My mortifying first period story

My mortifying first period story

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Sure, I’ve heard more terrible first period stories (during a book report, wearing white pants, in gym class) but I would bet that few are as cringe worthy and funny as mine…

Like many people I know, my parents were divorced when I was young. I went to see my father every weekend throughout my childhood, and this weekend, when Mother Nature decided it was my time, was no different.

It was an ordinary Sunday with Dad. He was watching football, I was trying to keep myself entertained (usually that meant snooping around his house). When during a bathroom break from my detective work, it happened. Now, I had been given “the talk”. My Mom handed me a pamphlet one day that explained a woman’s menstrual cycle (I think it was put out by Kotex). She sat and smoked while I read it, then asked “Any questions?” to which I quickly shook my head no. Then she went to make spaghetti and I went to watch TV. I was well prepared!

What I wasn’t prepared for was that it was going to happen while I was at my Dad’s house. And not only that, my Step Mom wasn’t even home. Instead, I had to muster up the courage to go tell my Dad. Cause honestly, even though I knew I wasn’t dying, I didn’t really know what to do!

I shuffled downstairs and sat down next to him as he watched the game. When I finally got some nerve gathered I said “Dad?” He asked “Yeah?” I blurted out with all my strength “I got my period.” He looked a bit flustered for a split second, but quickly said “Uh….Karen has stuff for that under the sink”.

I guess I wasn’t as good of a snoop as I thought because I should have known this! I quickly ran upstairs and began searching for the things that I had not only seen in the pamphlet, but seen in my Mom’s closet too. And I came up with…nothing. Oh boy, this was bad…

I slunk back downstairs and sat down next to my Dad and found a bit more courage somewhere to say “Um, Dad? There’s nothing under the sink.” He said “She’ll be home soon. Didn’t you bring anything from home?” he scolded me. “No” I said shamefully.

The game continued on for a few minutes, the whole time I was sure I ruining his couch. When I finally couldn’t take it anymore I said “Dad?” He looked at me, visibly annoyed that I kept interrupting him during the game, “I never got it before” I squeaked out.

He popped up and started to pace around, looking like a cross between one of the three stooges and a crazy person. “Oh…uh…ok…well, let’s see. Hmmm, first time, eh? Hmmm…ok!” After a minute or two of this, he went and called my Step Mom. From the next room I heard the rumblings of the phone call.

Turns out, Karen wasn’t on her way home. She was going to be hours. Their solution? Walk to the YMCA, 6 blocks away and send me into the Woman’s room with a dime. I honestly can’t remember if they had 2 cars. I want to believe they didn’t. Because if this was just the quickest solution, then that’s just wrong!

But, that’s precisely what we did. When we got there, my Dad gave me a coin and said “They’ll be a box on the wall that will give you what you need”, as he ran off. Like I didn’t feel ashamed enough! The whole thing felt like some sort of underground drug deal.

But there it indeed was, the box on the wall that was going to solve it all. I waited for the woman who was in there to leave, and popped my dime in. Out falls a GIANT box. I mean, a box practically as big as my whole little eleven year-old head. I scurried into the bathroom. And here’s where it gets truly nuts…

In the box was something similar to what I saw illustrated in the pamphlet, similar to what I saw in my Mom’s bathroom closet. But not quite right. Where was the sticker on the bottom? Instead were two long strips extending from each end. Maybe this one was made wrong? I threw it away and went out to comb the Y looking for my Dad “All set?” he asked as he headed towards the door. “No!” I whispered, “I need another dime, that one didn’t work!”

One dime later, the same thing. A ginormous, sticker-less thing that would not stay put in my panties no matter how I tried. I was sure it was going to fall out of my pant leg as I walked out the front door, surely right in front of the boys swim team. Of course I learned later that it was a napkin that was supposed to be attached to a belt. Why? Because I was BUYING PADS AT THE YMCA! This box probably hadn’t been filled since my Mom got her first period.

I realized things were grim and knew I had to act quickly, as I was already in there for about 15 minutes and was worried my Dad was going to send someone in after me and at that point, I should just drown myself in the toilet. This could not get any more embarrassing. You remember what it was like to be eleven? I was embarrassed of everything. This was way too much. So, I took off my underwear and tied the ends of the pad around the crotch, knoted them, then waddled out to meet Pop.

To say it was an uncomfortable walk home would be putting it mildly. Partly because I had a thigh-sized pad in my panties, partly because I was sure the knots were going to come undone as I walked and partly because I just became a woman while in my Father’s care. The horror…

Anyone have a tale they’d like to share?

