Go-To Party Makeup

Go-To Party Makeup

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Hope you’re having a fun, fall weekend weheartsters! This week I had to share this gorgeous shot from the weheartthis Instagram of fresh apples in a Pennsylvania farmers market. Stef has been visiting friends and family in our home state and sharing lots of Southeastern Pennsylvania goodies! Doesn’t it make you want an apple RIGHT NOW?

Question of the Week: What’s your go-to party makeup look? Smoky eyes? Cat-eye liner? Bright lips?

Answer: Lots (and lots) of eyeliner! I know I should wear liner with my daily makeup, but I normally skip it. However, nighttime events require a great black liner. Sometimes it’s smoky, sometimes its sharp, and occasionally even winged – but eyeliner is always the step I take the most time and effort to perfect for a night out.

we heartsters – What are your party makeup musts?

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4 thoughts on “Go-To Party Makeup”

  1. My party make-up musts are typically a little shimmer, a lovely/bright fuschia/plum lip, and an unusual for me shadow(like a smokey green combo).

    The last two weekends have not at all felt like Fall. Northeast Ohio has seen its first bits of Winter-and it has been a doozy!! Too much snow already!!! So enjoy Fall, California ladies while I have my snow boots on. :) LOL!!

  2. For PARTY mode, I like to play with shimmery eye make-up and get a bit fancy with my liner too.. I usually focus on my eyes and love the Smokey eye look.. I think it works anytime of day but at night… Wow, it’s just so fun! I’m starting to love playing with brighter lips too! I’m busting out baby!

  3. Party mode means shimmer and sparkle. I do a darker, shimmering eye, most likely black liner (I almost NEVER use black liner otherwise), some rosy cheeks, a shimmering, bold lip, and then enough highlighter to choke an elephant–or at least make the elephant question its sexual orientation.

    I really need to go to more parties.

  4. My go-to makeup look for a party is usually just my usual look with a little extra oomph–I don’t like to do anything TOO different, because it’s super stressful to do something different or new for me when I already feel a little stressed about a special event! :) My usual look is some variation of a smoky eye, some bronzer, and some highlighter. For a special event. I’ll make the smoky eye a little more dramatic, maybe add some glitter too, and some fake lashes. I’ll go a little heavier with the bronzer and highlighter, and will sometimes add a bright red matte lip.

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