Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 - review

Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 – review

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I know you dry folks have your own struggles, but this is my story – the oily girl’s woe. Too much vigor while attempting to banish the oil (washing too much, using too strong or too many products) and you actually end up creating more. It’s true, if you dry your skin out with your oil fighting, it counteracts by producing more oil. Trying to balance your skin is the fine line we teeter daily…

Murad to the rescue, yet again. The Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 is the 3-in-1 Problem Solver and quite frankly, oily skin’s savior. It contains a Oil-Control Complex that helps regulate oil production while preserving moisture (that is the key).

This little tube of genius:

  • Reduces shine on contact.
  • Keeps skin free of excess oil by up to 78% for 8 hours.
  • Provide an instant, long-lasting matte finish.
  • And as the name implies, has SPF 15!

Sound good to be true? Believe it. Trying to balance your oily skin doesn’t have to be such a…well, balancing act!

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6 thoughts on “Murad Oil Control Mattifier SPF 15 – review”

  1. This product is 5 stars all the way! If you only knew how many different mattifiers I’ve tried and that have failed me, you would be shocked and alarmed. I’m an oily girl. Apparently that means my skin won’t get as wrinkly, but that’s little comfort to me when my makeup is sliding off my face like some creature from a wax works by noon (I feel pretty). Either the product doesn’t mattify at all or it breaks me out so I’m oily and practically disfigured. The Murad Oil-Control Mattifier is the best mattifier I’ve ever used, hands down. It’s got spf 15, which is fantastic for daytime. It dries very quickly so you can put on your makeup right away and it almost works as a primer because when I put foundation on after I apply this, my pores are practically in witness protection that’s how little I can see them. Best of all? It does what it says it will. My skin is shine-free and blemish-free. It’s a little pricey, but so worth it because it delivers and you only need a dab for your whole face, so suck it up ladies and get yourself one! You will love it!

  2. I am a bad, bad girl. I don’t like sunscreen. I know, I know. I can see the Dr. looking down the top of his glasses at me right now with a look of disgust. But I just don’t like that chalky feeling that seems to just sit on top of your skin.

    With that said, the oil control properties of this product were amazing! It totally kept the oil at bay all day long. And like Krista said, it did feel like a primer of sorts.

    BUT…refer to paragraph 1, I just don’t like sunscreen. In this product’s defense, that “sunscreen” feeling is way lighter than with a lot of products that I’ve tried. And this would be perfect for a day in the sun (at the beach, going to a fair, etc.) but for every day-I personally wouldn’t choose it.

    I still gave it 3 stars for the super oil combating and I will hang on to it for sun filled days. But for the good girl who wears her sunscreen? You’d probably love it…

  3. I’m a combination skin gal and this was a miracle product for me. I applied this to my oily t-zone and noticed it working instantly. I agree with Krista that this was very much like a primer, but also did a great job keeping the oil away. I will definitely buy this again and can’t wait to use it in the summer months when nothing will stick to my face. I have a feeling this is going to be my new best friend.

  4. I could write the exact same review as Tiffany! I also can’t wait to try this in the summer months to really see it’s effects. And I also am a combo skin girl. Absolutely nothing has ever mattified my shiny nose immediately – let alone hours later – until this product. And it really is an immediate effect. For that alone, I’m extremely happy with this. This actually feels quite dry going on – like there’s no moisture hardly at all in it. For that reason, I didn’t think I’d like it for very long on the rest of my face. But, the rest of my face doesn’t actually feel dry at all – you just think it’s going to going on! So, I wouldn’t use this every day because that very hydrated, just jumped in a pool feeling is what I love – but for days when I want that oil gone – this does exactly that – just exactly what it claims. If you don’t need that super hydrated feeling and get at all shiny, this is the product for you!

  5. I’m combo to oily skinned and have to say I really like this product. First, any time you can get SPF in a product, it’s good for me. I love that you can layer this with a moisturizer or foundation with SPf to build on the protection. I used this only on the oiliest parts of my face right now in the midst of winter – checks, forehead, tip of nose, chin and my shine issues (even hours later) were vastly improved! It nicely mattifies the area (and helps hide blackheads somehow) and makes a smooth surface for powder, cover-up or what have you. Since winter is also the driest time of month, I used this first and then added a nice layer of moisturizer. No problem with mixing products to report, and there was no waiting time for the mattifier to sink in. I’m excited to try this in the summer because I think it will eliminate my need for a moisturizer while stile providing sun protection and some a base for my makeup. Well worth a try for shiny or oily skin.

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