11 Top Purple Shampoos For Natural Blondes For A Cool Tone

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Do you really need purple shampoo if you’re a natural blonde? Well, if you’ve never dyed your blonde hair, you might think that yellow undertones are just part of your natural hair color.

While some people with blonde hair naturally have underlying yellow or orange tones in their locks, brassiness can be enhanced by other factors such as heat damage, hard water, and UV exposure.

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Luckily, purple shampoo can help neutralize those unwanted tones to reveal a cooler, brighter tone that better complements your naturally blonde hair.

The top purple shampoos for natural blondes also have added hair-loving ingredients that may suit your specific needs and give you the bright, radiantly healthy locks of your dreams.

Want to know more about how naturally blonde hair can benefit from purple shampoo? Keep reading to find out!

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo
Editor's Choice
  • Violet pigments
  • Green tea extract and UV absorbers
  • Rosehip oil, arginine, and keratin
Redken Color Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo
Premium Pick
  • Blondage hair care system
  • Ultraviolet pigments
  • Triple acid protein complex
Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow pH 4.5 Neutralizing
Budget Pick
  • Purple and blue pigments
  • Bond repair technology
  • Vegan and sulfate-free formula with a pH level of 4.5

What Is Purple Shampoo? 

Purple shampoo is a toning shampoo that contains crushed purple pigments designed to neutralize the brassy yellow or yellow-orange tones in blonde, silver, or gray hair.

This is based on color theory, which states that complementary colors — colors opposite each other on the color wheel — cancel each other out. 

Purple is directly opposite yellow on the color wheel, which is why it can neutralize yellow tones.

What Causes Brassy Tones in Naturally Blonde Hair?

Several external factors can cause brassiness in your hair. The most common causes of this issue include the following:

  • Heat Damage — Excessive use of heat styling tools can damage the hair shaft, leading to changes in your hair color.
  • Hard Water — Hard water contains a high level of minerals that can taint and change the color of your hair.
  • UV Exposure — Exposure to UV rays can induce a process called oxidation in your hair, which can bring out the warm undertones of your blonde locks. 
  • Chlorine — Chemicals like chlorine can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. The more damaged your hair, the more prone it is to brassiness.
  • Smoke — Your hair can absorb cigarette or tobacco smoke, which can give it a yellow or brassy tinge. 

Take note as well that the lighter your naturally blonde hair is, the higher the likelihood that it will turn brassy. 

Additionally, hair colors such as butter blonde, honey blonde, golden blonde, and chestnut blonde have warmer undertones, which make them more prone to brassiness. 

Does Purple Shampoo Work on Natural Blonde Hair? 

So if your hair has been exposed to elements that cause brassiness, should you settle for brassy blonde hair? Absolutely not. You can achieve a more ideal cool tone just by using purple shampoo!

Contrary to popular belief, purple shampoo isn’t just for bleached or color-treated hair. Natural blondes can benefit from this hair product as well.

Using purple shampoo can help remove overly warm undertones from your naturally blonde hair, making it appear cooler and brighter.

Important reminder: As purple shampoo tones or color-corrects your blonde hair, it may make it look lighter. But that’s not the case. In reality, purple shampoo can’t make your hair lighter; it only restores your blonde hair’s natural hue.

So if you’re a natural blonde who’s tired of having brassy tones, incorporating purple shampoo in your hair care routine is worth considering.

A Buyer’s Guide to the Top Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair

So what is the top purple shampoo for blonde hair? 

Well, it depends. You’ll need to find one that suits your specific needs and allows you to achieve your specific hair color goals. 

In general, though, here are a few features you should look for when choosing good purple shampoos for blonde hair:

Toning Pigments 

The top purple shampoos contain deep and rich purple pigments to color-correct your blonde hair. 

The deeper the shade of purple and the more opaque the consistency, the more effective it will be in neutralizing those unwanted warm tones. 

Hair-Loving Ingredients 

You’ll want to choose a purple shampoo with added ingredients like hyaluronic acid, keratin, oils, and proteins that help strengthen and repair damaged hair, which will make it less susceptible to brassiness in the future. 

Some purple shampoos also have bonding technologies to help prevent breakage or hair fall. 

Cleansing Power

High-quality purple shampoos can cleanse your hair give you a rich lather. Some can even do this without using sulfates and other chemicals that damage dry hair.

