MAC Colourizations Sneak Preview

MAC Colourizations Sneak Preview

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Double shadow compacts, coming in August ($25), wht review coming soon. Can you stand the pretty?

16 thoughts on “MAC Colourizations Sneak Preview”

  1. Oh wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a classic brown/cream combo and that one looks gorgeous. I can’t keep up with MAC… they put out too many new combos and colors that I just must have!

  2. I’m going a little crazy at the idea of the palette in general – a duo of eyeshadows! I only ever have had a single pot of shadow from MAC – I’m all aflutter over the new (?) packaging!! Have they released palette duos before?

    Oh and I too must have the turquoise/taupe combo!

  3. Not going to lie, I would buy the purple and gold because its the Vikings colors, and I could make plenty of use of that during football season. I can also probably convince my boyfriend to get it for me for exactly that reason…

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