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  1. :giggles: Stef, that was cute. Totally made me feel a lot better (had a uver crappy and depressing day).

    Be glad YOUR mom gave you just a pamphlet. My mom not only gave me every talk known to mankind from a VERY early age. I think I’m mentally scarred from all the talks AND the books AND the pamphlets AND the videos. My parents decided to be unlike others and give us honest answers whenever we ask. On one hand, it’s great she did that as I know I can be brutally honest with her. On the other hand, talk about EMBARRASSING!

    I must have been the only kid in my school with such a thorough education on Sex/Drug/Alcohol/Etc ed as I was one of the few girls who didn’t do any of those things in high school or now in college. I swear the more honest your parents are, the less you want to engage in it and less attractive it is.

  2. Okay, as it was happening, not funny. Reading about it now, hilarious. I can just imagine your dad pacing around confused. Why are men like that, btw? lol.

    I have a couple of embarrassing period stories. One is very recent. It happened this past December. My hormones are a little off and I have an IUD, so my periods are a little wonky to say the least. I was at work, sitting at my desk talking to my co-workers, and I got up to eat lunch. I put my hand on the seat of my chair and shouted “Why is my chair wet?” Then I looked at my fingertips and the “water” was blood. *ACK* I had bled through my pad, my thermal underwear and my pants. Luckily, I work with mostly women.

    Instead of enjoying a nice meal at my desk, I had to race to the nearby target to buy a new pair of underwear, pants, AND a box of maxi pads because all I had in my purse was a pantiliner. lol.


    My second story happened when I was 20 back when my husband and I were dating. We were having an, um, intimate moment, when he looked up, put his hand on my cheek lovingly and said “I think you just got your period.” OH MY FREAKING GOD! I just closed my eyes and pulled the sheet over my head and started crying. Luckily, Dave was very liberal type of dude so he went to the store to buy me a box of pads. He was comforting all day, because I was too embarrassed to look him in the eye the whole weekend. lol.

  3. Oh my, this was such a great post Stef! I think no matter how well prepared you are for the “first time” it’s still shocking and flustering.

    I was 10 and in the 4th grade when I got mine, I was in the middle of class and all of a sudden it happened. I remember going to the nurse’s office and crying (I think I was just caught so off-guard)! They gave me a pad and luckily my mom worked at the same school I attended, so someone got her and she was there to comfort me. The nurse and my mom were all so sweet about it because I think there was that level of understanding that the first time is confusing.

    Thanks for sharing this great story Stef and I adore that photo!

  4. Stef, you are so cool! Thank you for exposing your most intimate embarrassment for our enjoyment! And the photo is absolutely adorable. P.S. Do you still have that sweater?

  5. Stef-You are one ballsy lady for telling such a tale. I got my period in the 5th grade. I was really weird and actually hid it from my mom for a long time. I was so embarrassed. And I knew that she would cry and make it a really big deal. I couldn’t take it! She was really mad at me when she found out.

  6. Poor Stef! My story isn’t nearly as crazy. I was at school, went to the nurse’s office. That’s about it. It’s funny how it did seem like such a huge deal when I was younger and now it’s just an annoyance.

  7. Oh Stef! How humiliating!

    The worst/most embarrassing story I have is of my first ruptured ovarian cyst. Obviously I didn’t know it was going to happen and I was at the movie theater with my husband. Half way through the movie I knew SOMETHING was wrong from the pain and *that feeling.* Once the movie was over I rushed to the bathroom, I didn’t think it was *that* bad, but oh man was I wrong! I made my husband give me his jacket to wrap around my waist so no one would see, hah! I feel bad about not telling anyone that I ruined the theatre seat but I was too humiliated! Good thing those rooms are dark :P

  8. Oh no!! Everyone’s stories here have made me giggle, and feel good that mine are mild in comparison!
    I did have a friend who’s mother cried when she got her period; one of those, “My baby’s all grown up!!” moments. She wasn’t mortified, just irritated that her mom was crying while she was standing there trying get her to tell her where the pads were!

