Mother's Day gift guide

Mother’s Day gift guide

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With Mother’s Day just about 2 weeks away, we bring you some of the best ways to show the Mom in your life that you love her. Of course, in addition to any gifts, make sure there’s lots of kisses and hugs involved too. Moms love that stuff!

We are a firm believer in the power of a vase of fresh, colorful flowers. Mother’s Day just happens to fall during the spring when beautiful flowers are abound, so take advantage of the season! It’s always great to stay local with flowers – better for the earth and your wallet (and you get to include a handwritten note telling Mom why you heart her.) If you or your Mom happen to live in LA, we recommend My Secret Garden for its helpful staff and reasonably priced, lovely arrangements. ( we heartsters pass on your knowledge in the comments and let us know about the best flower shop in your area.)

If you are unable to go local, we have had much success with the quality and delivery services (they work with local florists) from (T’s Mom sent a lovely orange and yellow bouquet using this service at the launch of wht.) Their charming and elegant Pour Your Heart Out ($40) arrangement is our suggestion for Moms this year. A bouquet of roses and daisies are arranged in a beautiful, reusable, etched glass carafe accompanied by a matching cup. Finally, a delivery flower vase that doesn’t wind up in the back of a cabinet until yard sale day! Once the flowers are removed, you know Mom will continue to use this sweet, simple carafe and cup – it’s perfect for the office or by her bedside.

Got a hip Mom? Why not pick up a Record Bowl ($25)?icon Handmade in Philadelphia (yo!) by artist Jeff Davis. You can even choose the type of record; Rock & Roll, Disco, Jazz, and more. Make Mom reminisce about that wild night from her youth while she’s passing you an apple.

Maybe you’d like to tug on the heart strings a bit more than the guitar strings? We suggest this Pewter Keepsake Boxicon ($32) engraved with “Very little is needed to make a happy life.” Place an object from your childhood (or her grandchild’s) in it, like a little drawing or a lock of hair, for a real tearjerker of a gift.

What Mom doesn’t love pampering herself with luxurious bath products? In our experience, Blissicon delivers high quality, effective products with a lush feel and delicious scent (and we should know, our bathrooms are filled with Bliss items). Pick a trio of scrumptious Bliss bath products (a rich and creamy body butter, a hard working, skin smoothing scrub and a rich, foamy shower gel) in her favorite scents and save $15 on the set. Feel free to mix and match scents to suit your mom. To get your savings, enter code SAVE15 at check out – offer valid through May 11th.

Clinique is a line that manages to be adored by everyone – moms, daughters, grandmas and more. This timeless line of beloved skin care, make up and fragrances has a great selection of specials and gifts setsicon sets for mom. We love the idea of giving a custom labeledicon bottle of Happy ($53) using your own photograph. (Hurry, you need to order today to guarantee Mothers Day arrival). Another pick from is the new Happy in Bloom Perfume Spray, ($53) we adore the pink flowered bottle (which would look lovely on any vanity), and the soft floral scent. Order now and receive a matching limited edition flower lipstick compact containing Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick in Strawberry Ice to compliment your gift!

Art always makes a great gift. And this would work for the Hippie Mom or the Green Mom just perfectly. The Recycled Glass Globeicon ($45) shown here is called the Tree of Family and “reminds us that no matter how far we branch out as individuals, our family is always there for support, for encouragement and above all for love.”

This Kodak Digital Picture Frame ($64) is easy enough for anyone to use, even if they don’t have a computer (“I’m not on the interweb” says Grandma.) Simply fill a flash drive or memory card with images and all Mom has to do is plug it into the back of the frame. This one even lets you change the border color to match the image or room (silver or red). And, best of all, it’s the gift that keeps giving. Just load up some memory with new images for the next holiday!

Don’t forget to share your great, local florist with the members of we heart this. And check back Wednesday for our Indie and Handmade Mothers Day Gift Guide for even more great ideas for Mom’s big day!

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day gift guide”

  1. If you’re going grad student style (i.e. REALLY low budget)… I found a picture of my brother and I when we were about 3 and 6, respectively. It’s easter sunday and we’re in the bluebonnets (Texas state flower). It’s an adorable photo!

    I bought a plain white matting at Hobby Lobby and painted it with big abstract bluebonnets all over and I’m going to go back and get a simple brown or black frame to mount the photo and matting with. Moms REALLY love that stuff – When I get it framed, I’ll post a photo!

  2. Very cute Katie! Def do post a picture. Mom’s who have artistic kids always get great gifts.

    Hey, another DIY option-there’s always buying the flowers and doing the arrangement yourself. You could totally do something like this.

  3. Gotta love the record bowls! Me and my one friend used to make these (along with toothbrush bracelets, friendship bracelets, etc.) and try to sell them at our local farmer’s market. A lot of older people would come to our stand and just ask us why our records were bent. Womp womp.

    Love the ideas! I think I’m going to be transferring all of my baby videos onto dvd for my mom. And I’m going to record a message of me saying something thoughtful and sentimental at the end.

  4. All great ideas Kid. I would love any of them. You are always so original with your gifts. That’s because I have one of those artistic kids!

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