New from Murad: Clean Scene for Teens

New from Murad: Clean Scene for Teens

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The old ladies of we heart this already love Murad. (As a matter of fact, they have the only 5 star rated skin care product review on our site!) Well, now is the chance to introduce the beauty of high-end skincare to the youngsters in your life with Clean Scene.

As much as skin problems are terrible now, do you remember how awful they were when you were a teenager? I sure do. And I’ve even got a few scars on my face from over zealous picking of pimples that showed up at less-then-perfect moments; first dates, the prom, yearbook pictures. Murad could have saved me a lot of stress!

Developed just for teens and young adults, Clean Scene lays the foundation for lifelong healthy skincare habits. Each product in the line utilizes the power of the Yumberry, a Chinese super-fruit that contains powerful antioxidants. According to Murad, the Yumberry helps neutralize skin damaging enemies from stress, sun and pollution to leave a balanced, smooth complexion. It also smells a bit like Fruit Stripe gum! I could see loving the scent when I was younger (but those past their 20s, may prefer Murad’s more subtly scented adult products).

There are 5 products in the line, all reasonably priced:

• Craving for Clean $17 – Foaming face wash that produces an impressive lather.
• Gaga for Glow $20 – Gentle scrub with pink and blue confetti-like jojoba beads and Salicylic Acid to combat acne.
• Crazy for Clear $16 – Targeted spot treatment with a tip that looks like a pencil point. Press gently and it releases the product directly onto the pimple. Powerful too! This quickly cleared up a pimple that hung around my skin for weeks.
• Down for Defense $24 – Daytime moisturizer with SPF 15 (teach them to protect their skin early, and they’ll have less wrinkle woes later!)
• Begging for Balance $22 – Oil-free hydration to work while you sleep.

Polka-dotted packaging, a bright fruity scent, and backed with all the beauty know how that goes into every product at Murad; Clean Scene may just get even the surliest teen excited about skin care!

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8 thoughts on “New from Murad: Clean Scene for Teens”

  1. Does it make me weird that I kinda love the scent of Fruit Stripe gum and think that alone would be a reason to try it?
    This sounds great, I would have loved it as a teen! Kids these days, they don’t know how good they have it! :-)

    @Kellie – I think we had the same skin care routine! Just add in a little minty blue Sea Breeze….

  2. I reposted my comment after the server ate it without doubling checking to see if others had reposted theirs! (That is SO how my week has been going…)
    The skin care regime we shared involved Oxy tinted moisturizer and St. Ives Apricot scrub…oh, the horrors.

    Ladies, what did you do to YOUR skin as a teen?

  3. I so wish this would have been around when I was a teen. I abused my face with Sea Breeze…thought that stuff was the bomb. Looking back, I’m sure it did more harm than good.

  4. Murad does it again! I would have loved this when I was a young lass. Remember that horrible tinted Oxy spot treatment? Yuck, I always ended up staining things with it. That, Noxema, and the St. Ives Apricot Scrub were the highlights of my skin care regime. My skin was a wreck. I vow to not let my niece and nephew go down the same path. This Murad line sounds like a great alternative.

  5. Oh my god this post and comments just shot me back to my youth!!
    Fruit stripe gum and Sea Breeze!! LOL. I haven’t thought about either of those products in years!

    I was totally a noxzema girl growing up. I wish I had a line of products that used Yumberry and polkadot packaging when I was a teen. I would’ve been a diehard fan just based on how cute it all is! :)

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