  9. My heart breaks for your sweet, innocent little face in that picture who did not know what was about to happen…awwww…
    I remember when I got my first period. I was 11 and it happened after school, so I got lucky. I took one of my mom’s Hindenpads (i.e. beast pad the size of the Hindenburg and so absorbent that could have saved the Titanic) and used that, went to her and said we needed to get smaller pads b/c I just got my period. She asked me if I knew what it meant. I said, “Yeah, we covered it in health class.” And then my mom added, “Don’t have sex. You can get pregnant now and you’ll get diseases and your vagina will fall out.” Not traumatic at all.
    I also remember the first girl who got her period in 5th grade. It was the day they separated the boys and girls to give them “the talk” and I won’t name the girl, but she got sent home. The next day, she came back and said she hadn’t gotten her period, but instead had an infection. I remember 5th grade me thinking, “Uh, I’d just tell people I had my period b/c I don’t want people thinking I have an infection that makes my hoo ha bleed…” Ah, young womanhood! :)

  10. Great story, Stef – thanks for sharing! It also reminds me that I need to have the talk with my husband NOW so that when our 6 month old daughter is of the age, he’s not still saying I don’t want to see or hear about any of those feminine hygiene products! I was also 10 and in the 4th grade… And it happened at school but I didn’t know what it was…I told my mom on the way home that I pooped my pants! Then the next day when I had to wear a huge pad the girl in back of me said I smelled like a soap box (?)!! To this day I will not wear scented pads for fear of smelling like a soapbox…

  11. Stef, Thanks for baring your tender teenage heart and sharing your blossoming into womanhood story.. That’s a humdinger my dear! I can really picture what happened too.. Beside the picture helps paint that story. Good read. I also feel partially crappy today, but when I read your tale of whoa, It somehow make me feel slightly better.. not because you had gone through a nightmare as a little women, but I think just laughing as I read did the trick. I have nothing like that to share about my first period.. Mine came and I didn’t have any cramps everyone was saying I’d get.. I wanted to have to take the magical pill back then called, Midol! HA! I recall my girlfriend, Kathy Cuppoli had hers first from our little group.. Wow, we thought she was so lucky… Gee can’t believe we thought that way.. We-meaning the rest of the gang were somewhat jealous – but we all took notes on how to use a maxi pad and tampons! I think nowadays kids have it good.. Parents can really prepare their girls for such a moment. One of my nieces got her first period November 26, 2008- on thanksgiving day- a day to remember.. When she did get it, she yelled from upstairs.. Where’s Mom, I’m bleeding! Thankfully, she really was ready. I even got the phone call from her proclaiming, “She got it!” but her twin sister has yet to get hers! It was funny to hear the youngest sister wanted to see. She’s a riot, there is always one!
    I love to read about these special moments!

  12. Thanks for sharing your stories ladies, you’re cracking me up. Especially Mel! You just made me spit water out of my mouth when I read that you thought you had pooped your pants. Krista, your Mom tell you that now your vagina had the possibility of falling out is rather good too.

    And Melissa, I wish I still had this sweater! And the matching turtleneck.

    Tyna and I talked a bit about this last night, how mortified you are when this first happens. I said that I was mortified by everything back then. If my Mom said my name to loud in the supermarket, I wanted to die!

    But oddly enough, writing about this has made me realize I’m still kind of mortified by my period. Maybe ashamed is a better word. Like, I still bury my tampons at the bottom of my shopping cart, because god forbid a man see them and know that I get a period!

    Anyone else find themselves doing things like that? Or did this experience somehow scar me? : )
    .-= stef´s last blog ..NYFW with Hourglass and La Perla =-.

  13. I totally agree Stef! I recently had a very serious health scare where I became very aware of my embarrassment about my period. I unknowingly had uterine polyps. I started my period and it was very bad. I ended up being hospitalized. Had surgery and many blood transfusions. I was very, very ill. But I kept apologizing for the grossness of it all to people. Upon reflection I think how stupid and illogical that is. Clearly, I must have some period shame.

  14. @Stef

    I think that the whole “period shame” thing is something that is bred into us. We’re so inundated with commercials about our “monthly gift” and “discreet feminine protection” that we’ve forgotten the words menstruation and tampon! I mean, 50% of the population is bleeding once a month, right? So why are we so afraid of talking about it?!
    When my first ovarian cyst burst I needed my husbands help to clean up (I was in too much pain to do much but bleed on the floor, LOL!). I apologized over and over again until he told me to stop apologizing. In reality he was fascinated on some level of the amount of blood a body could lose (eew!) and on another level he was sorry that I was in pain. That’s when I kinda realized something- it’s just blood. Everyone bleeds. Why should the blood from between my legs be anymore shameful than the blood from a paper cut?
    Blood is blood. No matter where the blood comes from it all smells the same so we should get over that whole “I smell” thing. We wouldn’t patch a cut with bandaids that have toxic chemicals in them so why do we insist on tampons treated with chlorine that remove color and smells and in turn can be very damaging to the tissues of the vagina? Everyone knows at least one person who uses tampons/pads and has probably seen them under their mom’s sink so why should we hid them anymore?

