Scary Movie Series: Killer Robots/Cyborgs

Scary Movie Series: Killer Robots/Cyborgs

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It’s Halloween and that means one thing: time for another Scary Movies series!

I fear technology. I’m pretty open about it and I live in terror for the day that my iPhone becomes self-aware. I’m sure it’s going to happen about any day now and I pretty much refuse to engage Siri. Every time I hear on the news about scientists creating robots and making innovations in artificial intelligence, all I can think is “That’s how you get Skynet.” I know I’m not the only luddite who feels that way and these movies tap right into that fear:

1. Westworld (1973)
A resort staffed by robots that exist to cater to guests’ every whim; what could possibly go wrong? Answer: everybody dies and Yul Brynner kills James Brolin and then hunts down his surviving friend. This movie carries a tale of warning about using technology for entertainment purposes. I’d think twice before you compile that next iTunes playlist.
Fun Fact: HBO is turning this movie into a new series next year.

2. The Stepford Wives (1975)
The wives in the Connecticut suburb of Stepford are not quite right: they’re all into cleaning and cooking and being perfect, submissive wives. Obviously they’ve been replaced with androids. Do yourself a favor and don’t see the 2004 remake, m’kay? Thanks.

3. Demon Seed (1977)
From the mind of Dean Koontz comes the movie based on the book. Julie Christie lives in a fully automated, computer-controlled house designed by her scientist husband. He’s also working on artificial intelligence program, named Proteus, who manages to take over the home’s computer. It then decides that it wants to breed with the man’s wife so that it may have a child that it may live through. Icky.

4. The Terminator (1984)
A murderous cyborg from the future is sent to murder the mother of the future leader of the resistance against self-aware machines. So take a shotgun to your Roombas and save yourselves, ladies! Also: it’s a love story.

5. Runaway (1984)
This is pretty much a celebrity death match between Tom Selleck and Kiss’s Gene Simmons, except in this movie Simmons can control lethal robots. Selleck plays a cop that is an expert in robotics and is in a squad that handles runaway robots (it’s the future where robots are commonplace and can be dangerous when they go haywire–they’re called runaways) and Simmons is the insane wackadoodle out for blood. This movie is so wrong and yet so right at the same time. Fun Fact: Tom Selleck’s partner is played by Cynthia Rhodes, Penny from Dirty Dancing.

6. Deadly Friend (1986) (1986)
A teenage genius (Matthew Laborteaux) resurrects his dead friend/the girl-next-door (Kristy Swanson of Buffy fame) using his robot creation’s A.I. chip. I’m sure that’ s not going to end poorly at all. I’m sure it’s not going to end up with some neighbor lady getting her head blown up by a basketball. Pretty sure. Fun fact: Heads apparently burst just like watermelons.

I hope you enjoyed my favorite scary killer robot movies! I hope you enjoy these beloved flicks and if your favorite didn’t make the list, let’s hear about it!

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  1. Ohhhhh, Deadly Friend is a real blast from the past!! Great list overall. They are all winners. May I recommend a new one? Try Ex Machina. It is so creepy and good!!! :)

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