Meet Maureen Kelly – the heart behind tarte!

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Plus, a sneak preview of the 8th World Wonder QVC exclusive

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Happy Green Monday readers! Last week Stef and I had an exceptionally green and fabulous Thursday when we had the pleasure of meeting Maureen Kelly, the heart behind tarte! This genuinely nice and naturally gorgeous lady is the force behind one of our very favorite eco-friendly beauty brands.

If I was writing this for a magazine in the 80s, now is the part where I would tell you Maureen is a women that proves “we can have it all” – an education, husband, kids, friends, and a CEO position in a flourishing company. As wise women in 2011, we know that of course, we can have it all. But, you need the drive, determination and smarts to go out and get it all.

The inspiring Maureen did just that. Once upon a time, 1999 to be exact, Maureen was a beauty obsessed gal with a desire to go green. Sadly, most of the environmentally friendly, cruelty-free products on the shelves back than where far from glamorous. When she found herself embarrassed to pull out her green (but dowdy) cosmetics in front of others, Maureen decided to do something about it!

Determined to develop a line that would “prove that glamor can be good for you” and the earth, Maureen sourced high-performance, natural ingredients to create skin nourishing, high impact makeup. Just over 10 years later, tarte has established itself at the pinnacle of green brands with it’s unique mixture of skin pampering formulas, chic and eco-friendly packaging and a range of colors and products that can take you from natural to full-on glam.

We were thrilled to spend some time chatting with the inspiring lady and her right hand woman, Director of Public Relations, Candace. The dynamic duo were in town for tarte’s weekend QVC special, Buzz on the Red Carpet. They also managed to sneak in some time to meet with a few Los Angeles beauty artists and bloggers to share some of the upcoming products from tarte for spring/summer 2011.

We lost all composure in front of these impressive business women when we got an up-close and hands-on look at some of these amazing new items, especially the soon to be QVC exclusive 8th World Wonder kit.

make up products on the table photos: we heart this

Squee! Seriously, it was all Stef could do, not to pick up this collection and run out the door! We’ll be taking a look at this affordable and fabulous set in more depth next week.

Lucky you, you can spend some time with Maureen too! See what’s new from tarte and available exclusively on QVC when Maureen visits America’s favorite home shopping option. Make sure to tune in to QVC for Maureen and tarte beauty on Monday, March 14, 2011 (shows starting at Midnight, 9 am and 6 pm ET) to get your hands on all the new arrivals for spring/summer 11.

In the meantime, get another look at the 8th World Wonder kit, and make sure to bookmark the page, so you can place your order bright and early on the 14th – the 7 piece (plus a bag) collection will be on sale for $48 for one day only. (Psst, you can pre-order now if you sign up for auto delivery of 2 more tarte collections this year!)

QVC addicts and tarte lovers: Here’s one way to keep yourselves occupied until March 14 – meet me in the comments to talk all things tarte!

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  1. I love Tarte products so much and Maureen definitely succeeded in developing a chic line of eco products! For awhile I didn’t even realize they were eco! I just loved the packaging and the performance. Love hearing such a success story behing a favorite line. :-)

  2. I bought my first tarte product this weekend actually, and I am PSYCHED. This looks entirely rad.

  3. You hit the nail on the head @tyna – tarte doesn’t skimp on glamour just because it’s an eco-friendly brand! I am marking March 14th on my calendar so I don’t forget to check out Maureen on QVC. And I must, MUST have the 8th wonder set!

  4. Ok, first of all…every word @tyna said is true. Maureen is a total inspiration and she couldn’t be sweeter. And to be sitting there with her and the equally lovely Candace, before a table full of brand spanking new tarte goodness; it was one of those pinch me moments.

    @jpal – I was the same way! I didn’t know tarte was green either. My first product was Park Avenue Princess bronzer, with that gorgeous mock crocodile packaging. It was a happy shock to find out it not only looked amazing, but was good for my skin too.

    @jo – you are going to be hooked. Welcome to the world of tarte!

    But, OMG – that 8th World Wonder kit shown above? Gasp, it is so, so awesome. I can’t wait to ramble about it next week!

  5. I only started using tarte a few months ago, and it’s already a very large portion of my daily routine. I LOVE this brand! Their primers are amazing, and the eye shadows are so soft and build-able. I think I need the blush in that set, and I’m drooling over the brush that comes with it. I seriously recommend their products to everyone these days. I’m going to have to seriously consider this set, it looks great! Can’t wait to see what you guys think of it next week.

