Look at that - a new and improved we heart this!

Look at that – a new and improved we heart this!

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Welcome readers to a new and improved, slightly revamped we heart this!

Today, we’re launching an updated site with a new two-column format. Unless you’re a graphics/computer/design nerd, that information may not really matter to you. But we do hope that all of our amazing readers will find this new format a cleaner, easier reading experience.

Oh, and have you noticed our New Tabs…way up at the very top of the page – just above our header? We’ve made it a bit easier for readers to find some of our most sought after information and pages (while cleaning a bit of “clutter” from the side column – we heart organizing!)

Now if you’re are looking for ways to contact us, want to read our stimulating FAQ or just want to get back to the wht home page; it’s all just one click away and easy to find at the very top of every page.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce we have become a part of the Glam Media family. Creating and running we heart this has been a labor of love, and we think these leaders in publishing and the internet can help bring wht to the next level (we would love for running wht to be our labor of a job as well – we’re dreamers.)

What does this change mean for readers? Not too much. You may notice new types of ads (videos! always sound-free!) and slightly larger ads (for more information, check out our updated Disclosure Policy). But as always, we will not run ads that impede your enjoyment of the site – or your ability to sneak a peak at wht while at work.

If you see some general wonkiness on the site over the next few days (broken links, loading errors), please give us a heads up. And as always, if you have any questions, problems or concerns, please let us know. Use those handy new tabs to email us or leave a comment here in this post.

Finally, thanks to our incredible writing team and our amazing readers – we can’t do it without you guys!

11 thoughts on “Look at that – a new and improved we heart this!”

  1. @tyna & @stef, with you guys, your hard work shines really bright!!I want to tell you and the readers that You both ROCK!! I think the site looks cleaner and love the sides filled with advertisments. I know some things need to be tweeked but for the most part, it’s easy to get around! I Love the changes so far!

    YAY! you could say I’m super excited for YOU and the rest of us at We Heart This! It’s so cool to watch all the changes and growth unfold over time and develop into something bigger and better!

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