However, some purple shampoos contain these chemical compounds for more effective cleansing. If you have oily hair, shampoos like this may be more ideal for you, although it’s still best not to use them frequently. 

Top Purple Shampoos for Naturally Blonde Hair

We’re featuring 11 of the top purple shampoos for blonde hair. 

While all these do an amazing job of neutralizing brassy undertones, you may find additional features that address other hair-related issues. So the best choice will be one tailored to your specific needs! 

Redken Color Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo

This purple shampoo has a color-correcting toning system that keeps brassy undertones at bay, making naturally blonde hair look cool and bright.

Key benefits: Combats brassy tones; repairs, strengthens, and softens hair; works on  blonde and highlighted hair


  • Blondage hair care system
  • Ultraviolet pigments
  • Triple acid protein complex

Thanks to Redken's color-protecting purple shampoo, your natural blonde hair will always look and feel its best.


The Redken Color Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo has ultraviolet pigments that remove unwanted brassy tones. This makes your hair look cooler and brighter even after just one use.

Because it’s one of the top purple shampoos for natural blondes, you won’t have to worry about your hair drying out after using this product.

The triple acid protein complex (amino, citric, and maleic) strengthens and repairs hair cuticles and makes hair soft to the touch.

As a result, your hair will become stronger and brighter with every use! 

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

Not only does this restore the cool tone of blonde hair, but it also protects against natural elements that cause brassiness in the first place.

Key benefits: Color-corrects effectively; controls static; enhances shine and smoothness


  • Violet pigments
  • Green tea extract and UV absorbers
  • Rosehip oil, arginine, and keratin

This purple shampoo features SmartRelease Technology to ensure that results last up to 12 washes.


Instantly banish unwanted yellow tones with the Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo. It has violet pigments that preserve the coolness of blonde hair or the iciness of silver and gray hair.  

This is one of the top purple shampoos for natural blondes because it has UV absorbers and antioxidants that protect hair against UV exposure, which can cause brassy tones and hair damage. 

In addition, it’s formulated with rosehip oil, arginine, and keratin to help make your hair stronger, shinier, and smoother.

Best of all, Joico’s proprietary delivery system ensures that these hair-loving ingredients are delivered ‘round the clock for long-lasting results. 

Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow pH 4.5 Neutralizing Shampoo

Say goodbye to unwanted yellow tones and say hello to soft and strong blonde hair!

Key benefits: Improves the overall appearance of blonde hair; eliminates brassy yellow tones; gently but effectively cleanses hair


  • Purple and blue pigments
  • Bond repair technology
  • Vegan and sulfate-free formula with a pH level of 4.5

It’s not enough to neutralize brassy tones. This non-irritating purple shampoo also enhances the quality of natural blonde hair.


The Schwarzkopf Goodbye Yellow Neutralizing Shampoo uniquely combines purple and blue pigments. These anti-yellow pigments provide instant toning to neutralize brassy tones in your natural blonde hair.

As effective as this purple shampoo is, it is also very gentle. It has a low-pH, sulfate-free formula to protect the integrity of your hair and scalp. 

In addition, the bond repair technology it uses helps keep your hair strong and clean.

So if you’re a natural blonde with a sensitive scalp, this purple shampoo is worth a try! 

Kerastase Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo

Easily achieve healthy cool-toned blonde hair with the Kerastase Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo.

Key benefits: Anti-brass neutralization; instant illumination and shine; hydrating and nourishing


  • Ultraviolet neutralizers
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Edelweiss flower extracts

No need to wait for a salon appointment; you can neutralize brassy tones with this hydrating purple shampoo for blonde hair.


This color-depositing shampoo has ultraviolet neutralizers that cancel out yellow, brassy tones in blonde hair. Not only that, but the iridescent purple and blue pigments also provide instant illumination and shine.

The Kerastase Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo also hydrates and nourishes your hair.

It has hyaluronic acid to strengthen hair and prevent future breakage. There’s also an antioxidant-rich edelweiss flower that softens sensitive hair and protects it from daily damage.

So not only does your natural blonde hair look shiny and cool, but it is also nourished from the core. 

Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo

If there was any more reason to love Olaplex, they also have a toning shampoo that neutralizes unwanted brassy tones.

Key benefits: Enhances the color of your blonde hair; strengthens and softens hair; makes dry, brittle hair strong and shiny


  • Highly concentrated purple pigments
  • Patented bond-building technology
  • Customizable results

Investing in this purple shampoo is worth it if you have extremely dry and brassy blonde hair.


