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Mehron’s Celebré Precious Gem Powder Review

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Reviewphotos: we heart this

When you hear the term “Studio and Stage Makeup” you may think crazy, over the top colors made to only look good under shining bright lights. Or you may think of long lasting but heavy, mask-like products.

However, after trying Mehron (a company whose roots originate on Broadway in the 1920’s) you’ll see why this brand crept steadily through not only the entertainment industry, but also the beauty industry, with amazing products that deliver in quality and color.

The wht team reviewed their Celebré Precious Gem Powders ($8.95), a line of luminescent glowing powders that are meant to add a jewel-like luster to your skin, from head to toe. Anything that glows like jewels on my skin sounds absolutely glorious to me. Let’s take a look!

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder

Mehron’s Precious Gem Powders are part of their Studio and Stage Makeup Collection. Don’t let those terms steer you away – they are made for everyday beauties as well. There are 13 self-explanatory shimmering shades total and the team put eight of them to the test. First up…

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Emerald shade
Emerald – dark, pure green

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Sapphire shade
Sapphire – medium cobalt blue

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Amethyst shade
Amethyst – slightly blackened berry purple, with a gold sheen and loads of pigment

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Review Aquamarine shade
Aquamarine – light green with blue duochrome

I received Amethyst, a purely purple wash of gorgeousness that I couldn’t take my eyes off of upon initially swatching. From afar it surely looks purple, but up close you see this semi-metallic quality to it. I can see this being fit for a purple smokey eye or wet for a sexy liner.

Next I tried Aquamarine which screams mermaid goddess. It’s that shimmery, ethereal aqua that is just absolutely gorgeous. This one, unlike Amethyst, is more aqua glow without as much pigment, but equally as beautiful. This would be more ideal for a wash of color on the lids.

Emerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Aquamarine swatchEmerald, Sapphire, Amethyst, Aquamarine

We also tried…

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Topaz shade
Topaz – pure gold with a slight orange tinge and pigment like whoa!

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Black onyx shade
Black Onyx – black with purple shimmer and a slightly chalky consistence

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Pearl shade
Pearl – shimmery white, also with a chalky consistence

Mehron's Celebré Precious Gem Powder Ruby Shade
Ruby – shimmery medium pink, loaded with pigment

These powders have a silky smooth consistency that glides easily over your skin. I love the jewel effect that it produces, which isn’t too extreme but contributes to the depths of its color.

A primer works best for lasting purposes if used on the eyes, and you can also use a mixing liquid or a drop of water to produce darker results. I love the range of birthstone shades offered, the lighter colors are more suitable for use on cheeks and lips.

Five grams of product will last you quite a while and make the price absolutely worth it! You can purchase the Precious Gem Powders line and looks at loads of professional quality makeup over at

Topaz, Black Oynx, Pearl, Ruby swatchesTopaz, Black Oynx, Pearl, Ruby

Professional makeup suitable for real people
Great colors and highly pigmented
Generously sized
Reasonably priced

Loose powders are not for everyone
Availability – would love to see the entire line in one of the big beauty shops!

we heartsters and reviewers – what are your glowing thoughts about these Precious Gem Powders?


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  1. MEHRON!!!! I was so surprised to see this review because Mehron is a brand I know well from me theatre days!! Their stage makeup was killer, but we often used it as street makeup when we could; their Creamblend sticks doubled as a concealer and we used their set powder constantly and WAY before MAC and MakeUpForever got into the “no color powder” game.

    This is super exciting and I’m so jealous of the testers! I can’t wait to hear what the ladies thought; Mehron is such a great brand!

    1. That’s awesome! I knew there would be some theatre gals who really used this in their productions. I can totally see why this is a staple for those who perform on stage!

    2. I’m with you @lyssachelle ! I remember quite vividly the boxes of Mehron that lined the mirrors in the theatre. It was always funny, there were the Mehron girls and the Ben Nye girls and ne’er the two shall meet! Hahaha.
      I never really played around with Mehron’s eyeshadows, so I’m looking forward to seeing what all the testers have to say!

    3. Love that you backstage type of gals are already familiar with Mehron. I just discovered them with in the last year and was all “where have you been all my life!?” My only backstage experience was a high school production of The Wizard of Oz – no walls lined with Mehron to be found – boo!

  2. This was my first time trying Mehrom products and while I have seen makeup and Youtube gurus use their more pigmented products, these were such a pleasure for me to try…and also very suitable to my makeup preference since they are on the sheer side. I’m going to give this one 4 glowing stars (4.5 if I could) because I don’t reach for loose powders very often.

  3. Ruby and Amethyst are so pretty! And $8.95 really is a great price tag. I’m also not a loose powder kind of girl, but these would be definitely worth checking out.

  4. I only just discovered Mehron at last years IMATS – where they wowed us with the skill of their make up artists – check out @stef‘s flower power are makeup on FB:

    And completely sold us on their incredible Celebré Pro HD Make-Up – a creamy foundation/concealer multi-tasker that’s only 10 bucks. I bought two almost identical shades because I couldn’t decide which was the better match – and they blend seamlessly together on my face (the lighter shade as a concealer under eyes and the darker one all over as a light, spot foundation).

  5. Theater makeup was how I got my start with beauty products. This is a great line! These colors are stunning! I would totally wear them for sure!

  6. I have this in Ruby. It’s not a very wearable color, unfortunately, but the pigmentation is great and the texture is really smooth. The price is good, especially for the amount in the jar, but given that other reviewers find some shades to be a little chalky, I might have to give them a pass. I agree that availability is also an issue, as is the fact that it’s a loose powder. Even so, I’d give it four stars.

  7. I just got back into town from a week in Austin for SxSW (!!), so I’m a little late with my review, but I really liked this powder! I got to try Black Onyx and I absolutely loved how sparkly it was! Very fun for a smokey look with a pop of shine! It also worked pretty well as a liner when wet.

    It was a bit chalky as @mandabear mentions, but it really didn’t bother me much. I’m dying to try some of the other shades! The Amethyst and Topaz are fantastic looking!

    I will say that I’m not the biggest loose powder fan though. So that will knock a star off for me. Otherwise, I’m totally digging the Mehron powders! 4 stars!

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