MAC Give Me Liberty of London Unveiling party

MAC Give Me Liberty of London Unveiling party

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Living two hours from Los Angeles, I’ve given in to the fact that if I want to attend the best parties, there’s going to be a major drive involved. Imagine my surprise when finding out (and being invited to) one of only 12 US MAC Give Me Liberty of London parties was happening in my neck of the woods; Rancho Mirage, CA (just outside of Palm Springs). How exciting, a full eight days before the line’s March 11th release!

Not surprising, MAC did not disappoint; pulling out all the stops and fabulous touches that make their events so amazing. A stunning model lounging on a Liberty Fabric covered high back chair, reciting a Simon Doonan Ode to Liberty Sonnet all night long (which guests took home in a scroll). A scruffy and handsome rocker strolling the store playing his guitar (because what better accessory to a beautiful model than a musician?) And of course, Tanqueray cocktails and all sort of delicious British nibbly bits; chips and vinegar (that’s fries to you, limey) tea sandwiches and scones.

(Check out the arms serving those chips! MAC knows what girls like.)

If you follow the beauty blogs, by now you have heard some of the (much deserved) buzz surrounding MAC’s latest collection, Give Me Liberty of London. This glorious union between two well-loved and covet-worthy brands is a match made in heaven. As Anglophiles of the highest order, we’ve had our eye on Liberty of London for years. But if you’re less obsessed with all things British, here’s a primer on the classic London brand that is still the fashion way forward.

Liberty of London, a lush accessories brand, launched in 2005 and draws its inspiration from the remarkable heritage of Liberty & Co, the famous British Department Store. Founded in 1875, selling fabric and art, Liberty & Co practically invented the home furnishing store, and it’s creator, Arthur Liberty, was not only an astute businessman but was also instrumental in the development of the Art Nouveau movement. From humble beginnings, Liberty & Co became one of the most fashionable places to shop and be seen in all of London.

Over 100 years later, Liberty of London is drawing on some of that amazing history and turning out accessories with bold colors, dramatic designs and modern flair. Working with MAC for this signature collection, Liberty & Co based its signature style on a fabric print originally sold in 1883 entitled Strawberry Thief. The print was revamped with bold, updated colors and a new modernized design. The collection found its muse in the classically cool London look – that urban bohemian chic style London lasses so easily emulate. The look is Screamingly British, from the almost Victorian tapestry look of the graphics, with bits of Twiggy thrown in (we love the white, pop-art feeling of the white packaging) and the polished edge of modern day ingénues like Kate and Agnes.

I felt like a bit of a ingénue myself tonight! Floating around the party, chatting with the cheerful and helpful MA’s. The best tip I heard about applying this dreamy collection was from Angelia, the store’s fabulous manager. She showed me how to blend the blush not only across your cheeks, but up your temples, blurring and softening the line between eye and cheek color. It creates a beautiful, ethereal look, much like the collection itself! Be sure to check out our swatches of the line and big thanks to MAC for a swinging do.

16 thoughts on “MAC Give Me Liberty of London Unveiling party”

  1. Was it hard to resist pushing that model off that gorgerous chair and running away with it? I have to wait another month for this collection, boo hoo.

  2. Don’t want to be hater! But I can’t help it. So jealous, Stef! But I suppose if I couldn’t be there myself you are a worthy surrogate. Glad you got to enjoy it all so close to home.

  3. Oh boy Stef, sounds like you had a fun time checking this line out. Everything sure looks so very multihued, to say the least! The unique blending technique on the models facial makeup makes her look otherworldly to me.. or she got in a fistfight.. I got a real chuckle from reading what Rachel wrote, “Was it hard to resist pushing that model off that gorgeous chair and running away with it?”- I cannot wait to see this launch myself next Thursday right here in my backyard. Gotta love working at South Coast Plaza where we have a MAC Boutique. Stef, you funny.. you’re not ingénue at all- you are so far from being a young woman who is naive and lacks experience or understanding of life! (Definition of ingénue)
    You’re so “with it” when it comes to what is the new up and coming lines of beauty, new style and hottest fashion! Now, more importantly, how were the chips and what were the nibbly bits?

  4. Pam, I was going for the “endearingly innocent” meaning of ingénue…Plus, it might be just me, but British ingénues always seem to have a cool edge to them too.

    Rachel, I’m guessing your outside of the US? They generally have later release dates than us. But hang in there, this one is worth the wait!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..MAC Give Me Liberty of London swatches =-.

  5. You are endearingly innocent and indeed have an incredible cool edge, but when looking up the meaning of the word Ingénue in the compact Oxford English Dictionary this is what you learn.

    • noun an innocent or unsophisticated young woman. — ORIGIN French, from ingénu ‘ingenuous’.

  6. Mmmm, chips and vinegar. Look’s like a fun party – good eats, drinks, moving art and makeup – what’s not to like? Hope you had a blast Stef! That chair is to die for – I would love to have a big, comfy colorful chair like that in my bedroom. Rachel – maybe we can plan a heist!

    If any one is a sewer or crafty type, they sell some amazing fabric at Liberty:
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..Oscar Worthy Books =-.

  7. That Strawberry Thief fabric is awesome! I was thinking that they would make cool curtains….yes, no?

    The vinegar and chips sound really good right about now too….yummy!

  8. Ooh, Cori, I think the Strawberry Thief fabric would look great as curtains!

    I’m trying to decide if I can splurge on some of the fabric but I can’t decide which pattern I like best!

  9. As a make-up user and beauty product lover, I feel like I’m a heretic when I say that I don’t understand the big deal over M.A.C. I do think their ads are great; the product package is awesome; and I love the charity programs. But product wise, I’m like “and?” Don’t hate me!

  10. I have always thought that way Rakisha. Until this past month. I tried my first MAC products. I only got an eyeshadow and a lipstick. But I adore them. Maybe I just chose very wisely and I would hate other things. But I must say that I am super happy with what I am using from them now.

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