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You may be asking yourself “Just what is this fabulous Lipstick League loaded with links from some of the biggest beauty blogs on the web?” You’re wise to be curious…

The weekly link list was developed by Stef from we heart this and G. from Nouveau Cheap during a brainstorm/chit chat about how the two friends could promote each other’s hard work in a symbiotic, kumbaya fashion.

As fellow bloggers were invited and joined the forming group, the founders realized they were creating more than just a link list. They were creating something powerful. Like, a super power kind-of powerful. And so the Lipstick League was born.

You may also be asking yourself “Beauty bloggers with super powers? Isn’t that far-fetched?” We’d argue no. Not only do these bloggers take their trade very seriously, they’ve been featured in some of the largest publications around (both in print and online) and reach over one million viewers per month combined.

Sounds like a super power to us…

The founder:

we heart this

we heart this is a beauty-obsessed Los Angeles lifestyle blog that’s a little bit of everything, a whole lot of love! Lead by editor-in-chief Stef, she and her team of 10 writers have been featured on The Huffington Post,, in a John Frieda commercial campaign and New Beauty magazine. Its design has also been honored as a WordPress Showcase site. (Visit we heart this)

Super Power: Lightning fast purchase justification.

The League:

We’ve had many league members through the years, but here are the OGs that have been around since the early days…


Former magazine beauty editor Janine and her sister Karen are the main voices behind Beautygeeks, an award-winning Canadian site Janine started in 2008. Karen is a geek about nail polish and known for her flawless swatches. Janine is a geek about skincare, makeup and look-great techniques that help women of all ages feel good about themselves. As a freelancer, Janine’s written for Canada’s top national publications including Elle Canada; she’s also appeared on a number of national and local programs. (Visit Beautygeeks)

Super Power: Janine draws women inexorably into her bright-lipstick world; Karen mesmerizes even non-polish wearers with her playful prose and nail-colour combos.

Blushing Noir

Brooke has been blogging at Blushing Noir since 2009. Since then she’s been named the Most Buzzworthy Blogger of the Year by Allure Magazine in 2012 and has been an ambassador for Aveeno, Ricola and Tweezerman. In addition to blogging, Brooke is also a SAHM to two kids, a dog and a husband. So, basically four kids. (Visit Blushing Noir)

Super Power: Enabling even the most budget friendly beauty lovers!


Established in 2008, EauMG is a perfume and fragrance obsessed blog that has been featured in glossy and online publications in the U.S. and UK. Allure says that EauMG is a “beauty tweeter we can’t get enough of!” (Visit EauMG)

Super Power: A superhuman nose that can sniff out all the wonderful smellies from the popular to the obscure.

My Beauty Bunny

My Beauty Bunny is the award-winning, number one cruelty-free beauty blog, focusing on companies who do not test on animals. Founded by Jen Mathews, My Beauty Bunny has been named by Shape Magazine as a Top 5 Beauty Blog and has been featured in the media including The Huffington Post, People Style Watch Magazine, All You Magazine and KTLA Los Angeles News. (Visit My Beauty Bunny)

Super Power: Saving animals everyday with the power of cruelty-free beauty blogging.


Phyrra is an award-winning cruelty free beauty blogger. She features cruelty free and vegan beauty brands. You can expect bright makeup, colorful hair, sparkly nails, alternative fashion and standard poodles. (Visit Phyrra)

Super Power: Blinds you with bright, sparkly beauty.

Prime Beauty

Cindy is the baby boomer writer and editor of Prime Beauty, a beauty blog for women 40 & over and in the prime of their lives. Women over 40 have unique issues and Prime Beauty addresses those issues with information and products geared specifically for them. Aside from writing Prime Beauty, you may find Cindy wandering the hills and valleys searching for the fountain of youth. (Visit Prime Beauty)

Super Power: The ability to travel back in time to recapture that youthful glow.