    That’s it! I’m calling a Period Manifesto!

  15. Aww, as Stef’s BFF of many years, I’ve heard this story a number of times – but I still cringed and laughed and awed my way through this retelling. You can totally feel her tween mortification. I’m so glad she shared this with all of us! And that photo – the sweater/turtleneck set is to die for. Love the 80’s braces too.

    Hee, dads, especially divorced ones, sure have problems with their little girls blossoming into woman. It’s like they are teens again as well – all flustered and speechless.

    And, seriously, it is kind of ridiculous how we still lower our voice when talking about periods. And I am completely guilty of burying pads/tampons at the bottom of my shopping cart/basket. How silly – and I know it’s is as I do it – but I still artfully cover the box!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..10 organizing tips to achieve your dream closet =-.

  16. Awe.. Stef.. you are so cute in that heart sweater!!

    What a horror story for a poor pre-teen, I can see that as easily
    leaving a scar! But you sure were adorable :)

    All these stories are cracking me up too..Why is it
    Mother Nature creeps up on everyone at the worst times!

  17. You know, “period shame” is the perfect phrase for it! (I’m not allowed to even say the word “period” around my husband. Well, I do anyway, but he still shudders. Sissy….)
    I remember when I had my splenectomy and I was on my period during it. I flipped out when I found I wasn’t allowed to wear a tampon and almost cried. The nurse was very sweet and told me she’d put a pad underneath me and when I argued that I’d probably bleed all over the table.
    Bless her heart; she finally stopped, touched my arm, looked me in the eye and said, “Sweetheart. We’re going to cut into your stomach and take out your spleen. There’s going to be blood regardless. It’s all the same to us.”

    And amazingly, I was still worried about it. *sigh* What’s wrong with us sometimes?!

  18. I had just turned 12, and luckily I was prepared enough and my mother was home when I got my first. I can’t think of anything particularly embarrassing…

    My dad tried to embarrass me at a dinner party with old family friends recently, telling a story about how I made him bring me clean underwear one day at school. But I laughed – I think after high school or so I really stopped being embarrassed by it. I am always glad of my very regular 28 day cylce — I know everything is working as it should!

    P.S. Love the sweater, Stef.

  19. Oh Stef I feel for ya. My best friend and I used to have this club when we were in elementary school. I think we were in 5th grade and I know neither of us had gotten our period yet, but for some reason we thought we should be ready for it when it came. As an initiation into the club, we had to go into our neighborhood convenience store and buy lots of maxipads. I think we thought it was like buying beer and you had to be a certain age to buy them. I still remember the clerk…his name was Kermit…I’m sure he thought we were nuts always coming in and buying maxipads. We had a huge stash that my brother found. He told my mom I started my period and totally embarrassed me because I really hadn’t. I then had to explain why I had sooo many pads hidden under my bed. Too bad we weren’t friends back then Stef because I would have had a pad or two to loan you!

  20. Thanks for sharing, Stef! That was a really cute story.

    I was 15 when I got it, and it was in school. Since a lot of my friends had already got theirs, I just asked around for a pad. Fortunately, I was in an all girls’ school and the school keeps spare uniforms for such occasions because I had stained my uniform really badly and didn’t want any male teachers seeing that. When I went home, I remembered mustering up the courage to tell my mother so that she could tell me where the pads were kept in the house. I could have died of embarrassment.

  21. Hilarious Tiffany! I love the image of you and your friends “covertly” buying box after box of pads from Kermit! And of course your brother found the stash, snooping by siblings leading to a big discovery and commotion is a rite of passage I think. I’d love to hear your mom telling that story to her friends the night it all went down. ha!
    .-= Tyna Werner´s last blog ..10 organizing tips to achieve your dream closet =-.

  22. Mine was kind of similar to Melinda, except it was my mom who thought I had pooped my pants. When I first got my period I was in 5th grade, and I had no idea what was happening. I was too ashamed to tell my mom so I just kept changing my underwear. (It wasn’t a heavy flow.) Then while I was having a slumber party my mom was doing laundry, which included the mass of stained underwear. She pulled me aside and gave me a stern lecture about how I needed to start wiping better after I went to the bathroom, and I just nodded, embarrassed and confused. Then a couple of weeks later she realized that I may have gotten my period and told me about using pads. lol.

