Nutrisystem Week Twenty Eight - Commitment

Nutrisystem Week Twenty Eight – Commitment

Look who showed up this week, Commitment; the bear celebrating my 20 lb. Nutrisystem loss! That’s him hanging out on my kitchen ledge with my 10 lb. bear, Budda and my singing nun (they guard my knife block).

Commitment is a perfect way to describe my journey so far. While Nutrisystem has made the loss relatively easy, you absolutely have to be committed to make it work. I am forever being challenged; a birthday cake at work, happy hour with friends, coming home to my husband cooking something that smells delicious (always with rice or pasta). I’m not always successful (like this weekend, for example), but when I stay committed to losing weight and I eat my Nutrisystem meals – the scale goes down.

Weekly weigh in
Week twenty eight loss: 1 lb
Weight loss so far: 21 lbs
End weight: 174 lbs

I’m planning to have a VERY good week; three workouts (in addition to my Daily 30, the plan’s recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise), avoiding the office candy dish like the plague, and staying on track. Hope to see you next week with a significant loss to report!

we heartsters, how do you stay committed to being healthy, even when roadblocks exist?

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5 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Week Twenty Eight – Commitment”

  1. mandabear

    Congrats on all of your achievements so far @Stef! Glad to see your bear has a new friend now. :)

    I try to balance things out. If I know I’m having a decadent dinner, I’ll make sure to have a light healthy lunch. And vise versa. Balance is key! Oh yea – it’s good to be ok with not being able to finish your plate. Trust your body when you’re full!

  2. lipglossandspandex

    YAY! Good job, @Stef! You’ve been rocking it :D It’s definitely all about commitment–commitment to being healthy for LIFE.

    I had a tough weekend, gained a few pounds, and didn’t exercise. It was my birthday, but I still should have been better about how I was eating. It’s easy to get discouraged about how long it’ll take to get the weight back off, and not eating the tasty s’mores chocolate chip cookie bars for breakfast/snack/lunch anymore, but like you said, I try to remind myself that if I go back to doing what was working (counting calories and working out) and give it some time, then I’ll eventually get back to where I was.

  3. irene

    I like the company you’re keeping, your little bears! I am so sounding like a broken record @stef.. But it’s TRUE, I AM so proud of your success with Nutrisystem. It is a good plan and it really works as you are living proof.. Keep on going girl! Mandabear is right on.. Balance is key!
    Live, love and laugh and eat well! :)

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