It used to be that dry and brassy hair were two separate hair concerns. But with the Olaplex No.4P Blonde Enhancer Toning Shampoo, you can hit two birds with one stone!

It has highly concentrated purple pigments that neutralize brassiness and brighten blonde hair — even after just one use. 

At the same time, Olaplex’s iconic bond-repair technology hydrates, repairs, and strengthens hair from roots to ends. 

After using this, your dry, brittle hair will quickly become shiny and resilient thanks to its pH-balanced, non-drying formula.  

This purple shampoo also helps minimize future damage since it’s free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, aldehydes, and DEA. 

Whether you have natural or bleached blonde hair, the Olaplex Toning Shampoo will help you achieve your ideal cool tone. 

Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo with Centaury

If you want a natural solution for brassy blonde hair, this purple shampoo from Klorane uses organic violet pigments.

Key benefits: Uses plant-based pigments to neutralize brassy hair; restores brightness and shine; does not stain


  • Organic centaury violet pigments
  • Uses 86% ingredients of natural origin
  • Dermatologist-tested formula

This purple shampoo neutralizes yellow and copper tones without staining blonde hair.


Depending on the quality or porosity of your hair, some purple shampoos may be too harsh for regular use — but not the Klorane Anti-Yellowing Shampoo.

It uses organic centaury — which is naturally rich with violet pigments — to neutralize the brassy tones in your blonde hair. It also doesn’t stain or dry your hair like other purple shampoos might.

Apart from that, this purple shampoo helps restore the brightness and vibrancy of hair. It also uses natural-origin ingredients that make hair healthier, bouncier, and softer.

The dermatologist-tested formula does not contain parabens, sulfates, silicone, and mineral oil. This helps you maintain a cool neutral tone while keeping your blonde hair healthy and damage-free. 

Biolage Professional Color Last Purple Shampoo

The Biolage Color Last Purple Shampoo neutralizes unwanted brassiness and boosts the coolness of naturally blonde hair.

Key benefits: Tones your blonde hair; protects the color of your hair; conditions and defends hair against breakage


  • Pure purple pigments
  • Fig and orchard blend
  • Weightless protein system

This purple shampoo also has deep conditioning action to keep hair smooth and silky!


The Biolage purple shampoo has a color-protecting and toning formula. It uses pure purple pigments to remove brassy tones while protecting your blonde hair’s natural vibrancy and coolness.

The formula is infused with fig and orchard to keep hair healthy and conditioned. The weightless protein system, meanwhile, enhances shine and softness.

These hair-loving ingredients also protect your locks against future breakage. With this product, you can enjoy silky, vibrant, and brass-free hair. 

Pureology Strength Cure Blonde Purple Shampoo

Achieve California-cool blonde hair with the Pureology Strength Cure Purple Shampoo.

Key benefits: Tones and fortifies brassy hair; repairs damage; safe for color-treated hair 


  • Natural bright purple pigments from orchids
  • Keravis, astaxanthin, and arginine
  • Anti-fade complex

One of the more economical purple shampoos for blonde hair as it offers up to 75 washes with one bottle.


Brassy undertones take away from the effortlessly cool appearance of blondes. The Pureology Purple Shampoo allows you to maintain the California-cool tone of your naturally blonde hair easily.

The formula uses plant-based pigments from purple orchids to tone down brassiness. At the same time, the strength-cure formula — which contains keravis, astaxanthin, and arginine — repairs damage and fortifies hair. 

This helps protect your now vibrant and cool blonde hair from future breakage.

This purple shampoo also has an anti-fade complex for enhanced color protection. It is also free of sulfates, parabens, and mineral oil.

And with a highly concentrated formula, a small amount of this shampoo goes a long way, so it will last you a very long time! 

L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Sulfate-Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo

This purple shampoo won’t compromise the color and health of your naturally blonde hair.

Key benefits: Protects against brassy tones and quick color fading; moisturizes hair 


  • Brass-toning purple dyes
  • Hibiscus
  • Coconut, violet, and thyme Scent

Give your hair the care it deserves with the best purple shampoo for blonde hair.


Gone are the days when using purple shampoo meant that you could potentially damage or dry out your hair, especially if you use the L’Oreal Sulfate-Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo.

A woman holding a bottle of l'oreal pure hair shampoo on a beige background

The purple dyes ensure that brassy undertones are neutralized, leaving you with the perfect cool-toned blonde. There is also hibiscus, which deeply moisturizes and brightens your locks.

