Shopping for gifts just got a little easier...

Shopping for gifts just got a little easier…

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Well, it’s upon us – the holiday shopping season. And because Thanksgiving is late this year, you actually have less shopping days (if you count Black Friday as the start of the shopping season, which most folks do.) But what if I told you we found an easier way to shop? Something that can done all year long AND will ensure your recipients get exactly what they want? Well, read on, dear shoppers…

Introducing and the reverse wishlist. Let’s first look at what that is (and why it’s awesome.)

Maybe you’re like me, you enjoy shopping and hunting down what you think is the perfect gift for someone. You buy it…then doubt creeps in. Are they going to love it as much as I think? Should I have picked another color? Should I have picked something else all together? Sure, you could have got a gift card, but where’s the fun in that? But rejoice, there is a happy medium between the two.

PickURgift and their reverse wishlist lets you shop online to your heart’s content for your recipient. Then emails the list of potential items to the recipient for feedback. That scarf you thought she’d adore? Not so much. That tote bag that you added a the last minute? She would LOVE it!

Here’s how you do it…


1. Go to and register.

2. Download the UR button to your browser’s favorites or bookmarks bar (it was as simple as dragging into my browser.)

3. Start a gift page for your recipient and save gifts to it! It’s the easiest thing ever. While you are on a site and see something you think someone would love, click the icon in your toolbar, up pops a window that allows you to add the item to any of your gift pages.

pickURgift3that’s a peek at the gift page I created for Tyna!

4. When you’re ready for feedback, email the list to the recipient. OR, if you prefer a total surprise but still need a little bit of assistance (say form a roommate, spouse or parent) sent the gift page to someone other than the recipient and you can get secret feedback!

That’s it, pretty genius, no?

But as much as I love stress free shopping, I think the true genius in these lies in the fact that you can add items to gift lists AS SOON AS you come across them. How many times do I bookmark things thinking “that will be great for (blank) for (blank)!” Only to totally forget them…

Oh yeah, and it’s all free. I really kinda love this…

So, take the stress out of gift giving – check out

we heartsters – what’s the best gift you ever gave or received?

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1 thought on “Shopping for gifts just got a little easier…”

  1. I just signed up at this site and I’ve got to say it seems like such a smart idea! While shopping for let’s say @stef – I never have a problem (lipgloss and candles are always winners). But sometimes I agonize over gifts for my nieces and nephews. They are at an age where what’s cool one week is not by the time the open a gift. So this would help me be sure I got them something they really want and will love.

    I imagine a lot of husbands, grandparents and (childless like me) aunts and uncles would love Pick Ur Gift – and so will their gift recipients!

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