Permanent Jewelry: How To Get It and Why

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Thanks to social media, permanent bracelets have taken off in popularity around the globe.

Due to its popularity on platforms like TikTok, many have sought to join the hype train and get it for themselves. 

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But what exactly is permanent jewelry, and why should you get them? There are many reasons why people would want to get them.

Luckily, we’re here to help you discover why this has become famous recently. Are you looking for more information before you can commit to one? 

Read on to learn more about permanent jewelry and why it has recently become popular!

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Fast Facts

  • Permanent jewelry is a form of jewelry, often a metal bracelet, with welded ends.
  • The rise in popularity of permanent jewelry is attributed to social media.
  • To obtain permanent jewelry, individuals must book an appointment with a jeweler, choose a chain design and add-ons, and undergo a painless laser welding process.
  • People opt for permanent jewelry due to its convenience and its ability to commemorate important events and relationships.

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry, simply put, is jewelry you can’t take off. It mostly comes in the form of a metal bracelet.

It has ends welded together instead of a clasp, so you don’t have any means to take it off easily. 

Usually, the chains offered by jewelers are dainty. You can choose from different designs, but most chains are made of 14k gold since these don’t tarnish quickly. Some of these chains can be embellished with gemstones if you wish. 

As mentioned before, they are welded safely around your wrist to close the ends, providing a seamless design. Don’t worry, though; they use lasers to do the process, and it’s safe and painless.

How To Get Permanent Jewelry

Are you interested in getting a permanent bracelet for yourself? Here’s how you can get one.

1. Book an Appointment 

Most jewelers that offer permanent bracelets only do so on a scheduled basis. If you’re interested in getting one, book an appointment slot on their website so that they will know when to expect you. 

Some places offer walk-in appointments, but the slots are not guaranteed and are limited. 

2. Go to Your Appointment and Choose a Chain

Now that you have your appointment go to the jeweler’s place at the time you’ve booked. They will provide you with a portfolio of the chains they can use to make your permanent bracelet.

You can choose the design of your chain and what add-ons you want. Some such add-ons include gemstones and metal charms. 

3. Fitting and Welding 

Once you’ve chosen your chain, the jewelers will measure it around your wrist, looking for a comfortable fit.

After all, this isn’t easy to take off! This process can take anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes.

After finding the perfect fit, they will weld both ends together. They use a laser for this step, placing a small cover on the area where they zap and link the ends. 

This protects the skin from any harm that the laser might do. 

Permanent Bracelet Welding Tutorial

Curious to know what the welding process looks like? Here’s a walk-through video tutorial of a permanent jewelry bracelet being welded.

Why Should I Get Permanent Jewelry?

Apart from the social media hype, there are several reasons why you may want to get permanent jewelry.

1. Convenience

Since it’s permanently linked, you don’t have to worry about taking it off and putting it on when needed. It’s sturdy with minimal maintenance, so it’s convenient to have on. 

2. Celebrate a Momentous Occasion

Did you reach a milestone in life? Did you finally achieve a goal you’ve worked hard for? Is there a significant event in your life that you want to remember for as long as you can remember? 

There are many ways to remember these memories, and a permanent bracelet would be great. Whenever you look at it, you will be reminded of the good memories linked to this jewelry when you got it.

3. Commemorate a Relationship

Whether you want a promise bracelet with your significant other or a matching piece of jewelry with your loved ones, you can consider getting a permanent bracelet. 

Since it’s welded together, it can stand for how strong your bonds are with the people you have matching chains with or how committed you are to your relationship. 

It’s a great piece to get with your partner, family members, or even best friends! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Permanent Jewelry

Does Welding Permanent Bracelets Hurt?

No, the welding process is painless and safe. Additionally, jewelers who offer this service take extra care of their customers, ensuring you won’t feel anything or get hurt when linking the chain around your wrist.

Can I Still Take It Off?

If you’ve changed your mind about getting a welded bracelet, or if you absolutely need to do so for medical tests (MRI/X-Rays), you can still take it off. 

Most of the designs for such chains are dainty and small, and you can easily cut them off yourself if you plan on doing so. 

If you don’t want to take risks and let a professional remove it, jewelers also offer this service, and you can keep the chain or repurpose it for other jewelry pieces later.

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Why Isn’t Sterling Silver Available?

Most jewelers don’t offer sterling silver chains as permanent jewelry. 

Unlike gold, silver doesn’t keep for as long as gold can. It easily tarnishes, especially when exposed to chemicals that can react to it, such as chlorine in pools. 

If I Like To Live an Active Lifestyle, Can I Still Get Permanent Jewelry?

Since most of the chains offered in this service are made of solid gold, yes, you can. Your sweat and other substances that it might touch when you’re living an active life won’t react and tarnish it quite easily.

What If I Accidentally Break It?

You don’t have to worry! The jeweler you got your bracelet from will likely offer services to fix or re-weld it for you!

Do remember that some stores will likely do this for an extra cost.

Do Jewelers Offer Permanent Necklaces or Anklets?

There are some, but not all.

Those who don’t (offer permanent anklets and necklaces) cite that they are likelier to snag and break.

They also say that permanent necklaces could cause some dangerous problems. 

Are There People Who Shouldn’t Wear Permanent Jewelry?

For now, since all permanent jewelry chains are made of gold, people with gold allergies should avoid getting this piece of jewelry.

Lasting Jewelry for Lasting Memories

Even though the social media hype for permanent jewelry happened only recently, this type of body ornament has been around for a long time. 

Permanent bracelets can serve multiple purposes in one’s life. While it can be a matter of convenience, most of the time, it’s personal or sentimental.

If you’re looking for a unique and fashionable way to commemorate significant moments in life, or if you want to express a strong bond with important people in your life, this is one popular way of doing so.

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn about the beauty of this fashionable, long-lasting accessory.

Show off the beautiful things in your life with fashionable permanent jewelry!

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