  23. Amanda, thanks for your for your impassioned period manifesto! (and thanks to you, Kellie and Alyssa for talking about your surgeries.) There def. is a period shame that is taught to us, you are so right. And I’ve heard all the bad things about tampons. If only pads didn’t feel so diaper like! You are absolutely right, it’s just blood. Blood IS kinda icky, but I do see your point.

    Here’s how shamed I am. A couple of weeks ago, when I was in LA for a wht mailing, Tyna’s roommate (a guy) asked me “So, you have your period this weekend too?” (Tyna did as well.) I looked at him like a deer in the headlights, mind racing to figure out how he knew. He said that I had left a tampon in the toilet. I apologized profusely, got super red and was pretty much mortified. Now, if I had left a band aid on the counter, would I have been so embarrassed? Absolutely not. I mean, it’s still gross to me, but nowhere near as bad. Hmmm…

    Maybe we should design some t-shits: Say it loud, I’m on the rag and I’m proud!
    .-= stef´s last blog ..Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer review =-.

  24. MEN!!!
    That was a funny idea to make some t-shirts Stef! LOL!
    Also, isn’t it funny how a drop of blood in water looks worse than it really is.. I have a co-worker that faints at the sight of a drop of blood.. Drives me insane! I’ve tried everything i know to help her get over this..but it’s so instilled in her!

  25. OK, first of all can I just say that, Stef, you have NO idea how much I wanted that multi-colored heart turtleneck that you are so awesomely rocking in that picture. I COVETED that thing and for some reason my mom would never buy it for me. How, after all these years, can I be jealous of you? Seeing that turtleneck is triggering my elementary school insecurities and jealousies! LOL.

    And OK, back to the period story. I feel like we, and others who can relate to your story, belong to a very special tribe of women who “flowered” during the exact era when pads with belts were going out of vogue and pads with adhesive backs were coming IN to vogue. I remember in 5th grade when I got my first period that my mom was still rocking the pads that you found at your YMCA but she bought me the adhesive kind (thank you, mom!!). Later I would realize that my mom was rocking the old-school pads because she was a creature of habit, which of course she passed down to me. I still use the same brand of pads that I’ve used forever, even though there are probably so many better ones on the market now. lol.

    Thanks so much for sharing this story. I loved it.

  26. Oh, and speaking of period shame, I just have to get this out there because, well, I’ve never found another forum to let loose and talk about this before, so here goes:

    I was in 5th grade when I first got my period (early 80s) and I don’t know if it was because most girls didn’t get their periods until junior high, or maybe our school district was broke, or whatever, but the girls’ bathrooms did not have the little trash recepticals inside the stalls like all women’s bathrooms have today. So what’s a 10 yr old girl to do when she needs to change her pad? I literally had to carry my pads in a brown paper lunch bag, and keep extra empty lunch bags inside the lunch bag. So then when it came time to go to the bathroom, I took my big lunch bag with me, pulled out a fresh pad, took the used pad, put it inside of one of my spare lunch bags, fold it all up and then, making sure nobody was looking, bury it deep down inside the huge gray plastic trash can next to the sink area in the bathroom. What a freaking process! And to do this all in total fear because none of my friends had their periods yet and would have laughed and grossed out at me?? I’m surprised I’m not more traumatized by this now, when I think about it.

  27. So, to show that all men aren’t afraid. I’ll post here.

    Men have no point of reference. When we’re separated in grade school and given the “talk” from our teachers, they didn’t even mention what was going on in the other room. We know stuff happens and we know the general idea, but again have no real point of reference.

    My focus of study in college was biology. . . specifically anatomy and physiology. I have an appreciation for the physiological and evolutionary aspects of menstruation, and it doesn’t bother me. Knowing how and why isn’t the same as experiencing it though. Thanks for putting up with our ignorance.

    With my male friends their knowledge and thoughts on periods range from outright denial (i.e. if I don’t say the word it never actually happens) to reluctant acceptance, to relieved confirmation that the contraception worked.

    As for “period shame”, shame not my female friends. It’s just a bodily function. We get it; we just don’t talk about it.
    Knowledge is power. Don’t just explain periods to you preteen daughters, take a minute and educate your sons too. He’ll be a better man for it.

  28. @Recessionista OMG! I thought I was the only one who carried her maxi pads around in a brown paper bag. That’s how my grandma used to make me take them to school. And it wasn’t like I could be discrett. I was on free lunch, what was I doing with a lunch bag? lol.

