Red Alert - MAC Cockney

Red Alert – MAC Cockney

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Welcome to Red Alert, where I will be bringing you the most gorgeous red lipsticks and glosses (both brand new and the tried and true classics). Because I, like many of you out there, am on the eternal quest for the perfect red lips.

Today I bring you one of my favorite new reds that’s made it’s way on to many must-have lists, MAC Cockney from the Euristocrats 2 collection. This lustre formula is a semi-sheer red with multidimensional pearl. It has a very soft finish, a slight yellow-orange undertone and the pearl/shimmer is on the light side making it very wearable (even for those of you who insist you can’t wear red). I have 2 coats on here, you can apply it even more sheer than this. It’s a great daytime or summer red as it’s not at all heavy. Of course, it’s limited edition. So if you’re thinking of trying it, pick it up quickly.

So, what’s up with the ‘stache, you ask? Here’s the thing. Karen at Makeup and Beauty Blog has beautiful lips. Christine at Temptalia has beautiful lips. Me? Not so much. I have always been jealous of men with mustaches being able to hide their lips with them (or does it draw attention to them? hmm…) Now voilà, I’ve got one too! Will the mustache stay or go? You’ll have to wait for the next Red Alert to see…

3 thoughts on “Red Alert – MAC Cockney”

  1. I’m one of those who insist I can’t wear red. I guess I feel it’s way too dramatic for me. Maybe I could at a black tie event, but I can’t tell you the last time I went to one of those! This color does look very pretty and would love to be daring enough to try it out.

    You have nice lips Stef…at least they look natural and not all puffy like most of Hollywood. I’m afraid to see what some people are going to look like in 10 years.

  2. Cockney is lovely! I am addicted to Red Lipstick and have to say this is the perfect red sheen. I love the over the top reds, like MAC Ruby Woo which I recently scooped up and love! But for an everyday red Cockney is perfect, and like Stef said you can put on a couple coats for more color, or top with Rue D’Rouge Dazzleglass, also limited edition and GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Stef the Stache is adorable! & your lips look great girl ;)

  3. Stef—love the ‘stache. You have great lips! Your cupid’s bow looks perfect. Mine’s hella crooked, so I have to use a little lip liner for red lips to correct my horrible deformity. I am going to have to see Cockney in person because red lipstick is something that I’m constantly repurchasing the same shade in and I am starting to feel guilty about it…I do think when I finally see this beauty, it will want to come home with me, though…and who am I to argue with it???

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