  6. Maureen did a little interview for my site a year or so ago and I thought she was too kind. I’m also obsessed with the cheek stain, one of my summer favorites.

  7. Here is a big SHOUT OUT for Tarte and QVC. Tartes products are high quality and fun plus, they are usually made in the USA and ecofriendly. There is something about when QVC has their on air presentations that really draws me in. I know this collection is going to go fast. The colors are awesome and I want that brush! My calendar is marked because I do not want to miss this one.

  8. I love Tarte! My tinted moisturizer is absolutely one of the best I’ve ever used. That QVC collection looks gorgeous!

  9. @pinkshaya and @hao9703 – the brush is AMAZING! It’s used to blend your foundation, it kind of buffs it onto your skin. OMG, love it. By the way – the Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer that we all love? They now have a foundation formula! It comes with the kit. I’m telling you, you guys are going to flip. Start squirreling away 48 dollars for March 14th – I have!

  10. Tarte is one of those brands I would love to try if it were in my budget. The products have always looked very nice to me. I liked getting to read about the lady behind it all :)

  11. I adore tarte! It’s funny, I always forget that it’s eco-friendly as well as jut plain ol’ amazing. It’s so great to hear about the people behind the brand; it makes it seem less corporate and more personal!

    That set looks so great. Also, my grandmother LOVES QVC and has gotten me a little addicted. (It’s SO not the old channel it used to be, there are some great bargains….) @stef, you are a trooper. I don’t know if I would have been able to hold myself back…

  12. Whoa, can’t wait to get my hands on this set, especially that brush! I adore Tarte…the packaging is always amazing and every product I buy turns into one of my favorites. I will always be a loyal follower of this brand!

  13. Tarte is one of my favorites and I’m glad WHT was able to introduce us to the wonderful woman behind the brand. That set looks gorgeous!

  14. Dear Maureen Kelly,

    You should be nominated for sainthood. You make some of the best cosmetic products on the market–and your packaging is just darn cute! The bronzers! The gel-cheek stains! Lights Camera Lashes Mascara!

    Love, Katie

    P.S. Please bring back your full brush line. I have a set of them and they are THE BEST.

  15. Maureen Kelly looks like such a doll! It was so cool learning more about her. And when I saw the photo of that QVC set, my jaw just about hit the floor. Wow, there are so many great things in that set!

    I love all things Tarte! They have adorable packaging and great products. Unlike some “green” products, Tarte is trendy and fun. I love their cheekstains, eyeliner, eye primer, and lipstain pencils.

  16. Count me as one who didn’t know tarte was green, either! I just thought glamorous. I have a huge palette called the vanity I got maybe last Christmas, that is just awesome. I love my provocateur pressed powder and multipleye waterproof mascara – but my FAVORITE tarte product has always been lights, camera, lashes mascara! The best!!!

  17. I’ve picked up a few tarte products in the past.The Jewels of the Amazon liner trio looks gorgeous. I also need to grab up some of the Lipsurgence colors.

    It’s so interesting how QVC has changed over the years. It has gotten so young and offering great make-up brands now. I could watch it for hours if my roommate didn’t pester me.

  18. You lucky kids! That brush looks beautiful…like the rest of their line…

  19. I absolutely love Tarte and as I’ve told you guys over Twitter, Maureen is such a fine businesswoman and it seems like she is very sweet and CARES about her customers’ needs. Tarte is one those companies that I feel is very consistent and the products just keep getting better! That new set looks amazing. I have my eye on that brush :)

  20. I love Tarte products too! I so want THAT brush it sounds beyond AMAZING! Although I find myself using sponges and fingers (out of habit) to blend my foundation- I’ve dreamt for so long for this kind of tool because of the way it blends and buffs the foundation onto your skin. I am really eyeing this brush. I am also interested in the new foundation formula. Like the rest of the crew, I’m singing the Tarte praises! Maureen Kelly are you Irish? Just wondering.. Here’s one Irish-lass who appreciates all you have done on so many fronts. You’re a special lady and we love all you do!

  21. That brush… THAT BRUSH… I can’t take my eyes off of it! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

    I love Tarte, and getting to hear more about Maureen just deepens my love. Thank you for all you do to make our beauty routines better for our bodies and better for the planet! It’s truly admirable.

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