly known as the smoldering, serious Don Draper, he actually has a long history in Hollywood’s fabled comedy scene. Vulture has a great look at his comedic background and incredible circle of very funny friends: How Jon Hamm Became America’s Sexiest Comedy Nerd

Finally, here’s a little bit of fun for your Friday afternoon. Type your favorite website or story into and see its translation into street slang. Here’s what G does with our trusty disclosure:

Disclosure: This review includes shizzle dat was provided by tha manufacturer/PR firm fo’ our consideration. I aint talkin’ bout chicken n’ gravy biatch. For mo’ info, or any thangs, please peep our disclosure policy.

we heartsters – what were you peeping on the web this week?

5 thoughts on “Life Beyond Lipgloss – 05/03/13”

  1., is one funny site! This was the translation for your blurb above @tyna! Oh, I took out the bad word and replaced with bleep.. :)

    Tyna, co-smoker n’ co-editor of wht, worries bout becomin a wild-ass pussaaaaay lady, readz at least a funky-ass book a week, checks up in at a Flyers hustla forum every last muthableepin mornin n’ is forever (some say obsessively) organizin her closets n’ drawers.

    1. Ha! Somehow when I was Gizoogling page after page of wht posts – I never thought to look up my writers blurb. Thanks for sharing @irene!

  2. “Marilyn be a makeup maniac n’ slow but stubborn runner n’ shit. Right back up in yo muthaf***in ass. Biatch loves color codin her dizzle planner, readin celebritizzle ghetto hype n’ drankin phat dat schmoooooove alcatronic shit. Marilyn blogs bout makeup n’ fitnizz over at her blog, Lipgloss n’ Spandex.”

    …I only want to read things that are translated in Forever.

    1. Ok, now that is one fabulous blurb @lipglossandspandex! And how addictive is that site? You just want to keep looking up all of your fave sites!
      By the way, ladies – make sure you type in .net and not .com (or just click on the orange text link in the post above) – Gizoogle with the .com seems to be a slightly scary dating site!

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