Light Green Goddess Dip Recipe

Light Green Goddess Dip Recipe

Whip up a ‘super bowl’ of this dip for snack fans this weekend!

recipe for homemade light green goddess dressing

I have never been a snacker. Well, until this past year. I blame my husband. Seriously! He is always searching for a little something in between meals. I know there is no way he is hungry, because I make all the meals and dish out seconds to him most times. I think he is bored most often and just enjoys something to mindlessly munch while watching TV.

If I go through all the effort in putting out a snack for him, you better believe I am going to take part in the eating of said snack. I decided it’s time to make some healthy snacks. My husband was not for this at all!

This is a lightened up version of the Green Goddess Dip, one of my favorite vintage-y salad dressing inspired dips. I am the queen of dairy products, for sure. So you better believe that if I say a simple move of subbing in Greek yogurt in place of sour cream not only tastes awesome but saves you calories, it is the hand-to-God honest truth.

I bust this dip out on weekends and enjoy it with veggies while my husband goes through an entire bag of Pop Chips. (If you haven’t tried Pop Chips, do it! They are my new favorite chip with half the calories and fat.). And it would make a great addition to your Super Bowl spread this weekend. I am not saying that I won’t indulge in a chip or two, or ten – but at least I’ll feel better about it thanks to this dip!

Light Green Goddess Dip
Adapted from Food & Wine
(Makes 2 ½ Cups)

1 1/2 Cups Non-Fat Greek Yogurt
1/2 Cup Low-Fat Sour Cream
1/2 Cup Packed Flat-Leaf Parsley Leaves
2 Tablespoons Snipped Chives
1 Tablespoon Tarragon Leaves
1 Tablespoon Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tablespoon Fresh Lime Juice
3 Oil-Packed Anchovies
Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper to taste


1. In a food processor, combine all ingredients.

2. Puree until smooth. Add more salt and pepper to taste.

3. Top with some extra chopped herbs and serve with a variety of fresh vegetables.

Tip: Dip will last stored in the refrigerator in an air-tight container for a week.

we heartsters – what are your favorite healthy snacks?



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10 thoughts on “Light Green Goddess Dip Recipe”

    1. tyna

      The Baltimore area must be so excited right now @turboterp! How fun. Baltimore was the closest big city to my college – so I spent a number of weekends there – I really liked it. Plus I spent two summers in Ocean City – I’ve got a soft spot for Maryland. Go Ravens! Are you throwing the viewing party?

    2. turboterp

      The whole town is purple, @tyna ! I’ll be watching the game at someone else’s party this year– bringing Light Green Goddess Dip! I’d love to hear about your Ocean City summers sometime. I swear, you, @stef and I must have crossed paths at some point in our teenage history…

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  2. tyna

    Always a fan of a creamy dip! This one sounds delish @sarcasticcooking – and love the smarty pants idea subbing in some Greek yogurt. Up the creaminess and lower the fat! I’m looking forward to some party foods and beer this weekend.

    Quick question: If I wanted to make a vegetarian version of this recipe, should I just skip the anchovies? Or do I need to add some olive oil to sub in for them? Thanks!

  3. mandaleem

    Mmmm, I love Green Goddess dressing! Switching out the sour cream for greek yoghurt is a great idea. More protein! And call me crazy, but I’m all about the anchovies lately. Heh, I think it’s a sign of being a grown up or something…

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