Nutrisystem Week Twenty - yeah, I got this...

Nutrisystem Week Twenty – yeah, I got this…

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Protein Shake of the Week: chocolate with a frozen banana and a handful of blueberries

Like my bravado in the title? I thought I’d throw some positive thinking out there. Because actually, at week twenty I’m back to exactly where I was at week sixteen. But rather than beat myself up, I’m happy to truly feel back on track, because it was a very good week.

After a month of slip ups, I made a promise to myself to have a fabulous August. To kick start it, this week I took four fitness classes. Including aquacise (fun!) and cycle circuit training (not fun at all!) And even more importantly, I really stuck to my Nutrisystem food. And what do you know, I lost 3 lbs!

But perhaps the most motivating thing that happened all week was something my counselor told me after last week’s gain: Don’t worry about the gain – we have to remember this is a journey not a race!

And the journey? Yeah…I’m on it.

Weekly weigh in
Week twenty loss: 3 lbs
Weight loss so far: 17 lbs
End weight: 178 lbs

Did you have a good week everybody? Share your victories, whatever they were!

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5 thoughts on “Nutrisystem Week Twenty – yeah, I got this…”

  1. Good work!! Way to get back on track. I overindulged over the weekend but managed to lose 0.6 lbs. Now I’m on vacation and am already struggling with eating healthy and the right size of portions, and I skipped a few workouts. Going to get back on track by using my yoga app this afternoon.

  2. Four classes? Awesome – way to go @Stef! I’m a firm believer that the key to weight loss is getting active. Just don’t overdo it, least you burn out – and stick to what is fun for you. If you dread your workout, it’s too easy to skip it.

  3. I used to do aquasize with a client of mine, it was surprisingly hard! Those little old ladies at the Y aren’t phoning it in and I had to change my thinking about what a “real” workout was. So good for the legs/thighs!

    I’m again having to reframe what I think I can and can’t do. I’m having a hard time adjusting to asking for help when doing things like changing the water jug on the cooler at work and I’ve hurt myself a few times in the process (not terribly, thank goodness). Our bodies are always changing and I think it’s awesome that you can go with the flow rather than fighting it! I should take a lesson from you @Stef !

  4. Yeah baby! I’m soooo excited for you @stef! Nutrisystem teaches good life long habits. Way to go and keep it up! I know that you must feel so much better. I started seriously walking everyday except Sunday and love it.. I also swim 2x a week and hit the beach whenever I can.. But I think it’s important to not over do it either.. Ya gotta take a break at least one week. I cannot believe it took me so long to commit to just doing it!

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