Raffle for the Rescues gift bags – PONO

Raffle for the Rescues gift bags – PONO

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Help an animal in need, and get a PONO necklace in your gift bag!

It’s true, we heart PONO. Why? Fabulous pieces and do-gooding ways! True to their name (PONO is Hawaiian for “goodness”) they have generously donated these beautiful Royal Choker necklaces in 4 colors for our Raffle for the Rescues. Look how pretty:

The Raffle, part of the Race for the Rescues, is taking place Sunday, October 24th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. In the past 4 years, the event has raised over $300,000 for animal rescue groups in the LA area. We’re excited to be able to add to this total with the help of all of our generous raffle donations!

(And don’t despair if you’re not in Southern California. we heartsters from all over can purchase raffle tickets online; details coming soon.)

Raffle tickets are only $5 each. You choose which of 10 prizes you’d like your tickets to be used towards. Best of all? If you spend $20 on Raffle tickets, you’ll get an extra ticket and a gift bag! Gift bag items will vary. If you’re lucky, you’ll get one of these divine necklaces from PONO (you’ve got a good chance, we have 50).

And check out this detail, you want one of these necklaces! Italian Resin disc beads in rich and complex color, punctuated with glass beads.

Can’t possibly wait? You can buy your own for only $32 from the PONO website.

We’re having a love affair with them. And now, so can you! Our thanks to PONO for donating to this very worthy cause.

14 thoughts on “Raffle for the Rescues gift bags – PONO”

  1. I can’t wait till we can purchase raffle tickets, I really want a gift bag! I love that getting stuff I want helps dogs like my Ripley, who we got from the humane society last winter.

  2. These are even more beautiful in person! We got the black cherry shown, blue, black and a taupe/amber shade. It’s going to be the best $20 you ever spent! A gorgeous necklace (fingers crossed) and the joy of knowing you’re helping animals; does it get any better?!

  3. Ohh, I would be so happy to get a PONO necklace in a giftbag! They are all lovely, wearable colors but I think my fave color is the Black Cherry. And the size is just perfect – large enough to be the one piece of you wear but not too big, so you feel like it’s just too much.

    Thanks PONO for such a generous donation to the Raffle for the Rescues!

  4. What a beautiful necklace!! I have to check how large they are. I sort of have a large neck. I would love one.

    These gift bags and raffle prizes are going to be crazy awesome!!!!!

  5. Those necklaces are beautiful although they aren’t really “choker” length on someone like me. I might get raffle tickets this year (now that I finally get a “paycheck” of sorts).

  6. @stef, So the 20.5″ is including the adjustable chain? 16″ is just below my collarbone on me so either I’m tiny or my neck is tiny.

    It’s definitely something for me to think about for me. First, I have to replace the ASB, otherwise known as my bag or I’m going to be bagless soon (which is unthinkable. I NEED my bag. My bag carries my life). ASB is short for the Airport Security Bag as it would NEVER pass security at the airport. It’s served me well for four years of everyday use. I have to haul myself to TJ Maxx on October 1st or 2nd and replace it. It’s going to be a really sad day. It’s my bag! My precious, precious bag!

  7. My Raffle gift bag arrived yesterday and I squealed when I saw the Pono necklace inside! Mine is blue, and it’s even nicer than it looks in the photos! I’m already planning outfits around my necklace. Many, many thanks to WHT and Pono!

  8. I got the amethyst color of the choker in my gift bag. I am in LOVE. I’ve worn it two days this week and I think I got about 1,000 compliments on it. It is so unique. So expensive looking – I LOVE this necklace! I am going to order a PONO something or another for my mom for Christmas!

  9. I got the black necklace in my gift bag and have gotten lots of compliments. My sisters gift bag has not arrived yet and she is hoping for a Pono Necklace. If not, she will get one for Christmas.

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