Money magnets - a cheap and chic project

Money magnets – a cheap and chic project

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I’m a collector. Doesn’t that sound so much nicer that hoarder? But as my collections grow, hoarding is really more accurate of a title. I collect vintage glass advertising ashtrays. I continue to buy them and I have no where to put them (I also don’t smoke, but that’s a whole other story). The shelf in my living room designated for my old cameras is filled. Know what I got at a thrift store this week? 2 more cameras. Don’t even get me started on lip glosses. Let alone matchbooks, aprons, martini shakers…

So, with the state of my bulging collections, I needed to start thinking of dual purposes for some of my items. I’m running out of display surfaces, not to mention closet and garage space for things waiting to moved into rotation. And thus was born a very easy (and rather clever) idea for my foreign coin collection-magnets! I can display my finds and tack up all my junk on the fridge in a stylish fashion.

All you need for this simple lil’ project is is:

  • Coins; you can even use US money, but personally I need my quarters for gum! So besides what I’ve acquired on trips, I bought international coins at a flea market.
  • Magnets discs; I used ceramic and you can get these at any hardware store (about $4 for 8).
  • Epoxy; the best glue on earth.

I’m sure you can figure out what to do from here. But I’ll over explain (cause that’s what I do). Follow the directions on the epoxy and apply it to the magnet. The only tricky part of this is the nature of the magnet. Once you start moving the coin towards the magnet, it almost jumps out of your fingers to meet it’s fate, so just hold on to both tightly. The beauty of epoxy is that you have a bit of time to re-arrange it if you don’t get the magnet centered and that sort of thing matters to you. Let them dry overnight before you use them.

Voilà, cheap and chic magnets are now all yours! Proudly exclaim “I made those!”

9 thoughts on “Money magnets – a cheap and chic project”

  1. Very nice craft project Stef! Cute, simple and useful. I love it because it’s another one that I can actually do (wether I actually make the time to try it is another story). Oh and the postcard with the young preacher boy is awesome as well!

  2. What a wonderful Stefie kind of idea! I love it.. You’re now the new Reading, Pa Martha Stewart of our time! Too bad, I have recently -reluctantly removed all my stuff from years of collection off of my old fridge.. We had it for 20 plus years, and needed to get an Energy Star bottom freezer fridge! Yeah, I’m so happy we have a new clean fridge.. I dare say it’s that only clean thing in the Casa! Well, I have all the pictures, and “what not” you name it, in a bag to consider what to do with them now! I may make a collage, since i have so many memories in that bag! You included! You and the wood on your wedding day, partaking (drinking) your Wedding beer from David.

  3. Thanks Jen. Let me know if you figure out the glass magnets! You got me thinking…I may have to try to figure this one out myself.

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