Moreover, the formula has a wonderful scent blended with coconut, violet, and thyme. It also does not contain damaging ingredients like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and harsh salts.

Maintaining the perfect blonde has never been easier with a premium hair care system in place!

OGX Blonde Enhance + Purple Toning Shampoo

From cool to icy blonde, this purple shampoo helps you achieve your perfect tone of blonde.

Key benefits: Personalized toning treatment; color-corrects and brightens hair; hydrates dry locks


  • Purple fig pigment
  • Keratin
  • Blood orange, papaya, and coconut Scent

This helps you burst through brassiness to unveil brighter and cooler blonde hair.


You don’t have to go to the salon just to achieve your perfect tone of blonde. Just use one of the top purple shampoos for blonde hair — the OGX Blonde Enhance Purple Toning Shampoo!

It has highly pigmented purple fig to color-correct the brassy yellow undertones in your hair. The formula is also buildable, so the more product you use, the icier the results.

The purple shampoo also contains strengthening keratin and nourishing iris to enhance hair quality. Scent lovers will likewise enjoy the invigorating blood orange, papaya butter, and coconut milk notes in this formula. 

With all that said, this purple shampoo is a great option for debrassing and hydrating naturally blonde hair. 

Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo

Infused with argan oil, this purple shampoo will neutralize overly warm undertones without drying out blonde hair.

Key benefits: Corrects brassy tones; gentle and non-drying; safe for color-treated hair 


  • Deep, iridescent purple pigments
  • ArganID Technology
  • Spicy amber, musk, and floral scent

You’ll definitely see more blonde and less brass when using this nourishing purple shampoo from Moroccanoil.


This Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo gently but effectively corrects the brassy tones of blonde hair. It has deep iridescent purple pigments that give your hair depth and dimension.  

As a Moroccanoil product, it’s formulated with the brand’s signature ArganID technology that infuses your hair with antioxidant-rich argan oil. This helps repair and hydrate damaged strands and seals hair cuticles.

As such, you can tone-correct without stripping your hair dry. Instead, this purple shampoo gives your cool-toned blonde hair a brilliant but natural-looking shine! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Long Should I Leave Purple Shampoo In?

About three to five minutes. The longer you leave purple shampoo in, the cooler the results. This will also depend on the brassiness of your hair and the specific tone you want to achieve. 

Some opt to leave purple shampoo in for up to 10 minutes to achieve icy platinum blonde hair. 

How Often Should Natural Blondes Use Purple Shampoo?

It depends on how brassy your hair is. If your hair has extremely brassy yellow to orange-yellow tones, you can use purple shampoo once or twice a week. 

But if it has only mildly warm undertones, using purple shampoo once or twice a month may suffice. 

For best results, check the manufacturer’s instructions for use on the label of your chosen product and follow them. 

You may also adjust how frequently you use purple shampoo depending on the how brassy your hair is and how cool you want it to be. However, it’s best to avoid excessive toning, as this will turn your hair purple. 

Is It OK To Use Purple Shampoo Every Day?

Purple shampoo is not meant for daily use. It is a weekly or monthly toning treatment that helps neutralize brassy undertones. 

Using purple shampoo on blonde hair every day can make it look duller and darker or lead to dryness and breakage. 

What Is the Disadvantage of Purple Shampoo?

Due to the use of deep toning pigments, there is a risk that purple shampoo may turn your hair purple. The more porous your hair is, the more purple it may look. 

Using too much purple shampoo can also cause your hair to turn purple. Thankfully, the effect is not permanent.

As a countermeasure, do not leave purple shampoo in your hair longer than prescribed. You can also mix it with regular shampoo to minimize the toning effect. 

Get Bright, Luminous Hair with A Purple Shampoo for Natural Blondes

As you now see, purple shampoo isn’t just for bleached or color-treated hair. Natural blondes are as susceptible to getting those unwanted brassy or yellow undertones!

Thankfully, purple shampoos for natural blondes provide the perfect toning effect — neutralizing brassy hair to reveal a cooler and brighter tone.

The top purple shampoos do not just work on the surface, they also feature nourishing ingredients that will repair and strengthen your hair from within. 

This helps keep your hair healthy and protected from future brassiness, breakage, and other hair issues.

So for those reasons and more, natural blondes should definitely make purple shampoo a staple in their regular hair care routine!

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