    All my friends got their periods around 5th or 6th grade, and I didn’t get mine until I was in teh 7th grade. My mom tried to be open and honest, but failed. All she told me when I was 9 was that soon I would bleed every month, my body would change, and if I didn’t get my period I was pregnant. ACK! I didn’t know how babies were made so I thought I was pregnant for a looooooooong time. lol

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  30. I havent started yet, but I hate it when my emergency pads and liners fall out of my coat pocket and everybody’s like “Oooohhhh, Caitlyn’s bleeding!” I just smile and say “Grow some balls, will ya?” And they call me weird and run away. Ahh, 6th graders. I love your sweater Stef! Rockin’ the 80s. :)

  31. You know, actually I have a few embarrassing period stories…

    We’ll start with the first time I ever got it. To be honest, I never got a special book or pamphlet or movie, but I did have an older sister. I was well-versed in what it was, but I actually never knew what to expect… I was also eleven. It starts like this. The night before it happened I had baked some sugar cookies with my neighbor, and my step-mom told me they tasted a bit off. I tasted them myself but thought nothing of it, until the next morning I discovered brown discharge (sorry for the tmi) and thought it was because of the sugar cookies! This went on for a few days until I finally told my step-mom “I think I have diarrhea in the front…” She told me instead that I had started my first period and then proceeded to tell just about everybody she came in contact with about how I thought the sugar cookies had caused it. (Keep in mind, I had no cramping or ,um, red coloring so I didn’t really no what signals to look for).

    Then when I was 16 I was used to my periods, but they got bad… One time I was on the band bus about six hours away from where I lived on the way back from a competition… It was really heavy, and I happened to be sitting next to my boyfriend at the time (who didn’t mind my period at all so he knew) and I had bad cramps. Well, did I mention it was heavy?! I had leaked through the sweatpants I was wearing (as well as the protection I had) and had to change ASAP when we stopped the bus. What’s worse is I had to tell his parents what was going on, as they were chaperones… and my change of clothes was under the bus… I prayed nobody saw the big stain as I had to cut in front of the many people who were getting off the bus as well.

  32. OMG my first period story is SOO embarassing (for me). So it was an average friday in 10th grade. Ready to get out of school and get home. About at the last 30 minutes of school (sitting next to my boyfriend) I felt like I had a stomach ache but I just sat there. I didnt even notice the slight wet feeling. Here is the embarassing part. My boyfriend leaned in close… and told me… to look down at my jeans. After he saw the shock on my face he told me to wait a little bit(about 10 minutes)so I could go up to the, thank god, female teacher. Those were the hardest ten minutes…of…my…life! After class my boyfriend said he would wait for me outside of class. He left me to make a schmuck of myself. So i grew some boobs and asked. All went well and I changed in the nurses office and went home with Simon(my boyfriend) on his motorcycle. P.S. He became a doctor and I became a Veterinarian. We got married last year and I’m now pregnant with our first baby! The gender is a secret thanks to Simon wanting a surprise! Love you all!!! :)

  33. I got my first period when i was 11. I was at school and had to go to the bathroom that afternoon i looked and i had just a bit of blood there. When i wiped there was more! So i talked to my teacher in private and told her i had just got my first period when i was waiting outside the office to get the pad one of my guy friends mom came buy and asked me if i was sick. The secretary then said no she needs stuff form her teacher. The the mom said oh ok I get it now then walked away. I was embarassd. Then i went to the bathroom and as i was putting the pad on it got stuck to the side of my pants!! For about a minute i couldn’t get it off! When i finally got it on i walked back to the class and at first i was walking weird like a penguin then i found that uncomftable so i started walking with my legs crossing over one another!! (Kinda like how a model walks!) and i went the rest of the day feeling awkward! Hope u liked this story!!!!!

  34. When i first got my period I was in 3rd grade i know pretty i was at my friends house in her pool i wanted to go i did and then pulled my pants down ewwwwww i screamed my fiends mom came running to the restroom and said whats wrong and said i am bleeding from where the pee comes out i heard her giggle and i was like what do i do and shes like can i come in and im like yes then i hear her say o dear u got you period and im like what is that and shes like we need to call your mom but for know put this on and im like i use those as pillowes for my stuff animals and than i put it on and thats about it.:)

  35. Oh man. I feel so lucky after reading this! My first period was at home, (at six in the morning)and I woke my mom up and told her. At least I wasn’t at my dad’s house, I would die! I don’t have a stepmom, so it would be really, REALLY awkward, to say the least.

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